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Ariana Grande - Thank U, Next (2019) Published: February 8/19 Released: February 8/19 albumPop12 Tracks • 41 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: “Thank U, Next” stands as what promises to be one of the best pop releases this year. -Variety
    Thank U Next is the fifth studio album by Ariana Grande, released by Republic Records from UMG Recordings on February 10, 2019.
    1. imagine3:32
    2. needy2:51
    3. NASA3:02
    4. bloodline3:36
    5. fake smile3:28
    6. bad idea4:27
    7. make up2:20
    8. ghostin4:31
    9. in my head3:42
    10. 7 rings2:58
    11. thank u, next3:27
    12. break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored3:10
℗ 2019 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
Critic Reviews (80)

Ariana Grande: ‘reserves the right to be a little wobbly’ on her new album.

60% 1 day ago

The Observer (UK) The Observer (UK) (TOP)

If there is a disc published in these first weeks of 2019 that defines the sound of today's pop itself, that is 'thank u, next'.

80% 2 days ago

jenesaispop (ES) jenesaispop (ES)

[She] does not seem to know exactly what role she plays in the complicated world of Pop heavyweights occupies.

58% 2 days ago

Musikexpress Musikexpress

It’s rich in the permanency of mistakes and misfortune.

2 days ago


thank u, next is ultimately Grande’s journey to find herself again.

2 days ago


Brimming with bare-bone grooves, sugar-puff melodies and heart-breaking lyrics, Thank U, Next is the work of an artist at the peak of their powers.

100% 2 days ago

Irish Examiner (IE) Irish Examiner (IE)

History tends to repeat itself, and Ariana Grande's poor imitation of hip-hop is the downfall of her fifth studio album.

60% 3 days ago

The Sydney Morning Herald The Sydney Morning Herald (TOP)

thank u, next thrives when Ari’s just being Ari.

70% 3 days ago

Student Edge Student Edge

Ariana Grande is just now entering her prime.

91% 3 days ago

Consequence of Sound Consequence of Sound

She's gracious and grateful, and Thank U, Next is timelessly romantic.

90% 3 days ago

Belfast Telegraph Belfast Telegraph

Regardless of what those who listen to this album might be doing at the time, one thing is almost certain; with a collection of songs this good, they’ll certainly enjoy it.

90% 3 days ago

godisinthetv godisinthetv

“Thank U, Next” establishes Grande as a savvy, astute, adult pop singer, more tapped in to the zeitgeist than almost any of her peers, and preternaturally comfortable with the choices she’s made.

3 days ago

The New Yorker The New Yorker (TOP)

thank u, next cracks with the stylistic influence of trap, setting shuddering beats and ringtone synths against classically pop strings that swirl at every emotional climax.

3 days ago

What Grande has honed on thank u, next is the way she cunningly interweaves modern r&b patois and beats that brush up against the boundaries of top 40.

83% 4 days ago

Pretty Much Amazing Pretty Much Amazing

A raw response to real life, told with huge talent and perfect balance.

90% 4 days ago

nzherald nzherald

Forget Grande: This album is a Venti, with an extra shot.

80% 4 days ago

Ariana Grande takes intriguing leaps on “Thank U, Next,” bringing a new fluidity to her singing.

4 days ago

The New York Times The New York Times (TOP)

We all know that Ariana Grande's latest album, Thank U, Next is a work of GD art.

5 days ago

It is a detailed and emotional collection of modern pop that speaks candidly on an intense, life-changing two years for the singer.

60% 5 days ago

Stereoboard (UK) Stereoboard (UK)

Thank U, Next is the next step in her evolution as both a person and an artist.

90% 5 days ago

the AU review (AU) the AU review (AU)

Ariana Grande might have had a rough 2018, but the tough experiences have provided fodder for one of her most raw but self-assured albums to date.

80% 5 days ago

The Straits Times The Straits Times (TOP)

It might lack a little risk and innovation, but make no mistake: thank u, next is a triumph.

85% 5 days ago


Sweetener is no longer Ariana Grande's strongest album.

80% 5 days ago

theneedledrop theneedledrop

This is one of the year’s best pop albums so far, even in a 2019 that’s already turning out to be a great one for new music.

80% 5 days ago

Buoys manages to float by in spite of its flat points, but only just.

6 days ago

Crack Magazine Crack Magazine

Embracing the blasé over the saccharine, Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” redefines grief in the age of celebrity.

6 days ago

The Harvard Crimson The Harvard Crimson

I can give Ariana Grande credit for something of a cohesive sound and structure.

60% 6 days ago

Spectrum Pulse (CA) Spectrum Pulse (CA)

It all started with 'Sweetener', the album that she released six months ago and which now appears to be a prelude to the even more complete 'Thank You, Next'.

60% 6 days ago

humo (BE) humo (BE)

The result is a collection of songs you’d be as thrilled to hear in a grimy basement club as you would home alone.

100% 6 days ago

Metro Newspaper UK Metro Newspaper UK

On thank u, next, her most expressive and self-assured record to date, the people’s princess of pop plucks at the seams of her heart, unveiling the soul of the woman we’ve long been searching for.

80% 6 days ago

Highsnobiety Highsnobiety

Above all, ‘Thank U, Next’ is a document of self-care; a guide to getting through bad times even when you think nothing could ever be good again.

80% 6 days ago

New Musical Express (NME) New Musical Express (NME) (TOP)

It’s a lovely, intimate collection that embraces its essential paradox of being both a grand pop statement and a bedroom-pop wonder.

83% 6 days ago

Entertainment Weekly Entertainment Weekly (TOP)

Whether the scenarios were real or imagined, these songs will direct a whole generation of young women as they navigate their own invented happy endings and concrete losses.

6 days ago


A quintessential body of work that highlights not only her voice, but also her penchant for full-bodied, glimmering anthems.

6 days ago

With this new album and a looming Coachella headlining slot, Grande is clearly in the imperial phase of her recording career.

91% 6 days ago

There’s a creative cohesion to Grande’s heart-on-sleeve performance that begs to be listened to as a complete body of work.

80% 6 days ago

Ariana is at her most vulnerable, badass and authentic self on ‘thank u, next’ and it provides for one of her best works to date.

90% 1 week ago

WHO Magazine WHO Magazine

thank u, next may be an imperfect album but it’s a perfect next chapter.

79% 1 week ago

It sounds more confident and bold with her lyrical stances, and hears her strengthening her production to a whole new level.

1 week ago

Thomas Bleach Thomas Bleach

Every track on Thank U, Next is a hit.

1 week ago

DiandraReviews DiandraReviews

The mood range is great on "Thank U, Next", but the narrative staple is always the recovery process of Ariana Grande.

1 week ago

Mittelbayerische Mittelbayerische

She breaks records like no other and will undoubtedly do so again with her new album.

60% 1 week ago

Dansende Beren Dansende Beren

With the release of her fifth album, thank u, next — a speedy six months after the excellent Sweetener — Grande steps into the upper echelon of women in pop.

1 week ago

thank u, next tells two tales of one Ari, a woman who can’t help leaning into pop’s worst excesses and cultural appetites, but who has also found herself cracked open by misfortune, aching but still willing to be openly vulnerable, to seek healing by singing backup for herself.

70% 1 week ago

Sputnikmusic Sputnikmusic

Cohesive, relatable and staggering in scope and creative range, it’s another testament to her ever-growing star.

80% 1 week ago

Idolator Idolator

Thank U, Next is a whole new coda to the Ariana Grande Experience.

1 week ago

If you listen through the whole album through it feels like your reliving her emotions through the year and tbh I can relate it to some point in my life.

1 week ago

Her Campus Her Campus

Truly, 'Thank U, Next' is her magnum opus.

1 week ago

Odyssey Odyssey

I can't believe I'm saying this, but Ariana Grande's thank u, next is fantastic.

1 week ago


There is an immediacy and audacity to Thank U, Next, a live-streamed volatility that feels far less calculated than your average major-pop-star release.

1 week ago

The Ringer The Ringer

The pretty voice and hitmaking producers are still intact on her new “Thank U, Next,” but their importance is diminished by the emergence of a wise, Zen and confident Ariana Grande.

80% 1 week ago

knoxnews knoxnews

Thank U, Next has a more downbeat, contemplative vibe to it—it’s very February!

1 week ago

Grande’s very public transformation has turned her into an artist who can mine vulnerability and introspection like few of her peers – a pop star with substance.

80% 1 week ago

NOW Magazine NOW Magazine

As eager as she sounds on “Thank U, Next” to embrace new ideas and attitudes, the album shows that she can still do the old-fashioned stuff — the big vocals that connect her back to Mariah and Whitney and Celine — when she wants to.

1 week ago

Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times (TOP)

It’s an even stronger collection than its forerunner, which was then the most strikingly personalized in her brief, action-packed career.

1 week ago

This record rings mostly hollow, like the sound of someone realizing she doesn’t know who she is anymore.

1 week ago

Hollywood Reporter Hollywood Reporter (TOP)

What’s remarkable about thank u, next, the album that follows Sweetener by a mere six months, is how effortless it is.

1 week ago

Stereogum Stereogum

Thank U, Next is a phoenix moment for Ariana Grande.

1 week ago

Vulture Vulture

Grande’s personal edge ensures that even the duller portions of the album will leave a mark.

1 week ago

Compare this to Taylor Swift’s eye-of-the-storm album Reputation, which manoeuvred into place like a piece of heavy artillery.

80% 1 week ago

Evening Standard Evening Standard

Grande has chosen to strike again while the iron is still hot: thank you, next. The result is a far more cohesive album.

80% 1 week ago

Financial Times Financial Times (TOP)

It's been hard not to root for Grande over the past couple years, so it's especially rewarding to hear her coming out the other side of grief and trauma with her strongest body of work to date.

80% 1 week ago

Exclaim Exclaim

It is, frankly, much more than we could have ever hoped for from her.

90% 1 week ago

The Line of Best Fit The Line of Best Fit

Ariana Grande channels all of her Cancer energy into a blisteringly confessional album that’s a serious contender for Album of the Year at the 2020 Grammys.

1 week ago

FanSided FanSided

Ariana Grande showcases her tremendous growth and maturity as a singer-songwriter.

100% 1 week ago

Digital Journal Digital Journal

The results are, in a word, magnificent, flowing between throbbing R&B, ‘90s-esque hip-hop, and crystalline pop and garnished with orchestral strings, thumping basslines, and ethereal production.

1 week ago

As with Rihanna’s Anti, this feels like the work of a pop star previously happy to act as conduit for other people, finally working out who they are and what they want to say. Here, Grande finds her voice.

80% 1 week ago

Is Thank U, Next Ariana Grande’s best album to date? I would say it is!

1 week ago

A Bit of Pop Music A Bit of Pop Music

Thank U, Next is forceful and fascinating yet hardly machine-tooled with the casual listener in mind.

100% 1 week ago

The Irish Times The Irish Times (TOP)

I feel like Ariana Grande finally let us dive deep into her fractured soul on “thank u, next,” and the end-result is an undeniably entertaining/touching album that ignores the message its title gives off.

88% 1 week ago

The Ratings Game Music The Ratings Game Music

It lacks a centrepiece to match the arresting depth and space of Sweetener’s “God Is A Woman”, but Grande handles its shifting moods and cast of producers (including pop machines Max Martin and Tommy Brown) with engaging class and momentum.

80% 1 week ago

The Independent (UK) The Independent (UK) (TOP)

A more tenacious and independent Grande is back with her most cohesive effort to date.

88% 1 week ago

“Thank U, Next” stands as what promises to be one of the best pop releases this year.

1 week ago

Grande delivers her most cohesive and empowering album yet with "thank u, next," which gives us a window into an artist at the peak of her powers and serves as much-needed therapy for all of us recovering from heartache.

1 week ago

Make no mistake, she’s delivered some top-class tunes along the way, but Thank U, Next feels like the first time she’s delivered a whole album worthy of her mega-star status.

1 week ago

HuffPost (UK) HuffPost (UK)

This is a slick, punchy album from a star at the top of her pop game.

80% 1 week ago

The Times of London The Times of London (TOP)

Two albums in to what has become a prolonged imperial phase for her, we should all now be kneeling at the throne of pop’s most dependable modern hit-maker.

80% 1 week ago

The Telegraph (UK) The Telegraph (UK) (TOP)

Less than six months after sweetener was released, Ari's gone and dropped another epic album.

1 week ago

The difference with thank u next is, this time Grande is swaggering with the confidence that comes with unquestioned stardom.

70% 1 week ago

AllMusic AllMusic

Thank U, Next is easily Grande’s most sonically consistent effort to date, even if that means some of the album’s sleek R&B tracks tend to blur together.

70% 1 week ago

Slant Magazine Slant Magazine
User Reviews (5)

BUY THIS PEOPLE this is obviously going to be one of her best albums! Buy it! You won't regret it!

EnchantedJesse3 weeks ago
Queen of POP 🎉 Ariana has came a long way since “Yours Truly” and every step has been phenomenal. To witness an artist finally become confident and step outside of their comfort zone is enchanting. Ariana is paving the way for future artists to come, and all I can say is thank u, next.

Ashbizzlemahone3 weeks ago
YAS QUEEN So far what I've heard off this album is bomb and of course the rest of the album will be as well because um she's queen duhh💁🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Gioffrii3 weeks ago
Queen gon’ snatch allah us Everybody, hold your wigs!! Cause the queen is coming to snatch them!

alrightavenue3 weeks ago
🖤! this is gonna be her BEST album. it's so emotional and close to home, and everyone who is hating on it just doesn't want her to WIN. i'm so excited for needy & NASA and i cannot wait ahh!
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