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Guster - Look Alive (2019) Published: January 18/19 Released: January 18/19 albumAlternative9 Tracks • 35 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: The album never feels like the work of aging musicians struggling to stay relevant; it buzzes with inventiveness, charm, and youthful dynamism. -Slant Magazine
    Look Alive is the eighth studio album by Guster, released by Nettwerk Music Group on January 18, 2019.
    1. Look Alive3:53
    2. Don't Go3:36
    3. Hard Times3:51
    4. Hello Mister Sun4:12
    5. Overexcited3:13
    6. Summertime3:54
    7. Terrified3:30
    8. Mind Kontrol3:23
    9. Not for Nothing5:51
℗ 2019 Ocho Mule Records under exclusive license to Nettwerk Music Group Inc.
Critic Reviews (6)

There is a sense of mid-life reckoning, that this journey does not go on forever and it’s not a bad idea to use what time is left wisely.

4 months ago


This is the sound of a career band still having fun.

4 months ago

Relix Relix

It isn’t an easy album to absorb in a single listen, but it does ensure that each encounter will be all the more engaging along the way.

80% 6 months ago

Glide Magazine Glide Magazine

In evoking the '80s synth pop of their youth, Guster have unearthed a small gem that gives off a familier, yet undeniably dazzling shine.

70% 6 months ago

AllMusic AllMusic

With their eighth release, Look Alive, Guster reaffirms the talents displayed throughout their oeuvre and particularly on their two standout albums, 1999’s Lost and Gone Forever and 2006’s Ganging Up on the Sun.

7 months ago

nodepression nodepression

The album never feels like the work of aging musicians struggling to stay relevant; it buzzes with inventiveness, charm, and youthful dynamism.

70% 7 months ago

Slant Magazine Slant Magazine
User Reviews (5)

austin_ang9 months ago
The most musically complex and lyrically relevant work to date! This album perfectly articulates the frustration and darkness that exists in the world today, but with a reminder of hope and accountability for action. The melodies, lyrics and percussion are carefully constructed and complex. In true Guster fashion, these songs are memorable from the first listen. You will find yourself humming them to yourself for days to come. This album is innovative and fresh and every member of the band puts their unique artistic fingerprint on its creation. Great work, guys! This is one to be proud of!!!

Chansaw9 months ago
Brilliant An absolute masterpiece. Guster as you’ve never heard them before.

Pumpkinknight6 months ago
Wow Just wow.

h20s676 months ago
Is that an English accent!!?? “Overexcited” is the greatest song Madness never wrote! Give it to Ryan and the guys to keep surprising us with every new album.

uncwferret6 months ago
A masterpiece As a long time Guster fan, I don’t think I can say I was ever this excited for an album release. These tracks are amazing! Lots of depth and new sounds yet there’s still some classic Guster in there. Please check out this album, you won’t be disappointed!
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