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Foals - Part 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost (2019) Published: March 8/19 Released: March 8/19 albumAlternative10 Tracks • 39 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: Built as a synth-driven distraction from this exaggerated apocalypse, Part 1 clings onto the fragments of humanity that can be found amid the chaos. -The Irish Times
    Part 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost is the fifth studio album by Foals, released by Foals from Warner Music on March 8, 2019.
    1. Moonlight2:39
    2. Exits5:57
    3. White Onions3:05
    4. In Degrees4:57
    5. Syrups5:28
    6. On the Luna3:12
    7. Cafe D'Athens4:06
    8. Surf, Pt. 10:44
    9. Sunday5:54
    10. I'm Done With the World (& It's Done With Me)3:02
℗ 2019 Foals under exclusive licence to Warner Music UK Limited
Critic Reviews (58)

The first part of Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost as a whole can certainly be considered a success.

60% 18 hours ago

Dansende Beren Dansende Beren

Fundamentally, the first part of Foals' planned double album lacks good ideas and songs.

50% 18 hours ago

Soundvenue Soundvenue

"Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1" is an album to listen to on bright sunny days.

60% 18 hours ago

Rock Rebel Magazine Rock Rebel Magazine

Foals deliver their trademark riffs while constantly looking over their shoulder in an anxious world.

80% 1 day ago

Exposed Magazine Exposed Magazine

Foals have reached a new chapter in their career with this release.

2 days ago

Soundigest Soundigest

The albums wraps up nicely, stays comfortably consistent throughout (without repeating itself) and makes us wonder in anticipation what Part 2 will sound like.

2 days ago

mxdwn mxdwn

While Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost—Part 1 aims to be a document of dark times, it is best when allows itself to be playful.

55% 2 days ago

Under The Radar Under The Radar

Foals are busting out all their tricks for this record.

78% 3 days ago

Earbuddy Earbuddy

It will resonate with many simply through its message.

70% 3 days ago

Stereoboard (UK) Stereoboard (UK)

Ambitious concept work of the British, full of dystopian visions.

70% 3 days ago

Rolling Stone (DE) Rolling Stone (DE)

Frustration and confusion are the most important themes in this first part, and it is also our feeling after several listening sessions.

60% 5 days ago

Indiestyle Indiestyle

Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost - Part 1 features a seamless blend of sounds that Foals explored in their last four albums.

5 days ago

The Straits Times The Straits Times (TOP)

"Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1" scores with danceable beats, a ludicrously opulent sound variety and sophisticated stadium strikers.

63% 5 days ago


It’s a remarkably accomplished record which sees Foals finally perfect their formula of ambient indie rock.

80% 5 days ago

GoldenPlec GoldenPlec

Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1 is an excellent example of everything that they do well.

90% 5 days ago

Soundblab Soundblab

This is Foals at their best, and we're only seeing half of the picture.

90% 5 days ago

Drowned In Sound Drowned In Sound

Foals create a testament to their longevity but also consider where this new era is going to take them.

90% 6 days ago

No Ripcord No Ripcord

The “Part 1” appellation to Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost is deflating as it is foretelling—Foals are half-stepping all over this thing.

50% 6 days ago

Once again, Foals sound like they're in it for the longest of hauls.

80% 6 days ago


The beautiful, piano-based and again beatless "I'm Done With The World" album completes a strong album.

80% 1 week ago

lautde lautde

Despite the line-up changes, Foals' new album isn't a huge leap into a new direction but a distillation of everything that's good about them.

1 week ago

hmv hmv

They hardly seem to be able to surprise themselves and they seldom succeed in jumping out of the band like they do live.

50% 1 week ago

humo (BE) humo (BE)

Festival-suited rock for the inhabitants of the Post-Rave-wasteland.

67% 1 week ago

Musikexpress Musikexpress

It is difficult to view Part 1 outside of its full context, yet listeners can hear both ambition and a refusal to stagnate on these songs.

70% 1 week ago

Exclaim Exclaim

Part 1 showcases the best of Foals—first and foremost their ability to write both slow-building gorgeous stunners alongside massive fist-in-the-air anthems.

1 week ago

Paste Magazine Paste Magazine

Ice cold in focus, positively incendiary in raw heat, it’s quite possibly the most concentrated shot of liquid Foals to date.

100% 1 week ago

Dork Dork

It all amounts to Foals’ finest yet.

80% 1 week ago

Their best record yet.

1 week ago

Hot Press Hot Press

Foals' new direction is as exciting as it is flawed, and although it isn’t executed to perfection there is serious potential here.

70% 1 week ago

The Line of Best Fit The Line of Best Fit

Not only the socially critical content gives the band a new shine, the sound also gives the album a wealth and consistency.

1 week ago

This is an exhilarating album, made for dancing and partying.

80% 1 week ago

Stylistically diverse and effortlessly cool, Part 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost is a fabulous addition to Foals’ consistently excellent discography.

80% 1 week ago

The Edge The Edge

There's no denying that the new album is right up there with some of the best work Foals have produced.

1 week ago

Meaww Meaww

A phenomenal album that exists impressively on its own, so much so that it’s already hard not to be overwhelmed by the anticipation of Part 2.

80% 1 week ago

The Spill Magazine (CA) The Spill Magazine (CA)

Swinging for what used to be the fences on a proggy, ambitious project.

50% 1 week ago

If only Foals had considered taking things away, rather than adding them.

60% 1 week ago

Financial Times Financial Times (TOP)

There’s something too calculated about the whole thing.

60% 1 week ago

Evening Standard Evening Standard

Confidence sometimes gets the better of them – White Onions is an unholy racket – but there are plenty of moments to savour.

60% 1 week ago

Daily Mail Online Daily Mail Online (TOP)

This year we are promised not just one Foals album, but two. And after listening to the first, we’re very, very lucky indeed.

1 week ago

The Associated Press The Associated Press (TOP)

Foals are still asserting themselves as one of the most essential groups of his generation.

100% 1 week ago

SoundOfBrit (FR) SoundOfBrit (FR)

The record makes a strong case for consensus that Foals are an era defining rock band.

90% 1 week ago

Beat Magazine Beat Magazine

Foals have allowed it to take its own form organically, with no precursors or expectations.

1 week ago


‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1’ is their career best to date.

100% 1 week ago

Northern Transmissions Northern Transmissions

Part 1 is yet another banger-laden album, from an indie-rock machine who are now firmly established as one of the most consistent in their scene.

80% 1 week ago

The Skinny The Skinny

They take advantage of the syncopated brashness that they best exemplify.

75% 1 week ago

Consequence of Sound Consequence of Sound

It’s a dystopian vision becoming all the more real with every February heatwave, and Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1 is a fitting vehicle.

100% 1 week ago

The Independent (UK) The Independent (UK) (TOP)

If this is just the first act of ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost’, then this era may just prove to be Foals’ making.

100% 1 week ago

New Musical Express (NME) New Musical Express (NME) (TOP)

The record might end with a languid piece entitled I’m Done With The World (& It’s Done With Me) but Foals’ new album sounds like a band approaching their peak, not laying down defeated.

100% 1 week ago

Metro Newspaper UK Metro Newspaper UK

Foals remain one of the few British bands to consistently master nuance and gentle power.

1 week ago

Live4ever Live4ever

The same lush electronic foundations that ‘What Went Down’ was built on remain in place, but they’re more melodic and less complex.

70% 1 week ago

Loud And Quiet Loud And Quiet

Guitars play more of a supporting role, and the tonal shifts suits the band, with Philippakis's voice given much more room to float elegantly through the record, [Apr 2019, p.29]

70% 1 week ago

Uncut Uncut

Everything Not saved is an exercise in artistic liberation. More importantly, perhaps, since it's chock full of tunes, it all comes without them losing the creative ground they've gained, [Apr 2019, p.108]

80% 1 week ago

Q Magazine Q Magazine

Part 1 veers from the abrasive, Stooges-style rock that characterised much of 2015's What Went Down. [Apr 2019, p.86]

60% 1 week ago

Mojo Mojo

With this first offering of their dual album project, Foals come out on top.

80% 1 week ago

Indie is not a genre Indie is not a genre

They touch on many fears and worries yet offer the hope that the future is not written in stone and we can change what is to come if we have the force of will.

80% 1 week ago


‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost’ is Foals’ definitive statement.

100% 1 week ago

DIY Magazine DIY Magazine

An album of stunning ambition and outright defiance, ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1’ rips apart everything you know about Foals, a bold transformative work, as inspiring as it is urgent.

90% 1 week ago

Clash Music Clash Music

Built as a synth-driven distraction from this exaggerated apocalypse, Part 1 clings onto the fragments of humanity that can be found amid the chaos.

80% 1 week ago

The Irish Times The Irish Times (TOP)
User Reviews (5)

Heapso12171 month ago
Have to love it. Another great track by Foals. The single’s amazing, can’t wait for the rest of the album(s)! Thanks, boys!

camkel81 month ago
Exits is amazing! Can’t wait to hear this album, love this song! So glad they are back.

I am John Macaws1 month ago
Dope in Everyday I'm a longtime Foals fan saw them twice here in Frankfurt Germany Cant wait fo this album.

Biscuitgirl812 weeks ago
YESSSS FINALLY This album sounds amazing so far! Can’t wait for the release!

Kevanted2 weeks ago
Sunday & Exits What a trip of tracks
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