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Billie Eilish - When We All Fall ASleep Where Do We Go? (2019) Published: March 29/19 Released: March 29/19 albumAlternative14 Tracks • 42 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: Eilish uses intimacy to amplify scares. -The Guardian
    WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? is the debut studio album by Billie Eilish, released by Darkroom/Interscope Records on March 29, 2019.
    1. !!!!!!!0:13
    2. bad guy3:14
    3. xanny4:03
    4. you should see me in a crown3:00
    5. all the good girls go to hell2:48
    6. wish you were gay3:41
    7. when the party's over3:16
    8. 82:53
    9. my strange addiction2:59
    10. bury a friend3:13
    11. ilomilo2:36
    12. listen before i go4:02
    13. i love you4:51
    14. goodbye1:59
℗ 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records
Critic Reviews (102)

I have not been able to stop listening.

1 day ago

Odyssey Odyssey

Eilish is one true song stylist as she takes her fans and listeners on a musical journey with her.

100% 3 days ago

Digital Journal Digital Journal

Eilish is really doing something quite fresh here.

80% 4 days ago


When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, is burning up the charts – and with good reason.

60% 4 days ago

NOW Magazine NOW Magazine

An album that has deservedly captured the attention of everyone.

80% 5 days ago

The Young Folks The Young Folks

It’s exhilarating when pop stars throw caution to the wind like this.

70% 6 days ago

SpectrumCulture SpectrumCulture

The whole album is a beautifully comprehensive piece of music.

6 days ago

Atwood Magazine Atwood Magazine

Pitched somewhere between Lorde and Lana Del Rey, it mines a dark, spare sound that emphasizes Eilish’s dead-eyed attitude and sophisticated wit, bringing together folk, EDM and hip-hop influences.

6 days ago

San Francisco Chronicle San Francisco Chronicle

Her young age does not prevent Billie Eilish from coming out with a strong debut.

80% 1 week ago

Indiestyle Indiestyle

With such a strong starting piece, she could well be the inspiration that the likes of Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry will use to try to stay relevant.

100% 1 week ago

SCMP Young Post SCMP Young Post

A highly anticipated and eclectic album, without a doubt, but it is not without its growing pains.

70% 1 week ago

Erie Reader Erie Reader

Billie Eilish, pop's new teen whiz.

1 week ago

The Straits Times The Straits Times (TOP)

If you want a playlist to cover every possible mood people will experience during a party, you’re on to a winner.

60% 1 week ago

Stereoboard (UK) Stereoboard (UK)

When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? keeps listeners guessing.

1 week ago

This album cements her as a force to be reckoned with.

90% 1 week ago

The Spill Magazine (CA) The Spill Magazine (CA)

The result is a brilliantly diverse mix of electro-pop, trap, R'n'B and folk.

80% 1 week ago

Newcastle Herald (AU) Newcastle Herald (AU)

A beautiful disaster that combines contradictions with clichés.

1 week ago

Junkee Junkee

The album is impressive from start to finish, with few missteps in-between.

1 week ago

mxdwn mxdwn

This album sticks out for its bare-bones operation between Eilish and her brother.

2 weeks ago

Eilish does not have to adapt to fit trends; she is the trend.

2 weeks ago

A Bit of Pop Music A Bit of Pop Music

Billie Eilish has cemented herself as a bonafide pop star.

80% 2 weeks ago

its all dead its all dead

As much as Eilish seems to be on top of the world at this point, this is a sight that’s been seen countless times before.

50% 2 weeks ago

The Soundboard The Soundboard

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? reveals she's a savvy character-crafter.

2 weeks ago

Student Edge Student Edge

It is a pleasure to listen to from start to finish.

2 weeks ago

Eilish has created something impressively unique and meaningful.

2 weeks ago

Soundigest Soundigest

The results sound ghostly but glossy.

60% 2 weeks ago

Daily Mail (UK) Daily Mail (UK)

By the end of 2019 this album will not be forgotten.

86% 2 weeks ago


Maybe Gens Z and X will learn to coexist after all. Just don’t ask Y.

2 weeks ago

City Pages City Pages

I’m a big Billie Eilish fan now and am looking forward to her next album.

2 weeks ago

Her Campus Her Campus

The album is nothing revelatory, but it’s fun.

67% 2 weeks ago

Earbuddy Earbuddy

After such a flawlessly creative release, it’s hard to imagine Billie ever doing wrong.

90% 2 weeks ago

X-Press Magazine (AU) X-Press Magazine (AU)

A very powerful mature new sound.

80% 2 weeks ago

de Volkskrant de Volkskrant

Eilish's​ genre-bending pop is a culmination of Gen Z's joyless exploration of the world, and signals a welcome end to the cookie-cutter teenage pop star.

70% 2 weeks ago

The Sydney Morning Herald The Sydney Morning Herald (TOP)

A level of emotionalism that artists well into their 40s and 50s struggle to attain.

2 weeks ago

For her fans, When We All Fall Asleep is yet another iteration of her fluid approach to genre, and intensely personal lyricism.

2 weeks ago


Eilish capitalizes on her immense hype, proving that she more than deserves to stick around for years to come.

73% 2 weeks ago

Paste Magazine Paste Magazine

When We Fall Asleep is a thoroughly assured effort cloaked in darkness and sputtering effects that features spot-on songwriting at its core, along with the occasional ukulele and a say-no-to-drugs message on “Xanny.”

60% 2 weeks ago

This is a stunning debut, and we’re almost certain to hear more great things from Billie Eilish soon.

2 weeks ago

Weekender Weekender

Eilish’s debut makes a strong case that it won’t be long until we see her in a crown.

91% 2 weeks ago

Consequence of Sound Consequence of Sound

An artful, well-crafted, and unique pop album.

80% 2 weeks ago

theneedledrop theneedledrop

14 tracks of moody, genre-defying brilliance.

2 weeks ago

CelebMix CelebMix

Eilish leaves us desperate for more with the bold statement of an artist who is only just starting to find her voice.

90% 2 weeks ago

Beat Magazine Beat Magazine

It's the deeper sincerity and complexity that makes WWFAWDWG truly special.

2 weeks ago

ABC Australia ABC Australia

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? is moody and ominous.

2 weeks ago

It exists on a lunar-outpost of its own creation.

2 weeks ago

Nialler𝟫 Nialler𝟫

Overall this album heavily impresses with a dark and moody twist on growing up in this current state of the world.

2 weeks ago

Thomas Bleach Thomas Bleach

The end result is an impeccable debut album.

90% 2 weeks ago

Idolator Idolator

The balance of strange and simple usually works.

2 weeks ago

The album creates a reality for the listener to exist within, right at Billie’s side.

90% 2 weeks ago

The Harvard Crimson The Harvard Crimson

Eilish has a distinct sound, with tracks which cover things that would scare away other artists.

100% 2 weeks ago

The Edge The Edge

It’s rare to hear someone so young have this much fun on their debut record while still crafting something that’s downright game-changing in its bravado.

2 weeks ago

Highsnobiety Highsnobiety

It’s an anxious, chilling collection of tracks that are simultaneously supernatural and undeniably human.

85% 2 weeks ago

The Line of Best Fit The Line of Best Fit

Every new listen of the album uncovers a new layer in the labyrinthian production.

2 weeks ago


When We Fall Asleep immediately stands out as one of the best debut records of the decade.

2 weeks ago

A remarkable compilation from someone so young.

2 weeks ago

A beauty in minimalistic pop with a lo-fi edge.

2 weeks ago

Dancing Astronaut Dancing Astronaut

The production on the new songs has a slightly sinister, intentionally dark, and somewhat provocative tone that makes it a must-listen in 2019.

2 weeks ago

The Current The Current

Startlingly unique: Billie Eilish.

2 weeks ago

The Times of London The Times of London (TOP)

Fascinatingly ambitious, and often extremely fun, this debut finds pop in safe and thrilling hands.

80% 2 weeks ago

The Observer (UK) The Observer (UK) (TOP)

Sleekly produced but uncomfortably cursory in its explorations of loneliness and depression.

3 weeks ago


She’s undoubtedly and apologetically doing something that is uniquely hers.

80% 3 weeks ago


Despite the hints of old timers (you can also hear strains of Bowie and White Album Beatles here, too), this is a groundbreaking record.

80% 3 weeks ago

You’re not going to find anything here especially original, unless you’re not yet old enough to relate to Melodrama and too young to remember Pure Heroine.

60% 3 weeks ago

Loud And Quiet Loud And Quiet

'WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?' is a musical masterpiece.

3 weeks ago

Strife Magazine Strife Magazine

This debut feels strangely profound and infinitely danceable.

80% 3 weeks ago


Each new look into Billie's world has offered something achingly authentic and uniquely her own, and that experience is maximized as an album.

3 weeks ago


When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go is a volatile launching pad.

70% 3 weeks ago

Sputnikmusic Sputnikmusic

Eilish is a star who’ll keep burning as long as she does not burn out.

3 weeks ago

I hope she can enjoy the fact that these songs will send her stratospheric.

80% 3 weeks ago

Evening Standard Evening Standard

We have not the faintest idea where we end up when we fall asleep, but Billie Eilish's songs accompany us, numb more than dreamy, in a state of liberating drowsiness.

100% 3 weeks ago

Rolling Stone Italia Rolling Stone Italia

Billie Eilish offers moments of macabre brilliance on her uneven debut album.

3 weeks ago

The Saturday Paper The Saturday Paper

Forget the hype and listen carefully to her debut with the far too long title and you will hear a fledgling artist looking for her voice.

70% 3 weeks ago

humo (BE) humo (BE)

She’s well on her way.

3 weeks ago

It’s unexpectedly fantastic, actually. The kids are right about her.

80% 3 weeks ago

Financial Times Financial Times (TOP)

A marvellously expansive record with plenty to show off the teenager's extraordinary eye for diverse songwriting.

80% 3 weeks ago


When We Fall Asleep… is often remarkable.

3 weeks ago

Hot Press Hot Press

While Eilish’s first album is far from perfect, it’s uniquely her own — thought-provoking, messy, brilliant in parts and shambolic in other.

3 weeks ago

‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ is a supremely exciting, innovative first move from a pop voice that feels utterly fresh and modern.

80% 3 weeks ago

DIY Magazine DIY Magazine

With her debut album, she’s even tougher: tough enough to show some heart.

3 weeks ago

The New York Times The New York Times (TOP)

A debut record that showcases a bold artistic vision and a willingness to move beyond the boundaries of pop conventions.

80% 3 weeks ago

Exclaim Exclaim

Asleep is frequently stunning and doubly so for a debut album by someone not even old enough to vote.

3 weeks ago

Vulture Vulture

Never has a teen pop star so gone dark.

70% 3 weeks ago

It's just contemporary pop.

83% 3 weeks ago

Musikexpress Musikexpress

She demonstrates that she can do it all, hinting at a bright future that could truly go in any direction, as messy and hopeful as youth can get.

80% 3 weeks ago

AllMusic AllMusic

A haunted house of pop dreams.

3 weeks ago

DiandraReviews DiandraReviews

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? falls short of the dream scene we were hoping for.

56% 3 weeks ago

Far Out Magazine (UK) Far Out Magazine (UK)

When We All Fall Asleep, its artistic achievements aside, manages to exist somewhere between critique, honest reflection of the zeitgeist and a progression of the Billie Eilish mystery.

90% 3 weeks ago


There’s something about Eilish that suggests she has more to offer than this.

40% 3 weeks ago

The Independent (UK) The Independent (UK) (TOP)

Eilish is continuing to create a sound that defies category but dominates the charts with her debut album.

3 weeks ago

It’s likely to cement her growing reputation as a 21st century music business unicorn who embodies all the creative and commercial promise of online youth culture.

3 weeks ago

The New York Times The New York Times (TOP)

Just when you’re starting to get comfortable, she throws out a surprise curveball to check you’re still paying attention.

3 weeks ago

HuffPost (UK) HuffPost (UK)

Billie Eilish’s dystopian hip-hop and balladry shows us what it’s like to be young now.

80% 3 weeks ago

The Times of London The Times of London (TOP)

On this debut, Billie Eilish delivers an exceptional body of work.

80% 3 weeks ago

The Irish Times The Irish Times (TOP)

‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ is a brave and fortuitous debut album from the LA teen, capturing the hopes, fears and vulnerabilities of an entire generation.

90% 3 weeks ago

Clash Music Clash Music

She links the Lana Del Rey dreaminess of her early songs with the savvy, hip-hop inspired artist that she has become.

3 weeks ago

The Quietus The Quietus

Her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, confirms what most teenagers already know: Eilish is something special, a pop avatar of a Generation Z mood of sensitive disaffection.

80% 3 weeks ago

The Telegraph (UK) The Telegraph (UK) (TOP)

Eilish has concocted one of the last great pop statements of the decade.

3 weeks ago

Stereogum Stereogum

Dark, jittering party anthems punctured by sardonic ballads, all determined to shock.

3 weeks ago


A memorable and game-changing debut album.

100% 3 weeks ago

New Musical Express (NME) New Musical Express (NME) (TOP)

The debut album from the meteoric pop star lives in a world of its own: gothic, bass-heavy, at turns daring and quite beautiful.

72% 3 weeks ago

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” feels like a rock ‘n’ roll album, even if there’s virtually nothing on it that sounds like rock music.

3 weeks ago

Eilish uses intimacy to amplify scares.

80% 3 weeks ago

User Reviews (5)

JLuna06232 months ago
Different and great! All though Billie Eilish’s new song “Bury A Friend” isn’t heavily focused on the vocals, as most people are complaining about, the beat and the lyrics gives an eerie vibe to the song and makes the song very different from what you hear nowadays.

Momof2boys13142 months ago
Da Best This is hands down the best new artist that is releasing music constantly!!! You keep going Billie and be the star that you are!!! If only you could rate things more than 5 stars. She totally qualifies for that!!

Kkshk2 months ago
YES So glad she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves and can’t wait for the new album! So far the songs from the new album have been bomb af. Her music in general is just hauntingly beautiful! Love her.

Andra6941 month ago
Dark Angel Voice I love her the tone of her voice...I often forget I’m listening to such sad, emotionally deep songs bc her voice is so majestic.

BILLIE Billie is so talented for her age .Now before people start to say “But she mumbles and she’s creepy in her videos and she sounds creepy nowadays” She has a very talented voice and she has an alternative sound (witch I love) but she is a lot like me she hates herself in So many ways like me back to the point I CAN’T WAIT for the album so that’s it
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