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Bring Me The Horizon - Amo (2019) Published: January 25/19 Released: January 25/19 albumRock13 Tracks • 51 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: When Bring Me inevitably headline your favourite festival, this is unequivocally the record that put them there. Love and loss from fans, relationships, friends, and self. It’s all here on amo. -Hysteria Mag
    Amo is the sixth studio album by Bring Me The Horizon, released by Sony Music Entertainment on January 25, 2019.
    1. i apologise if you feel something2:19Bring Me the Horizon
    2. MANTRA3:53Bring Me the Horizon
    3. nihilist blues (feat. Grimes)5:25Bring Me the Horizon
    4. in the dark4:31Bring Me the Horizon
    5. wonderful life (feat. Dani Filth)4:34Bring Me the Horizon
    6. ouch1:49Bring Me the Horizon
    7. medicine3:47Bring Me the Horizon
    8. sugar honey ice & tea4:21Bring Me the Horizon
    9. why you gotta kick me when i'm down?4:28Bring Me the Horizon
    10. fresh bruises3:18Bring Me the Horizon
    11. mother tongue3:37Bring Me the Horizon
    12. heavy metal (feat. Rahzel)4:00Bring Me the Horizon
    13. i don't know what to say5:52Bring Me the Horizon
℗ 2019 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited
Critic Reviews (49)

amo doesn’t just boast the traditional elements of heavy metal but is rather a cocktail flavoured with EDM, tones of R&B and a splash of reggae here and there.

5 months ago

Beat Magazine Beat Magazine

Bring Me The Horizon shows that they have taken the right path just when they experiment with sounds far from the metal core and the most predictable crossovers.

60% 5 months ago

Rolling Stone Italia Rolling Stone Italia

I found it to be too long and the songs just seemed to be padded out for no real reason.

5 months ago

Strife Magazine Strife Magazine

amo is a journey that is meant to be taken within an entire sitting.

70% 5 months ago

Substream Magazine Substream Magazine

Bring Me the Horizon has managed to put together an interesting album again.

75% 5 months ago

Smash Press Smash Press

For the sound that they are striving for, are they acing it? Absolutely.

80% 7 months ago

Forte Magazine (AU) Forte Magazine (AU)

Amo stands as the work of a band unafraid to go beyond their boundaries. In the process, they have also revealed their knack for catchy songwriting.

70% 7 months ago

The Straits Times The Straits Times (TOP)

Where TTS swapped invigorated metalcore for arena-worthy anthemic rock, Amo sees that pushed further – transcending into EDM, pop and even grime.

80% 7 months ago

The Skinny The Skinny

Overall, amo crosses boundaries and blends genres generally with success.

7 months ago

Silver Tiger Media Silver Tiger Media

It is where the band does deviate from the norm that they are most impressive, with the album feeling like a sonic evolution from their previous works, with deep and poignant lyrical content from Sykes.

7 months ago

The Edge The Edge

Amo is a strident record, difficult to categorize and, in a good way, uniquely spliced and sequenced with little fear of crossing boundaries - but part of mastering this dark art is knowing when to put the paintbrush down.

70% 7 months ago

No Ripcord No Ripcord

The music is electronically cool, and the strong beats include a guest performance by the Canadian art-pop musician Grimes.

7 months ago

Mittelbayerische Mittelbayerische

“Amo” might transform his band from cultishly beloved mid-level rock stars to arena-filling superstars, but it’s still too soon to tell.

7 months ago

Chicago Tribune Chicago Tribune (TOP)

Bring Me the Horizon's blend of pop, electronics, and what remains of their metalcore edge is surprisingly admirable on amo.

60% 7 months ago

theneedledrop theneedledrop

They’ve tried so hard to rebel against what they were, they seem to have forgotten to find out what they want to be.

30% 7 months ago

Stereoboard (UK) Stereoboard (UK)

The dramatic sound world with its dense band ensemble that manipulates grooves, live noises and drift freely and shows particular attention to detail is still shocking.

7 months ago

gekirock gekirock

amo really does push the boat out in a way that’s genuinely admirable.

80% 7 months ago

The Soundboard The Soundboard

Despite the shortcomings / failures, it is sure to be a brave step and a really fun, thoughtful job.

7 months ago

Evolution is key for any band’s longevity, and Bring Me The Horizon have firmly confirmed that the only way they’re going is up.

95% 7 months ago

Immortal Reviews Immortal Reviews

While there are moments of great potential throughout the album, a lot of it feels squandered on a sound that's not sure if it wants to keep a tenuous link to the band's deathcore past or abandon it for an EDM future.

63% 7 months ago

Ultimate Guitar Ultimate Guitar

Bring Me The Horizon are definitely not the band from a few years ago.

30% 7 months ago

Their new direction feels more like progress than panic.

80% 7 months ago

Evening Standard Evening Standard

BMTH grew up with us, and I personally can’t thank ’em enough for sticking around and discovering new avenues to give us what we want: totally shameless listening.

7 months ago


They have moved so far from their former sound that they can really do anything without capturing surprised looks.

80% 7 months ago

lautde lautde

Sheffield rockers Bring Me The Horizon are really bringing it with what is arguably their most diverse album yet.

80% 7 months ago

Belfast Telegraph Belfast Telegraph

Whatever you may think of this album – whichever end of the spectrum you stand on – it has been expertly put together.

7 months ago

Punktastic (UK) Punktastic (UK)

It’s the sound of a band striving to find something that goes beyond the narrow genre boundaries that defined the scene they first arrived into.

80% 7 months ago

Upset (UK) Upset (UK)

They are controlling every step of their future and those who appreciate them as artists should embrace this record for the sonic evolution it is for them.

80% 7 months ago

Ghost Cult Magazine Ghost Cult Magazine

BMTH are able to explore a challenging and exciting direction in a way that's vulnerable, offering a new perspective on synth music from a band rooted in metalcore.

70% 7 months ago

Exclaim Exclaim

The evolution of Bring Me the Horizon continues on their sixth album, which sees the British band embrace new sounds and genres like never before.

90% 7 months ago

WHO Magazine WHO Magazine

The range of sounds and styles on amo makes this one of my favourite Bring Me The Horizon album.

80% 7 months ago


Slightly mirroring Linkin Park’s electronic remap with A Thousand Suns, there are quiet piano parts, bleeping synthesisers, electro raps and even what sounds like a children’s choir.

60% 7 months ago

BMTH have made a full transition into a genre-defying sound that embraces elements of pop, rock, dance, and electronic music.

75% 7 months ago

Consequence of Sound Consequence of Sound

Toying with all genres to weave a sound that is nowhere near their Deathcore beginnings and yet still fully under the Bring Me the Horizon trademark, Amo is intelligently ironic, emotionally raw, biting and beautiful.

90% 7 months ago

Combine the rawness of their past with the musical scope of their present, and Bring Me The Horizon’s future could be very bright indeed.

60% 7 months ago

Dork Dork

Fortune tends to favour the brave, and BMTH certainly believe so.

7 months ago


Overall, if you’re open to electronic music and pop as well as rock and metal, you’ll most likely enjoy amo.

75% 7 months ago

Metal Injection Metal Injection

Amo won’t satisfy all of BMTH’s fans, but it’s certainly accomplished, catchy and eclectic enough to bring in some new ones.

80% 7 months ago

The Independent (UK) The Independent (UK) (TOP)

It ain’t rocket science, it ain’t heavy metal, it’s just class songwriting.

100% 7 months ago

New Musical Express (NME) New Musical Express (NME) (TOP)

Amo is a record that pushes and pulls you, whether a hardcore fan or a casual listener, into almost every direction imaginable.

70% 7 months ago


Amo is an unflinching and personal record that engages and surprises listeners throughout its entertaining ride.

7 months ago

RIFF Magazine RIFF Magazine

This is a super-modern, rock-tinged record and needs to be considered on those terms, but it's undoubtedly BMTH's bravest move yet. [Feb 2019, p.89]

70% 7 months ago

Classic Rock Magazine Classic Rock Magazine

They haven't completely severed links with the past--the bruising Wonderful Life comes with a cameo from Cradle Of Filth squawker Dani Filth-- but mostly it's a bold leap into the future. [Feb 2019, p.108]

80% 7 months ago

Q Magazine Q Magazine

It's BMTH's innate ability to stay one step ahead, like they do here, that means the future remains firmly theirs. [19 Jan 2019, p.54]

100% 7 months ago

‘Amo’ might not be as complex or as vulnerable as ‘Sempiternal’ and other works of BMTH’s were (and still are), but it’s a solid step forward for a band that deserves to express themselves in the way that they personally wish to.

70% 7 months ago

Killyourstereo Killyourstereo

With amo , Bring Me the Horizon deliver their most fulfilled, free and insane album to date.

90% 7 months ago

SoundOfBrit (FR) SoundOfBrit (FR)

This new offering takes everything you think you know about the band, turns it on its head and dropkicks it out of the heavy music genre and into a diverse blend of EDM, synth and pop rock that is so far removed from the band’s past, but somehow, in a strange way, works.

75% 7 months ago

Wall of Sound Wall of Sound

The true tragedy of ‘amo’ is how often it fails on its own terms, how often the group attempt to faithfully recreate the kind of music they enjoy rather than identifying elements to pinch and combine with their own strengths.

50% 7 months ago

Clash Music Clash Music

When Bring Me inevitably headline your favourite festival, this is unequivocally the record that put them there. Love and loss from fans, relationships, friends, and self. It’s all here on amo.

100% 7 months ago

Hysteria Mag Hysteria Mag
User Reviews (5)

TheRealSemaj10 months ago
BMTH Actual evolution from a cookie cutter obnoxious death/metalcore band, in my iPhone? More likely than you think. People who act like they are worse now know nothing about music and simply want effortless bland garbage and refuse anything with a hint of inventiveness or creativity all due to their obsession with edgy growls and screams so over the top that any sane person would be physically incapable of laughing. This is good music. Wonderful life is actually inventive and creative.

franceschivi9 months ago
Shut up fatties The album isn’t even out and yall are already giving it 1 star. It’s still November but this album cured my iron deficiency, brought my old cat back to life, ended global warming, ended war, extended my life span, ended wildfires in California, gave the billions of people on this planet the chance to have an outer body experience just by knowing this album exists.

rockernroller10110 months ago
Not the same What happened man

Dirtdiver999999 months ago
Wow Sell outs this isn’t BMTH

Campbema10 months ago
Trash Just why. Sell outs.
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