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Bad Religion - Age Of Unreason (2019) Published: May 3/19 Released: May 3/19 albumRock14 Tracks • 33 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: It's a good album that largely succeeds because the band are old pros. -PopMatters
    Age of Unreason is the 17th studio album by Bad Religion, released by Epitaph on May 3, 2019.
    1. Chaos From Within1:50
    2. My Sanity2:58
    3. Do the Paranoid Style1:45
    4. The Approach2:25
    5. Lose Your Head2:50
    6. End of History2:47
    7. Age of Unreason2:40
    8. Candidate2:45
    9. Faces of Grief1:04
    10. Old Regime2:42
    11. Big Black Dog2:06
    12. Downfall2:36
    13. Since Now1:43
    14. What Tomorrow Brings3:09
℗ 2019 Epitaph
Critic Reviews (35)

Age of Unreason marks an evolution for Bad Religion.

2 years ago

Soundigest Soundigest

It’s fair to say that ‘Age Of Unreason’ is yet another solid addition to Bad Religion’s discography.

70% 2 years ago

PunkRockTheory (BE) PunkRockTheory (BE)

Bad Religion's "Age of Unreason" proves the world still needs punk.

2 years ago


Age of Unreason is a fantastic album from American punk’s elder statesmen.

2 years ago

Throughout the album the band proves, once again, the importance of critical thinking and reminds us that waking up and paying attention is the most valuable tool any of us have.

2 years ago

BeatRoute BeatRoute

Age of Unreason is a mission statement for 2019 from a band that's made a history of mission statements in dire times.

75% 2 years ago

Under The Radar Under The Radar

The album is full of exquisite hooks, terrific rhythmic intensity and memorable lyrics which will satisfy any fan of Bad Religion or alternative music in general.

2 years ago

Echoes And Dust Echoes And Dust

Depth and the character-strong numbers.

96% 2 years ago

The whole album is settling on very high levels.

80% 2 years ago

As you'd expect, musically they're full-tilt melodic punk rallying cries, with the warmth of Greg Graffin's vocals contrasting beautifully against Brett Gurewitz's barbed riffs to suggest there's still a chance for redemption if we stand up and fight. [Jun 2019, p.86]

80% 2 years ago

Classic Rock Magazine Classic Rock Magazine

The band's commitment to keeping the genre vital, both musically and lyrically, feels as necessary as it does timely.

70% 2 years ago

AllMusic AllMusic

While these songs may lack the same kind of energetic rage that defined the band in their early years, they're still a formidable way of exposing truths and holding the powers that be to account. [4 May 2019, p.55]

80% 2 years ago

I have high demands on Graffin and Co., all of which are fulfilled.

100% 2 years ago

"Age Of Unreason" could still be their most important album.

83% 2 years ago


Active for almost forty years and yet the band manages to add a rich and varied album to their already richly filled oeuvre with Age Of Reason.

2 years ago

Luminous Dash Luminous Dash

Seventeen must be Bad Religion's Lucky Number because Age Of Unreason is some of their best work.

2 years ago

Overdrive Music Magazine Overdrive Music Magazine

Bad Religion has for the first time since 2013 once again completed a terribly good album.

80% 2 years ago

Dansende Beren Dansende Beren

Musically, fast and mid-tempo songs are the key in the hand, just as you know it from Bad Religion.

63% 2 years ago


A modern punk manifesto for reason.

80% 2 years ago

lautde lautde

AGE OF UNREASON manages to tie in with the excellent predecessor album TRUE NORTH.

70% 2 years ago

Classic Rock (DE) Classic Rock (DE)

A certain level of comfort in view of its predictability.

57% 2 years ago

Metal Hammer (DE) Metal Hammer (DE)

It’s one of the most visceral records the band have produced since 2004’s ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ but is still delivered with that trademark eloquent bow.

2 years ago

Punktastic (UK) Punktastic (UK)

It makes good use of Bad Religion’s catchy songwriting and thoughtful lyrics.

2 years ago

RIFF Magazine RIFF Magazine

Intelligent, thought provoking lyrics wrapped in well executed and performed punk rock music.

90% 2 years ago

Wall of Sound Wall of Sound

Age Of Unreason gives you exactly what you'd expect from a Bad Religion record.

80% 2 years ago

Soundblab Soundblab

It’s as enjoyable a batch of songs as you’d hope for from this band.

2 years ago

BrooklynVegan BrooklynVegan

A powerful 14 track release, Age of Unreason has comprised everything that we love about Bad Religion and more.

80% 2 years ago

Hysteria Mag Hysteria Mag

Age Of Unreason is another entry in what must now be considered the greatest back catalogue in all of punk rock.

80% 2 years ago

Their best for ages.

100% 2 years ago

Maximum Volume Music Maximum Volume Music

When worrying politics come out into the open, the musical backlash can often produce some worthy anthems.

80% 2 years ago

"Age of Unreason" is a highlight in BAD RELIGION discography.

87% 2 years ago

In this form BAD RELGION may like to keep us a few more decades.

2 years ago

The results jump out of the speakers and embrace the listener like a friend.

100% 2 years ago

Bad Religion, an American institution worth believing in.

70% 2 years ago

Ghost Cult Magazine Ghost Cult Magazine

It's a good album that largely succeeds because the band are old pros.

70% 2 years ago

PopMatters PopMatters
User Reviews (5)

MrHusker2 years ago
Trumpers are going to hate this one Another brillant piece of punk rock from one of the greatest bands of the genre. There will be a lot of negative reviews coming from the Trump imbeciles.

Floater5412 years ago
I’m a “Trumper” and I love it!! In spite of other fans trying to polarize this band and album, this imbecile loves Bad Religion and the songs so far! Have been a fan of BR since 1989 and they never disappoint. Counting down the days for the full release!!! See ya at the Sabroso fest!!

Tabmowe2 years ago
Thank the Maker!!! In an insane world of "alternative facts" anti science trogdolites,along comes Bad Religion to keep me sane.The boys still have it after 3 decades. Get this album!!!

Haighti82 years ago
Great follow up to True North I've seen Bad Religion live 4 times in the last 2 years - they are at the top of their game. If the first three singles are any indication (chaos from within, my sanity, profane rights of man) this is going to be a nice follow up to True North which was a nice hearkening back to 1980's Bad Religion (not that 90's or 00's are not good, they are just differnent eras in this bad's evolution). Seeing them again in OH this year at Camp Anarchy and can't wait. The album will just have dropped and i hope they play some of it live. Been a fan since Suffer first dropped, and they remain my favorite band to this day.

ryanmetallica2 years ago
It’s Okay I like Bad Religion, but it’s no longer edgy to say “orange man bad”. The singer said himself that everything that’s been said about him has all been said before, but then he ironically goes back on himself and dedicated an album to finding problems with nothing, or over things that are actually good. I look forward to seeing them live, but without the holier than thou attitude from them and others.
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