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Emarosa - Peach Club (2019) Published: February 8/19 Released: February 8/19 albumAlternative11 Tracks • 36 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: An album that’s certainly listenable but offers very little reason to revisit it beyond the choice cuts. -The Soundboard
    Peach Club is the fifth studio album by Emarosa, released by Hopeless Records on February 8, 2019.
    1. Givin' Up3:10
    2. Don't Cry3:11
    3. Cautious3:15
    4. Get Back Up3:10
    5. So Bad3:29
    6. Help You Out3:42
    7. Xo2:33
    8. Hell of It3:27
    9. Comfortable3:25
    10. Iw2dwy3:11
    11. Wait, Stay4:00
℗ 2018 Hopeless Records, Inc.
Critic Reviews (7)

I think it's really good when bands try out stuff that you might not trust them to be, and that's exactly what Emarosa does on "Peach Club".

65% 5 months ago

morecore_de morecore_de

Peach Club’ doesn’t deserve to be this fun but it just is.

70% 5 months ago

Already Heard Already Heard

‘Peach Club’ is earworm pop at its very best; bright, joyful, meaningful, and utterly impossible to ignore.

5 months ago

Punktastic (UK) Punktastic (UK)

The alt-pop quartet is ready to shed the post-hardcore remnants they’ve been associated with since their 2006 inception in exchange for dazzling hooks and songs you’ll sing in your sleep.

5 months ago

Popcrush Popcrush

Filled to the brim with a revitalised pop sound that's been threatening to boil over across their last couple of releases.

5 months ago

Upset (UK) Upset (UK)

‘Peach Club’ is what happens when everything in an album’s creation goes right.

90% 5 months ago

Killyourstereo Killyourstereo

An album that’s certainly listenable but offers very little reason to revisit it beyond the choice cuts.

60% 5 months ago

The Soundboard The Soundboard
User Reviews (5)

Lakers22245 months ago
Change is fine Just not when it’s hard to tell it’s even the same band. Change all you want, just don’t make it hard for fans to recognize you because you changed so much

RobbMartin5 months ago
wha? this is HORRIBLE. sorry...this is so far from excusable. how in the world you released this is a slap in the face to fans.

keepitgenre6 months ago
Very different Lost their sound. It’s pop soul in “giving up”. Not the same genre of music as they were before. Very disappointed

Eugene Orr6 months ago
Generic This is pretty generic pop designed for the radio. New bands should be more adventurous, music like this is fleeting.

Ryrod_165 months ago
Great Album! Emarosa has changed its sound over the years but honestly this change is not only amazing but it shows their skills as musicians to be able to change their genre like that! This album is amazing and I wasn’t even a fan of the genre before but I love it now!
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