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Florida Georgia Line - Can't Say I Ain't Country (2019) Published: February 15/19 Released: February 15/19 albumCountry19 Tracks • 50 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: Skits aside, most of Can’t Say is pleasant, with finely honed hooks, gleaming vocal harmonies, and lyrics that split the difference between sappy love songs and country-strong anthems. -TIME
    Can't Say I Ain't Country is the fourth studio album by Florida Georgia Line, released by Big Machine Label Group on February 15, 2019.
    1. Tyler Got Him a Tesla (feat. Brother Jervel) ...0:41
    2. Can't Say I Ain't Country2:56
    3. Simple3:05
    4. Talk You Out of It3:22
    5. All Gas No Brakes (feat. Brother Jervel) [Ski...0:46
    6. Speed of Love2:33
    7. Women (feat. Jason Derulo)3:31
    8. People Are Different3:34
    9. Told You3:59
    10. Sack'a Puppies (feat. Brother Jervel) [Skit]0:40
    11. Y'all Boys (feat. HARDY)2:33
    12. Small Town3:16
    13. Sittin' Pretty3:06
    14. Catfish Nuggets (feat. Brother Jervel) [Skit]0:50
    15. Can't Hide Red (feat. Jason Aldean)3:02
    16. Colorado2:57
    17. Like You Never Had It2:58
    18. Swerve3:21
    19. Blessings3:16
℗ 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC
Critic Reviews (16)

It's arguably their best, but like good whiskey, songs need time to age before being distilled.

4 months ago

Taste of Country Taste of Country

The result never reaches a qualitative level that will satisfy non-casual listeners.

20% 4 months ago

Can’t Say I Ain’t Country—despite the effort to rewrite the narrative for themselves with the title of the record and terrible “woke” tracks—will only be another entry into the evidence file of their undeserved success.

20% 4 months ago

Saving Country Music Saving Country Music

The album isn't bad, but it's not good either.

50% 4 months ago

Spectrum Pulse (CA) Spectrum Pulse (CA)

Florida Georgia Line soar on their latest studio album, Can't Say I Ain't Country.

100% 4 months ago

Digital Journal Digital Journal

Can’t Say I Ain’t Country offers little of substance lyrically and lacks the fundamental qualities of a strong pop record.

30% 5 months ago

Sputnikmusic Sputnikmusic

Can't Say I Ain't Country is a successful blend of the cosmopolitan and country, sounding as assured on soulful slow jams and percolating crossover pop as it does on the breakneck twang of "Y'all Boys," a duet with their protégé HARDY.

80% 5 months ago

AllMusic AllMusic

They’re much more comfortable with Y’all Boys’ unashamed homage to home-made alcohol, southern drawlin’, huntin’ and the inevitable “pretty girl”, but there are plenty of reasons to just say no to bro.

40% 5 months ago

Even though their unique music production always nudges musical boundaries, Can't Say I Ain't Country attempts to knock down musical barriers by affixing a fresh glow on past country music trends.

70% 5 months ago

Exclaim Exclaim

If it’s pure Country you’re after there’s plenty to find on this record.

80% 5 months ago

Entertainment Focus Entertainment Focus

Can’t Say I Ain’t Country mainly follows the FGL formula, one that stands on a foundation of feel-good party songs.

5 months ago

SoundsLikeNashville SoundsLikeNashville

Can’t Say I Ain’t Country might rank as one of the best Florida Georgia Line studio efforts.

5 months ago

Vulture Vulture

Florida Georgia Line protests a lot on its new “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country” album.

50% 5 months ago

Newsday Newsday

The result is an uneven record that leaves country’s most irreverent hitmakers sounding needlessly cautious.

50% 5 months ago

Skits aside, most of Can’t Say is pleasant, with finely honed hooks, gleaming vocal harmonies, and lyrics that split the difference between sappy love songs and country-strong anthems.

5 months ago

It’s easily the best album they’ve released to date, and if they’re able to replicate it in the future, haters might need to consider forgiving Florida Georgia Line for past musical offenses.

5 months ago
User Reviews (5)

sbogs276 months ago
...then stop making us say it. Fake. Country. Fake. Music. Fluff Crap. We don’t buy the phony personas and constant change in costume...we just want real. Bring back music with substance or just move to pop, fellas.

toyotaecw6 months ago
You Ain’t Country There... I said it.

TWF_KY6 months ago
Yes I Can - You’re Not Country When the Anti-2nd Amendment duo & their puppet masters (record executives) all sit down & decide the best title for a new album is “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country” then you know that they’ve finally accepted the truth that they are as West Coast, City Boy Soft as a Justin Bieber. Standing in a barn wearing the latest Beverly Hills men’s clothes trying to convince the Zombies that buy their music that they are country boys, lol. It’s very clear the L.A. Liberals have taken over Nashville & their cash intake is weakening. So let’s get these to posers dressed in Versace & find some barn & we’ll get a good photo & title their next album something that might convince the Zombies that these guys are Country. Sorry, but most Country Fans aren’t stupid, we’ll stick with our George Strait & if we’re in need of a real Country Duo then we’ll purchase Brooks & Dunn. I did get a good laugh however, when I saw this album cover & title. 😂

Txtech19976 months ago
Hell no They get paid millions to make this? No thanks.

CLZplusJr6 months ago
Terrible How do people enjoy this noise, that’s all it is, is noise zero music here! Pots and pans make a more appealing noise. Do your self a favor and listen to Cody Jinks, Whitey Morgan and the 78’s, Adam Hood, William Clark Green, Hayes Carll, Alex Williams, Tyler Childers, Parker McCollum, Aaron Lewis, Randall King, Cody Johnson, Aaron Watson, Josh Abbot Band, The Steel Woods, Whiskey Myers, Justin Wells, Josh Morningstar, Cory Morrow, Cris Jacobs, Colter Wall, Chris Hennessee, Chris Canterbury, Caitlyn Smith, Dillon Carmichael. Just to name a few. Actually get some Substance/Feelings/Emotions from the music you listen to. People that actually put their hearts and souls into their music. Surprise your ears and soul.
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