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Ed Sheeran - No.6 Collaborations Project (2019) Published: July 12/19 Released: July 12/19 albumPop15 Tracks • 49 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: An album as precisely rendered as any Sheeran has made. -Los Angeles Times
    No.6 Collaborations Project is the fourth studio album by Ed Sheeran, released by Asylum Records through Atlantic Records from Warner Music on July 12, 2019.
    1. Beautiful People (feat. Khalid)3:17
    2. South of the Border (feat. Camila Cabello & C...3:24
    3. Cross Me (feat. Chance the Rapper & PnB Rock)3:26
    4. Take Me Back to London (feat. Stormzy)3:09
    5. Best Part of Me (feat. YEBBA)4:03
    6. I Don't Care3:39Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber
    7. Antisocial2:41Ed Sheeran & Travis Scott
    8. Remember The Name (feat. Eminem & 50 Cent)3:27
    9. Feels (feat. Young Thug & J Hus)2:30
    10. Put It All On Me (feat. Ella Mai)3:17
    11. Nothing On You (feat. Paulo Londra & Dave)3:20
    12. I Don’t Want Your Money (feat. H.E.R.)3:24
    13. 1000 Nights (feat. Meek Mill & A Boogie wit d...3:32
    14. Way To Break My Heart (feat. Skrillex)3:10
    15. BLOW3:29Ed Sheeran, Chris Stapleton & Bruno Mars
2019 An Asylum Records UK release, a division of Atlantic Records UK; ℗ 2019 Warner Music UK Limited except track 6 ℗ 2019 Warner Music UK / Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc
Critic Reviews (36)

As transactional as music gets.

4 days ago

Washington Post Washington Post (TOP)

It’s too big a stretch for him to convincingly pull off.

60% 4 days ago

It is a record without much coherence or depth, unequal in quality, but it is full of singles.

60% 6 days ago

humo (BE) humo (BE)

An album that sounds like a mimesis of the people who gets into the parties he criticizes.

47% 6 days ago

jenesaispop (ES) jenesaispop (ES)

Few releases have been as baldly transparent and destined for ubiquity as No.6, which has all the conspicuous mining of a Drake album, but very little of the finesse or cultural fluency.

53% 6 days ago

The project functions both to gives listeners and longtime fans insight into Sheeran’s taste, while also providing perspective on how he’s looking to spread his musical wings after achieving success within a very specific set of sonic parameters.

6 days ago


Surely the wonkiest album from an A-list pop-star in recent memory.

1 week ago

Stuff Stuff

I think it's best to treat this like a summer compilation.

60% 1 week ago

Spectrum Pulse (CA) Spectrum Pulse (CA)

Refreshing as it whirs away from Ed Sheeran’s tried and tested formula of love songs, it’s worth a listen to catch those glimpses of experimentation.

70% 1 week ago

Clash Music Clash Music

It’s quite often just par for the course.

1 week ago

SCMP Young Post SCMP Young Post

This album is such a dramatic shift in style for Ed that it comes off a lot less comfortably than if he had more gradually settled into it.

50% 1 week ago

Ultimate Guitar Ultimate Guitar

He takes this album to new heights.

1 week ago

Thomas Bleach Thomas Bleach

"No. 6 Collaborations Project" is as soulless as its title.

1 week ago


This hugely likable citizen of the world rarely sounds uncomfortable or out of his depth on No.6 Collaborations Project.

60% 1 week ago


The Galway-born pop star is losing sight of himself and becoming an indivisible contradiction.

1 week ago

GQ Magazine GQ Magazine

Ed Sheeran lives out his own musical fantasies.

50% 1 week ago

Dagbladet (NO) Dagbladet (NO)

it’s an undeniable success, abounding with enough readymade hits to keep the streams steadily coming.

1 week ago

Entertainment Voice Entertainment Voice

Ed Sheeran's 'No. 6 Collaborations Project' is actually really cute.

1 week ago


It's a nifty showcase for the broadening creative reach of a one-time folk singer who's now decided to dabble in R&B, dance-pop, rap, and even hair metal.

1 week ago

Ed Sheeran’s No. 6 Collaborations Project is a charming, fun, kind of serviceable set of collaborations that firmly cements him as pop’s kingmaker.

1 week ago

FanSided FanSided

The sum here is less than the parts.

1 week ago

It is unlike anything Sheeran has done before: exhilarating, risk-taking, hip-hop-inflected pop that succeeds at every turn.

80% 1 week ago

The Sydney Morning Herald The Sydney Morning Herald (TOP)

Although No 6 Collaborations Project expands his stylistic repertoire, it spreads the narrative substance of his songs too thinly.

60% 1 week ago

Financial Times Financial Times (TOP)

An impossibly high level of songwriting and an undeniable joy.

1 week ago

The Associated Press The Associated Press (TOP)

No. 6 Collaborations project just sounds like a guy indulging his eclectic musical tastes and enjoying working with artists he really admires.

1 week ago

hmv hmv

As the 15-song album rolls on, its pure pop choruses start to feel like the artist reheating and repurposing his own melodies.

1 week ago

Vulture Vulture

In 10 or 20 years’ time, ‘No. 6 Collaborations Project’ could be the perfect time capsule of what pop was in 2019.

60% 1 week ago

New Musical Express (NME) New Musical Express (NME) (TOP)

Sheeran has delivered a solid commercial showcase of the power of contemporary pop music brands. It is a case of Superstars Assemble.

80% 1 week ago

The Telegraph (UK) The Telegraph (UK) (TOP)

It’s the ultimate Dropbox duets album.

1 week ago

The affable everyman dabbles in grime, hip-hop, balladry and Latino love songs as he zooms down the middle of the road to world domination.

80% 1 week ago

It is sincere and hygienically prepared.

40% 1 week ago

The Independent (UK) The Independent (UK) (TOP)

No.6 is incoherent and unpredictable.

60% 1 week ago

Evening Standard Evening Standard

It’s become clear that you can’t engineer soul and that’s what this album is sorely lacking.

40% 1 week ago

i newspaper i newspaper

My first impression is it’s not a classic.

1 week ago

Our earthly representative for all things basic.

60% 1 week ago

The Times of London The Times of London (TOP)

An album as precisely rendered as any Sheeran has made.

1 week ago

Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times (TOP)
User Reviews (5)

ablankpage021 month ago
Why iTunes? Why do you allow idiots to rate music that hasn’t been released? There’s no true rating for any album if hundreds of haters are going to give it one star just because they enjoy trolling the artist. You’re becoming the Rotten Tomatoes of music!

Jacobaxel1 month ago
Lazy Pop It’s a shame, Ed Sheeran has talent, he just doesn’t use it while making new music. This is just lazy, trash pop, and there’s way too much of that out there already. Most mainstream music is nothing but a bunch of electronic sounds thrown everywhere. We need to go back to not auto tuning the heck out of everything, and actually being able to hear REAL instruments. It’s time we stopped settling for this kind of trash

ewwwwwwee1 month ago
why stop making trash pop music thank you next

Matthew 7531 month ago
Firehouse You can play a guitar Ed. Why the drum machine techno crap. This isn’t your soul it’s just for money. Let’s hear your guitar!

BigEJFan1 month ago
Snoozeville Same beats, same “melodies”
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