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Various Artists - Aladdin (original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2019) Published: May 24/19 Released: May 22/19 albumSoundtrack37 Tracks • 76 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: This is where Disney makes the boldest choices, and in the end, where Aladdin gets a bit ... pitchy. -Polygon
    Aladdin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is the soundtrack to the Aladdin film by Various Artists, released by Walt Disney Records on May 22, 2019.
    1. Arabian Nights (2019)3:13Will Smith
    2. One Jump Ahead2:55Mena Massoud
    3. One Jump Ahead (Reprise)1:00Mena Massoud
    4. Speechless (Part 1)1:17Naomi Scott
    5. Friend Like Me2:35Will Smith
    6. Prince Ali3:29Will Smith
    7. A Whole New World2:55Mena Massoud & Naomi Scott
    8. One Jump Ahead (Reprise 2)1:06Mena Massoud
    9. Speechless (Part 2)2:24Naomi Scott
    10. A Whole New World (End Title)4:02ZAYN & Zhavia Ward
    11. Friend Like Me (End Title) [feat. DJ Khaled]2:39Will Smith
    12. Speechless (Full)3:28Naomi Scott
    13. The Big Ship1:17Alan Menken
    14. Agrabah Marketplace1:53Alan Menken
    15. Aladdin's Hideout1:55Alan Menken
    16. Jasmine Meets Prince Anders0:34Alan Menken
    17. Breaking In1:46Alan Menken
    18. Returning the Bracelet0:58Alan Menken
    19. The Dunes0:36Alan Menken
    20. Simple Oil Lamp0:51Alan Menken
    21. The Cave of Wonders2:43Alan Menken
    22. The Basics1:38Alan Menken
    23. Escape from the Cave1:09Alan Menken
    24. Prince Ali's Outfit2:18Alan Menken
    25. Until Tomorrow2:03Alan Menken
    26. Aladdin's Second Wish2:08Alan Menken
    27. Never Called a Master Friend2:25Alan Menken
    28. Harvest Dance2:26Alan Menken
    29. Jafar Becomes Sultan0:57Alan Menken
    30. Hakim's Loyalty Tested1:13Alan Menken
    31. Most Powerful Sorcerer1:28Alan Menken
    32. Carpet Chase1:49Alan Menken
    33. Jafar Summons the Storm1:20Alan Menken
    34. Jafar's Final Wish3:37Alan Menken
    35. Genie Set Free5:36Alan Menken
    36. The Wedding1:11Alan Menken
    37. Friend Like Me (Finale)1:31Alan Menken
℗ 2019 Walt Disney Records
Critic Reviews (6)

All in all, the whole Aladdin soundtrack is a joy: maybe not a whole new world, but a beautiful familiar world for sure.

2 years ago

BroadwayWorld BroadwayWorld

Williams belted them out in a manner that felt both cartoonish and epic, while Smith seems to be managing as best he can.

2 years ago

The new Aladdin—which features the animated version’s half-dozen musical numbers, often with truncated or poorly reworded lyrics, and adds in a misbegotten new song—feels hamstrung by the music.

2 years ago

The songs by Alan Menken and his lyricists, Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, were always the strongest part of the original Aladdin.

2 years ago

It delights far more than it disappoints and gives fans more than a few reasons to want to revisit it.

2 years ago

This is where Disney makes the boldest choices, and in the end, where Aladdin gets a bit ... pitchy.

2 years ago

Polygon Polygon
User Reviews (5)

camscgy2 years ago
A Whole New World Just that it’s new. The original was number 1 for a reason. This one is awful. Just as the John Legend Ariana Grande-Beauty And The Beast was.

Jacobaxel2 years ago
Can’t even come close to Peabo’s Yikes.

katenb2 years ago
No way. Original will always be the best Sorry not a fan of the new version of a whole new world with Zayn. The original will always be the best, I think they ruined this one!

Katieusa20162 years ago
I love it I love the new song a whole new world I think it’s beautiful I can’t wait to see this Disney movie I hope it’s as good as the original because I know Robin Williams would be proud because the original was great but I hope this is even better.

drewryanobrien2 years ago
Bad Just like the john legend and Arianna Grande Beauty and the Beast cover was... abysmal...
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