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George Strait - Honky Tonk Time Machine (2019) Published: March 29/19 Released: March 29/19 albumCountry13 Tracks • 46 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: Honky Tonk Time Machine is another solid-gold reminder that George Strait is the kind of leader we desire, but likely don’t deserve. -SoundsLikeNashville
    Honky Tonk Time Machine is the 30th studio album by George Strait, released by MCA Nashville from UMG Recordings on March 29, 2019.
    1. Every Little Honky Tonk Bar3:14
    2. Two More Wishes2:59
    3. Some Nights3:22
    4. God and Country Music4:04
    5. Blue Water3:41
    6. Sometimes Love3:54
    7. Codigo3:13
    8. Old Violin3:57
    9. Take Me Away2:57
    10. The Weight of the Badge3:46
    11. Honky Tonk Time Machine2:44
    12. What Goes Up3:57
    13. Sing One with Willie (feat. Willie Nelson)4:21
An MCA Nashville Release; ℗ 2019 UMG Recordings, Inc.
Critic Reviews (12)

The streak continues here.

60% 2 years ago

A return to his roots.

75% 2 years ago

Saving Country Music Saving Country Music

He is effectively and triumphantly making traditional country music cool again.

90% 2 years ago

Exclaim Exclaim

The 13 songs are uniformly strong from start to finish.

2 years ago

Country StandardTime Country StandardTime

Strait sings with humor, tenderness, and ease, qualities that lend the deliberately nostalgic Honky Tonk Time Machine grace, resonance, and depth.

70% 2 years ago

AllMusic AllMusic

“Honky Tonk Time Machine” is a fine record.

70% 2 years ago

Maximum Volume Music Maximum Volume Music

George Strait is steady like a river, and his new album Honky Tonk Time Machine shows just how true that platitude is.

2 years ago

Taste of Country Taste of Country

The album doesn’t downplay his perspective as an aging grandfather at a moment when country music is dominated by youngsters.

2 years ago

Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times (TOP)

Honky Tonk Time Machine is pure perfection.

100% 2 years ago

Center Stage Mag Center Stage Mag

It’s everything you have come to expect from him and demonstrates why he is one of the enduring greats of country music.

2 years ago

ThinkCountry ThinkCountry

A signature set of Texas soul and swing.

60% 2 years ago

Honky Tonk Time Machine is another solid-gold reminder that George Strait is the kind of leader we desire, but likely don’t deserve.

2 years ago

SoundsLikeNashville SoundsLikeNashville
User Reviews (5)

dannyxc11282 years ago
THE KING HAS SPOKEN AGAIN Only if we could get some other artists to stop being sell outs! Thanks George Strait for country music !

DerbyGirl812 years ago
There is only one king In a genre of pop-py “country” music, if that is what you want to call it- George Strait, never waivers from tradition, artistry, talent, and the true sound of Country. Another fantastic album! Thank you, also, for recognizing and honoring those that hold the thin blue line and protect our communities behind the weight of the badge!!🖤💙🖤

con07292 years ago
We can always count on George! Thank you George Strait for always staying true to who you are and have been since the beginning. From your hat to your wranglers to your boots and belt buckle. True country music it’s what the world needs. Love you!

George Strait never disappoints George Strait never disappoints. and in today’s day and age, i think many people need to hear a great song like this with this meaning behind it. phenomenal.

Katdaddy12 years ago
A Classic Continues Onward Growing up in the 80s and listening to all styles of music George Strait is one of the best.
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