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Beyonce - Homecoming: The Live Album (2019) Published: April 19/19 Released: April 17/19 albumPop40 Tracks • 108 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: An awe-inspiring greatest hits set. -Rolling Stone
    Homecoming: The Live Album is the fifth live album by Beyonce, released Parkwood Entertainment through Columbia Records from Sony Music Entertainment on April 17, 2019.
    1. Welcome (Homecoming Live)3:16Beyoncé
    2. Crazy In Love (Homecoming Live)2:47Beyoncé
    3. Freedom (Homecoming Live)1:54Beyoncé
    4. Lift Every Voice and Sing (Homecoming Live)2:09Beyoncé
    5. Formation (Homecoming Live)4:22Beyoncé
    6. So Much Damn Swag (Interlude) [Homecoming Liv...0:59Beyoncé
    7. Sorry (Homecoming Live)6:33Beyoncé
    8. Kitty Kat (Homecoming Live)0:42Beyoncé
    9. Bow Down (Homecoming Live)1:27Beyoncé
    10. I Been On (Homecoming Live)2:40Beyoncé
    11. Drunk in Love (Homecoming Live)4:14Beyoncé
    12. Diva (Homecoming Live)2:45Beyoncé
    13. Flawless / Feeling Myself (Homecoming Live)3:58Beyoncé
    14. Top Off (Homecoming Live)1:22Beyoncé
    15. 7/11 (Homecoming Live)3:04Beyoncé
    16. Bug a Boo Roll Call (Interlude) [Homecoming L...1:57Beyoncé
    17. Party (Homecoming Live)3:48Beyoncé
    18. Don't Hurt Yourself (Homecoming Live)4:16Beyoncé
    19. I Care (Homecoming Live)4:08Beyoncé
    20. Partition (Homecoming Live)2:18Beyoncé
    21. Yoncé (Homecoming Live)1:08Beyoncé
    22. Mi Gente (feat. J Balvin) [Homecoming Live]2:56Beyoncé
    23. Baby Boy (Homecoming Live)1:32Beyoncé
    24. You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) [Homecoming Li...1:11Beyoncé
    25. Hold Up (Homecoming Live)0:46Beyoncé
    26. Countdown (Homecoming Live)1:43Beyoncé
    27. Check On It (Homecoming Live)1:16Beyoncé
    28. Deja Vu (feat. JAY-Z) [Homecoming Live]4:49Beyoncé
    29. The Bzzzz Drumline (Interlude) [Homecoming Li...3:10Beyoncé & Bzzzz Drumline
    30. Run the World (Girls) [Homecoming Live]3:53Beyoncé
    31. Lose My Breath (Homecoming Live)1:30Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams
    32. Say My Name (Homecoming Live)1:51Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams
    33. Soldier (Homecoming Live)2:11Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams
    34. Get Me Bodied (Homecoming Live)4:23Beyoncé
    35. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) [Homecoming ...3:27Beyoncé
    36. Lift Every Voice and Sing (Blue's Version) [H...1:42Beyoncé & Blue Ivy Carter
    37. Love On Top (Homecoming Live)3:47Beyoncé
    38. Shining (Thank You) [Homecoming Live]2:39Beyoncé
    39. Before I Let Go (Homecoming Live Bonus Track)4:00Beyoncé
    40. I Been On (Homecoming Live Bonus Track)2:24Beyoncé
℗ 2019 Parkwood Entertainment LLC, under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment
Critic Reviews (10)

Overdelivering is her trademark.

3 months ago

Homecoming is, in most ways, beautiful, emotional, and honest.

3 months ago


Beyoncé has a way of reminding us of her unique ability to hold a crowd in the palm of her hand, to defy the trend toward cultural diffusion and force us to stand at attention.

100% 3 months ago

Homecoming is yet another chapter that paves a way for a new artistic phase for her.

3 months ago

Deadline Hollywood Deadline Hollywood (TOP)

Quite the homecoming for Beyonce.

3 months ago

Hollywood Reporter Hollywood Reporter (TOP)

Beyonce is all about the surprises these days.

100% 3 months ago

Newsday Newsday

Beyoncé’s historic Coachella set is preserved as a stunning live album that captures an artist at her peak, flexing her catalog and shining a light on the genius of black artists that came before her.

93% 3 months ago

Beyoncé shoots up out of the floor at minute four, and a woman in the audience in a white cap gasps for several seconds. This is how I feel about Homecoming.

3 months ago

Vulture Vulture

A more straightforward recreation of the concert that became known as Beychella.

3 months ago

The New York Times The New York Times (TOP)

An awe-inspiring greatest hits set.

90% 3 months ago

User Reviews (5)

Wow Absolutely amazing. I can’t stop the replay. “Before I Let Go” is an instant classic!!!!

itseric344 months ago
Amazing compilation These songs were the best to be added for beychella. I feel empowered!

jcduhabwjskshdussh4 months ago
YESSSSS!!!🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 FINALLY A LIVE ALBUM!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭🐝🐝🐝❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

SUNdizzleO74 months ago
STOP with the QUEEN B ish Look, I used to like Beyoncé more than I do now but with the way she’s been moving and her BeyHive is - caking her God, Queen, etc. it just made me not want to Stan for her because it’s too much. Like she’s a normal human being. You all must be peasants to your Queen if that’s the case smh

fuckinbizzlee4 months ago
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