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Drake - Scorpion (2018) Published: June 29/18 Released: June 29/18 albumHip-Hop/Rap25 Tracks • 29 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: Scorpion is the best album one can reasonably expect from Drake at this juncture in his career, which puts a ceiling on how good it can be. -Rolling Stone
    Scorpion is the fifth studio album by Canadian rapper Drake. It was released on June 29, 2018 by Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records and Republic Records. Scorpion is a ... More
    1. Survival2:16
    2. Nonstop3:58
    3. Elevate3:04
    4. Emotionless5:02
    5. God's Plan3:18
    6. I'm Upset3:34
    7. 8 Out Of 103:15
    8. Mob Ties3:25
    9. Can't Take a Joke2:43
    10. Sandra's Rose3:36
    11. Talk Up (feat. JAY-Z)3:15
    12. Is There More3:46
    13. Peak3:26
    14. Summer Games4:07
    15. Jaded4:22
    16. Nice For What3:30
    17. Finesse3:02
    18. Ratchet Happy Birthday3:27
    19. That's How You Feel2:37
    20. Blue Tint2:42
    21. In My Feelings3:37
    22. Don't Matter To Me (feat. Michael Jackson)4:05
    23. After Dark (feat. Static Major & Ty Dolla $ig...4:49
    24. Final Fantasy3:39
    25. March 145:09
℗ 2018 Young Money/Cash Money Records
Critic Reviews (53)

On 2018's Scorpion, the ice finally cracks and Drake plunges headfirst into the icy depths of boredom and despair as the 25 songs go back and forth over the same lyrical territory and the monochromatic trap beats drag along slowly behind.

40% 11 months ago

AllMusic AllMusic

‘Scorpion’ might not be Drake’s most innovative work, but it does help to cement 40’s status as one of the best, and most consistent, producers of our generation, and sees Drake breaking ground commercially if not creatively.

70% 11 months ago

Clash Music Clash Music

Scorpion, Drake makes a cohesive argument for broadening our attention spans and enjoying life's music, regardless of runtime.

80% 11 months ago

PopMatters PopMatters

It’s not that Scorpion is bad music - it’s exactly what you’d expect, and too much of it. Its maximalism offers plenty for the converted (and the charts), after all, this far in, nothing is going to turn those set against him. For those of us with more complicated relationships with Drake’s music, there’s also nothing here to overwhelm the sense of stagnation dominant since Views.

60% a year ago

The 405 The 405

This is a revealing, thrilling album by an artist who took a very particular experience and used it to create a beautiful project.

80% a year ago

The Quietus The Quietus

Scorpion subtly invokes spirituality as the rapper moves into fatherhood, but he’s missing the bigger message.

a year ago

Scorpion is full of great moments but its appetite for domination is hindering its chance at separating itself from the lot of already-existing Drake music.

a year ago


On Scorpion, Drake is a details man and control freak suddenly lacking control of his own narrative as rap’s self-proclaimed “good guy.” Unsurprisingly, his charm has worn thin. What’s left without it is a body of work that is self-indulgent, largely evasive, and frankly boring when the beat is not quite strong enough to steady the ship.

50% a year ago

Consequence of Sound Consequence of Sound

But at its heart “Scorpion” finds Drake, an artist known for his precision and candor, on unsure footing.

a year ago

San Francisco Chronicle San Francisco Chronicle

For better or worse, the album never really stood a chance; at least, not in this most vocal court of public opinion. Instead, Scorpion felt doomed to be cursed by an inherent set of unobtainable expectations. Perhaps that was our own masochistic doing.

73% a year ago

It's not his greatest work but it's easily one of his most ambitious, which still makes it an album worth celebrating and listening to, though perhaps in smaller doses than an hour and a half at a time.

70% a year ago

Scorpion is the best album one can reasonably expect from Drake at this juncture in his career, which puts a ceiling on how good it can be.

75% a year ago

It’s not necessarily a classic, but nonetheless probably better than More Life or Views.

80% a year ago

Glide Magazine Glide Magazine

It is, on one level, a disjointed by mostly successful collection of pop rap for the summer—and on another level, a frequently fascinating document of spin, which is only occasionally convincing, but consistently sheds new light on Drake and the way he views the world.

a year ago

Scorpion solidifies his universal relatability while yet again supplying fans with an overload of tracks to willingly keep or ditch.

76% a year ago

While Scorpion has more than a few future hits, it also comes with the baggage of too many options.

80% a year ago

It is the first Drake album that’s not a definitive stylistic breakthrough, not a world-tour victory lap, not an embrace of new grievances. It is, largely, a reminder of Drakes past, and perhaps also an attempt at maintaining stability in the face of profound emotional disruption.

a year ago

The New York Times The New York Times (TOP)

The Boy is justifiably resistant to changing his sound; having shaped the pop landscape for nearly a decade now, there is nothing to be gained from experimentation. It’s why Drake offers little here that does not retread the sonic and narrative territory of his previous work — it is perhaps his third consecutive album ruminating on the tribulations of success, and yet few songs offer any acknowledgment whatsoever of the late development in his actual, personal life.

30% a year ago

Tiny Mix Tapes Tiny Mix Tapes

Drake has spent most of his career sketching out the contours of a vast persecution complex, in which his attempts to be hip-hop’s resident good guy are constantly besieged by critics, faithless lovers, and jealous rivals. Here, the ground has shifted, and he’s finally confronted by a dilemma that he can’t humblebrag his way out of. Whether he uses this as an opportunity for growth, or simply more retrenchment into old habits, remains to be seen.

a year ago

Is Drake turning into one of those 30-somethings who dates people seven to ten years their junior but can’t grasp that they want different things out of life? Is he stagnating, or is Drake’s idea of who needs a Drake, of what a Drake should be versus what he could be, too set in stone? Is there more?

a year ago

Vulture Vulture

It’s a drag, but a compulsively listenable one, with velvety production and Drake’s typically elegant taste in guest voices.

67% a year ago

Whether or not Drake has really changed, we can all agree that this album is fire — we have the sad, emotional R&B tracks that Drake fans love to hear, along with hard rap tracks that show how much time he has been in the industry.

a year ago


Drake seems so preoccupied with proving he can do a little of everything, that he can please everybody, that he never stops to consider how each song contributes to a cohesive artistic statement.

a year ago


Although there is some heat here, Drizzy’s fifth studio album lacks passion, vision and self-awareness, resulting in a just-good-enough, stream-troll disappointment.

60% a year ago


Fortunately, there’s enough decent music here to also pare Scorpion itself down to a more reasonable duration.

a year ago

Scorpion is a bruising quality vs. quantity death match, and thoroughly exhausting whether you enjoy the ride or not. Drake, as always, is hellbent on not enjoying the ride at all. But don’t let anyone talk you out of still believing in his capacity for greatness. Not even him.

a year ago

The Ringer The Ringer

The album, although having been worked on for over a year, is primarily about a struggle with the beef with Pusha. We are all over that drama and expected more from Drake, so I think this is the reason so many fans have been left with a bit of a Drizzy shaped hole in their hearts.

a year ago

Culture Kings Culture Kings

Scorpion — Drake’s loneliest-sounding album since 2013’s ruminative Nothing Was the Same — is pure and uncut ego, cranking his hardest-to-like personality traits up to 11.

58% a year ago

Entertainment Weekly Entertainment Weekly (TOP)

With 25 tracks of Scorpion arriving after the exhaustingly long Views and More Life, it looks like Drake is making music for streaming success. On the album opener “Survival” he states that he owns a “house on both coasts, but I live on the charts.” On “Sandra’s Rose,” he brags about “every title doing numbers like I’m Miss Adele.” Drake may have the business side all figured out, but unfortunately, his actual art is suffering in the process.

60% a year ago

Highsnobiety Highsnobiety

Yet for all its tiresome megalomania, “Scorpion” is so beautifully rendered — from vocals to samples to features to beats — that Drake ends up pulling you over to his side.

a year ago

Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times (TOP)

It’s a shame really, because ‘Scorpion’ was supposed to be a victory lap, the coronation event for rap’s long-running heir apparent. Instead, ‘Scorpion’ sounds like Drake knowing that he’s won, cynically deciding not to challenge himself. Sure, the crown is still his, but to quote Drake’s own words on this album: “Is there more?”

60% a year ago

New Musical Express (NME) New Musical Express (NME) (TOP)

It’s not like Drake needs to serve as a beacon of moral clarity, but this year’s paternity saga—and with Scorpion, its ostensible conclusion—has revealed his shortcomings as a writer and pop personality. Whether it’s 2011 or 2018, you’re getting the same guy: anxious, calculating, and self-obsessed, with a golden ear and a fondness for terrible punchlines. Fatherhood hasn’t made him grow up—and if you’ve gotten older and wiser, Scorpion just feels like the latest in a series of diminishing returns.

69% a year ago

There are good tracks here, about 35 minutes’ worth, and the plus side of streaming is it’s easier to isolate the songs you like. But between the sprawl of Scorpion and the concision of Daytona, it’s clear Pusha T’s won the battle and the war.

50% a year ago

Although this album lacks a world-conquering pop hit like One Dance or Hotline Bling, and your interest wanes on side two, Scorpion is the album of the summer.

80% a year ago

The Observer (UK) The Observer (UK) (TOP)

Scorpion is not Take Care or Nothing Was The Same, but it is a beautiful masterpiece that even when it does not totally wipe out the cut that Pusha placed on his abilities, it is an album that keeps the crown on his head and reminds doubters of the greatness of the man from Toronto when he is in the zone.

80% a year ago

Pulse Nigeria Pulse Nigeria

Drake could lose half of "Scorpion’s songs and have an excellent album, but he doesn’t have incentive to cut any tracks, considering the massive streaming numbers "Views" did, thanks to its lengthy tracklist and inclusion of his previous singles. Why make a 13-song album for the sake of artistic tidiness, his logic goes, when he can give his fans the movie-length album he really thinks they want?

a year ago

Regardless of his morality, Scorpion is proof that Drake has no editor and no distinct worldview. In trying to please too many people — rap heads, soccer moms and everyone in between — he’s lost a sense of himself.

a year ago

Hollywood Reporter Hollywood Reporter (TOP)

"Scorpion" becomes a quiet brook of Drake-typical melancholy, from which one mentally decouples again and again. Except for the hit "Nice For What" there's not much to get here.

67% a year ago

Musikexpress Musikexpress

Let’s say you’re in the business of bottling Coca-Cola. You’re never going to change that tasty recipe — which means you need to change the advertising incessantly. So voila. Here’s an epic double-album, a colossal 25 tracks, an odyssey somehow even lengthier than Drake’s previous emo-quests. And when you pop the top? Same old fizz.

a year ago

Washington Post Washington Post (TOP)

At first drop, Scorpion is more a soap opera than anything else. Which is perfectly fitting for how popular music is consumed and analyzed in 2018. Drake knows exactly what he's doing. He knows how to not just play the game, but make it his own. In other words, he's such a goddamn Scorpio.

a year ago

In all, Side A is far superior to Side B. Drake excels when he’s spitting show-offy raps, but he fails to find a pop hit like “Hotline Bling” or “One Dance” this time around. Yes, Scorpion is good — great at times — but like More Life, it runs about 10 songs too long. As the king of streaming, Drake should realize that sometimes less is more.

63% a year ago

Side A is mostly introspective threats, neurotic boasting and paranoia about enemies. Side B is the same but with a focus on women and his love life. As with most of his releases, it works perfectly--but for 25 tracks to work is undeniably impressive.

80% a year ago

NOW Magazine NOW Magazine

If More Life was steady and sprawling, Scorpion -- Drake's latest album, released on Friday (June 29) -- is, by contrast, a kind of reckoning. For starters, it’s a double album, comprised of 25 tracks and clocking in at 85:44. It distinguishes itself in form from the brevity that has marked some of the year’s other most anticipated releases. It’s also a tacit response to anyone who might attempt to deter him or make him stumble off course.

a year ago

Drake Proves He’s One of the Music Industry’s Few Remaining Old-School Stars

a year ago

Scorpion Finds Drake Struggling to Keep It All Together

a year ago

This is an album eligible for platinum certification before it was even released. Drake can easily dismiss his detractors on "Scorpion's" sales and social buzz alone. Cars blaring Side A all summer and the ladies chilling at the pool to Side B are just added bonuses.

75% a year ago

clevelanddotcom clevelanddotcom

Say what you want about Drake. He's heard it all and he wants you to know (as seen on the list of most popular Drake-hater quotes compiled neatly on his Apple Music "Editor's Notes"), but Drizzy put it best on "8 Out of 10" when he says, "I'd tell you to hear me out, but we both know end of the day / Your sister is pressin' play, your trainer is pressin' play / Your wifey, your wifey, your wifey…" Enough said.

80% a year ago

Exclaim Exclaim

Perhaps the greatest strength of Scorpion is its consistency. The highs are really high, with him already boasting number one hits with Nice for What and God’s Plan, as well as some of the Drake-iest cuts ever created in Jaded and Finesse.

83% a year ago

RollingOut RollingOut

Man, what else is there to say? Except that if there’s any justice in the world (a crazy concept in 2018, I know) then the time will soon come when Drake can no longer serve up these lifeless tunes and get away with it. There’s nothing more powerful than the illusion of power – it keeps dictators from being toppled. Strip that away from Drake and all that’s left is rap music that’s no fun at all.

40% a year ago

The Irish Times The Irish Times (TOP)

The most on-point comment he makes with Scorpion is actually in the liner notes published on Apple Music, with the sarcastic "Drake Is Finished", knowing that whatever critics think, fully aware that this album will shatter multiple streaming records and likely enjoy a lofty position on the charts for several weeks. Yet for all the hype and drama that led up to Scorpion's release and for want of a better cliche: it really doesn’t have much of a sting in its tail.

60% a year ago

The Independent (UK) The Independent (UK) (TOP)

Whatever anyone’s saying in the comments section or on social media, Drake is such a huge star that Scorpion is a guaranteed smash. You wouldn’t be surprised if it breaks yet another streaming record. But the fact that it’s a good album that could have been great had a firmer editing hand been applied perhaps tells you more about the isolation of mega-fame than any of its author’s depictions of moneyed angst: it offers the sound of a world in which no one will tell a superstar that enough is enough.

60% a year ago

Scorpion is the album Drake has been flirting with but hasn't crafted since Take Care. It’s a project about balance, the duality of Drake and Aubrey. The rapper and singer, the man and celebrity, the winner and the loser. It has some mild hiccups, a bit of fat, but overall both sides have their shining moments. There’s more heart here than on Views and this isn't the expansive playlist that is More Life. It’s the most honest look at Drake the artist since Nothing Was The Same, the one who is becoming better at piecing together the best sides of himself.

a year ago

DJ Booth DJ Booth

The most entertaining 90 minutes you could ever spend with a miserable rapper

80% a year ago

The Telegraph (UK) The Telegraph (UK) (TOP)
User Reviews (5)

this album is fire 1st review ever of Scorpion and all I can say is, Madeintyo is better.


stephanwhite25a year ago
Static major Static major on this is awesome!!!

Cdg99a year ago
DRIZZY ALL SUMMER 18 Another one 🔥 Drake never fails

Kent4stica year ago
Yes. 🔥
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