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Dream Theater - Distance Over Time (2019) Published: February 22/19 Released: February 22/19 album Metal 10 Tracks • 1 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: Dream Theater may have been the darlings of the prog metal world since their debut; it’s perhaps time they’re the envy of it once more. -Hysteria Mag
    Distance Over Time is the 14th studio album by Dream Theater, released by Ytse Jams through InsideOutMusic on February 22, 2019.
    1. Untethered Angel6:14
    2. Paralyzed4:17
    3. Fall into the Light7:04
    4. Barstool Warrior6:43
    5. Room 1374:23
    6. S2n6:21
    7. At Wit's End9:20
    8. Out of Reach4:04
    9. Pale Blue Dot8:25
    10. Viper King (Bonus track)4:00
℗ 2019 Ytse Jams, Inc., under exclusive license to InsideOutMusic
Critic Reviews (54)

Though I don't believe the band will ever top their Masterpiece albums (6DoIT and Scenes) this comes close in my books and currently has a seat in my top 5 DT albums.

93% 1 month ago

Ultimate Guitar Ultimate Guitar

Distance Over Time is a contender, both for the best of 2019, and the best from Dream Theater in decades.

100% 1 month ago

Metal Express Radio Metal Express Radio

Distance Over Time is fitting for several reasons, chiefly as you can pick out hallmarks of every previous album and era across it.

70% 2 months ago

Dead Rhetoric Dead Rhetoric

While any other band's 14th studio album might start to reveal fatigue, Dream Theater balances polish, consistency, musical excellence, and excitement on Distance Over Time.

70% 2 months ago

PopMatters PopMatters

Easily Dream Theater’s best album in well over a decade now.

2 months ago

Invisible Oranges Invisible Oranges

Whilst it was always clear that The Astonishing was bound to disappoint some listeners, Distance Over Time is, self-evidently, the band’s best record for some time.

2 months ago

Echoes And Dust Echoes And Dust

Overall, a strong album without significant weaknesses!

2 months ago

Distance Over Time is a very focused, powerful effort with a ton of musical range, depth and discipline.

2 months ago

As if containing years’ worth of sincerity and energy, Distance over Time regains all of their velocity and reasserts their place as the prog kings.

92% 2 months ago

Metal Archives Metal Archives

The band has managed to swim back to shore with a redemptive metallic treasure to reward those willing to give the band another chance.

2 months ago


“Distance Over Time” is one of those Dream Theater albums that’s easy to listen to.

95% 2 months ago

Progressive Music Planet Progressive Music Planet

Distance Over Time is consistently strong throughout and a definite treat for all Dream Theater fans.

78% 2 months ago

The album is a powerful reminder of what drew in a fan base that turned into the loyal and established one that exists today.

2 months ago

Prog Report Prog Report

Distance Over Time contains some of the best playing and hardest hitting tracks to date, and certainly exceeds expectations in all aspects.

95% 2 months ago

Staccatofy Staccatofy

The ten tracks run for what feels like forever…and this is meant to be one of Dream Theater’s shortest records!

50% 2 months ago

All About The Rock All About The Rock

In terms of breaking new territory, Distance Over Time doesn’t offer anything out of the box, just a collection of really good metal songs.

90% 2 months ago

Loud Online Loud Online

Distance Over Time" sounds more catchy and organic than the last two DT discs.

80% 2 months ago

Rock Hard Magazine Rock Hard Magazine

The album is indeed made up of interesting songs with pre-lyrical lyrics, but above all with great instrumental and compositional performances.

2 months ago

Rock Rebel Magazine Rock Rebel Magazine

Typical Dream Theater, as we know and appreciate.

2 months ago

This is not Dream Theater’s best album but it is the album that will win back the fans that were disappointed last time around—and that’s not a bad thing at all.

60% 2 months ago

HEAVY Magazine HEAVY Magazine

"Distance Over Time" is another great work of the Dream Theater.

95% 2 months ago

Rock Overdose Rock Overdose

Everything according to forecast and perhaps because of the scope of the group in question is a bit of disappointment.

75% 2 months ago

They are back to making the sort of thing they do best, and when they do it like this, they are basically an unstoppable force.

90% 2 months ago

Maximum Volume Music Maximum Volume Music

It's great and it's fun, but it needs new life and more surprises, otherwise, you already know what's going to happen in the end.

60% 2 months ago

Surely some potentially winning ideas were not adequately exploited, which would have allowed the work to get on the fly among the best records of the year, but the quality is there and it would be wrong not to recognize it.

75% 2 months ago

Dream Theater reaffirm their identity on Distance Over Time, displaying a collective hunger, abundant energy, creativity, and musical (re)discovery.

80% 2 months ago

AllMusic AllMusic

Distance Over Time returns a bit to the band from the beginning.

2 months ago

Distance Over Time is an excellent addition to a band who already boast one of the most superb back catalogues in any sub-genre of metal.

80% 2 months ago

Rock Sins Rock Sins

It might just be one of their best in recent memory.

80% 2 months ago

Exclaim Exclaim

There are brief pit-stops for pensiveness on the whirling Room 137 and the baroque Barstool Warrior, but the dominant thread is superior thrash.

70% 2 months ago

Classic Rock Magazine Classic Rock Magazine

It has been a long time since dream theaters were able to use their skills in such a concentrated way.

70% 3 months ago

Song-friendly and at the same time musically and instrumentally well-versed.

79% 3 months ago

Metal Hammer (DE) Metal Hammer (DE)

Delivering their best album since AWAKE.

80% 3 months ago

Classic Rock (DE) Classic Rock (DE)

Distance Over Time is simply a stunning album, flawless in its execution, highly engaging throughout and rich in audible and sonic qualities you’ll just be hitting repeat, repeat, repeat.

100% 3 months ago


It is a compact but dense one in succession.

3 months ago

gekirock gekirock

They now simply seem happy to pump out middling to solid albums every three years or so.

70% 3 months ago

It is certainly not the best or worst album in the rich history of the Americans, but many fans will be satisfied with this new album.

80% 3 months ago (NL) (NL)

"Distance Over Time" is a testimony to a band that does not hesitate for long, but does what it does best, drawing on its many years of experience.

73% 3 months ago

The sonic ground covered is what we expect from Dream Theater, but there’s also a spontaneity and passion on show that long-time fans have been waiting for.

3 months ago


To release an album which provides such exciting, innovative material this far into their career is inspiring and invigorating.

100% 3 months ago

Distorted Sound Distorted Sound

DREAM THEATER deliver with "Distance Over Time" nine songs that are unusually straight to the point and belong to the heaviest that the band has released for a long time.

80% 3 months ago

An organic, spontaneous and well-crafted album.

3 months ago

Distance Over Time is a great album, and is more than worthy of its place in the Dream Theater discography.

3 months ago

AMNplify AMNplify

One of the stronger Dream Theater albums to come out in some time.

3 months ago

A record that is wildly invigorating, enchantingly emotive and honors a brotherhood only few have been fortunate enough to know.

95% 3 months ago

Metal Wani Metal Wani

The result is their most concise and articulated record in years.

80% 3 months ago

Ghost Cult Magazine Ghost Cult Magazine

Calling an hourlong album streamlined might seem strange, but that’s exactly what Distance Over Time is compared to Dream Theater‘s last release, 2016’s 34-song, two hour and ten minute opus The Astonishing.

91% 3 months ago

Consequence of Sound Consequence of Sound

As Prog Metal albums go, it is hard to ever really go wrong with Dream Theater, the reigning world heavyweight champions.

85% 3 months ago

Sonic Perspectives Sonic Perspectives

With "Distance Over Time", DREAM THEATER not only delivers a highly successful record stand on the new label InsideOut, but also delivers the band's strongest work in the current decade.

90% 3 months ago

Distance Over Time is an excellent album with every song being fantastic to listen to and the band should be proud as I feel like they’ve made one their best albums to date.

3 months ago

Moshville Times Moshville Times

Distance Over Time is the sound of a band with a renewed energy and focus.

80% 3 months ago

midlandsrocks midlandsrocks

Distance Over Time is yet another thrilling piece of work by the Progressive Metal giants.

100% 3 months ago

The album represents a balance between Dream Theater’s individual progressive chaos and a fulfilling sense of rich, melodic purpose.

75% 3 months ago

Wall of Sound Wall of Sound

Dream Theater may have been the darlings of the prog metal world since their debut; it’s perhaps time they’re the envy of it once more.

80% 3 months ago

Hysteria Mag Hysteria Mag
User Reviews (5)

satch_boogie4 months ago
Now, THAT’s more like it... The Astonishing, while a good story, was not a very good album, musically. Untethered Angel got me excited as a “return to roots” song, but then Fall to the Light came out and I got fired up. Great, hard driving riff, power choruses and verses, and awesome Mangini drumming too boot. Well done, Fellas!

OAN19625 months ago
Critics, Critics, Critics You hear a portion of 1 song and pass judgment on the band. Funny how that works! Keyboards don’t drown out the other instruments but with age the singing voice does fade. With or without Portnoy DT out does 95%+ of current rock bands. This 1 brief portion indicates they will continue with their musical tradition. Looking forward to full release.

JDBman5 months ago
I hear drums!! Finally, DT mixed an album with the drums up in the mix. It was like the last few albums punished Mangini for Portnoy leaving. But now, FINALLY Mike M can be heard!!!

Dozofro4 months ago
Super Exciting! Song sounds great, I’m writing this review to offset the ridiculous one star reviews

Littlejayjay4 months ago
Don’t listen to the hate LOL at all the reviews saying it doesn’t sound like DT. Do you even know DT? This sounds more in the train of thought department and they killed it with untethered angel. DT has such a diverse approach to their music and you’re saying it doesn’t sound like them 😂
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