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Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins (2019) Published: June 7/19 Released: June 7/19 albumPop14 Tracks • 43 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: The pop comeback of the year. -The Independent (UK)
    Happiness Begins is the fifth studio album by the Jonas Brothers, released by Jonas Brothers Recording through Republic Records from UMG Recordings on June 7, 2019.
    1. Sucker3:01
    2. Cool2:47
    3. Only Human3:03
    4. I Believe3:37
    5. Used To Be3:04
    6. Every Single Time3:32
    7. Don't Throw it Away2:52
    8. Love Her3:13
    9. Happy When I'm Sad2:38
    10. Trust3:00
    11. Strangers3:53
    12. Hesitate3:28
    13. Rollercoaster3:01
    14. Comeback2:35
℗ 2019 Jonas Brothers Recording, Limited Liability Company, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
Critic Reviews (25)

A triumphant comeback packed with promise.

70% 5 months ago

nzherald nzherald

There’s no doubt it’s consistent.

55% 5 months ago

SpectrumCulture SpectrumCulture

Happiness Begins is a solid reintroduction for the Jonas Brothers.

70% 5 months ago

The Young Folks The Young Folks

Happiness Begins is by no means an extraordinary album, but it’s a respectable showing from a group that has long deserved more respect than they’ve received.

62% 6 months ago

The same playful collaborative spirit.

6 months ago

City Pages City Pages

Expertly written and performed, the Jonas Brothers really pulled off an impressive feat with Happiness Begins.

80% 6 months ago

Idolator Idolator

The Jonas Brothers’ reunion is, against all critical odds, not a bad effort.

6 months ago

The Jonas Brothers use the album as a showcase for their evolution as musicians, delivering god-tier pop that’s both perfectly ready for 2019 and reminiscent of a familiar kind of happiness.

6 months ago


Happiness Begins is a perfect summer record and an exciting start to a new era for the Jonas Brothers.

6 months ago

RIFF Magazine RIFF Magazine

The material on this record is very reminiscent of some of the later stuff that One Direction were putting out and it’s nice having a strong boyband back in the world delivering some killer tunes.

6 months ago

Thomas Bleach Thomas Bleach

There is something in it for everybody.

100% 6 months ago

Digital Journal Digital Journal

Perhaps listeners can be grateful that it's at least a solid, listenable album—albeit formulaic and unsurprising.

6 months ago


The album offers old-fashioned pop values in a form that feels distinctly fresh and modern.

80% 6 months ago

AllMusic AllMusic

While it has its peaks and its troughs, “Happiness Begins” is altogether an exceptional album in how it captures three brothers in a band, sounding like they are actually enjoying themselves.

6 months ago

Entertainment Voice Entertainment Voice

I'm at a loss at what this album adds to pop right now.

40% 6 months ago

Spectrum Pulse (CA) Spectrum Pulse (CA)

The brothers deliver some of the best tunes of their careers ten years after their most successful days as a band.

6 months ago

A Bit of Pop Music A Bit of Pop Music

Ultimately, although “Happiness Begins” is a passable listen punctuated by bright spots, it doesn’t appear as if the Jonas Brothers invested great effort into it, and listeners will be tempted to follow suit.

60% 6 months ago

knoxnews knoxnews

This is probably one of the best pop comebacks yet!

6 months ago

BroadwayWorld BroadwayWorld

The brothers should definitely get multiple Grammy nominations and wins for this album!

100% 6 months ago

CelebMix CelebMix

Watching the guys reconnect in Chasing Happiness and hearing them come away with what is inarguably their best album together is satisfying.

6 months ago

Vulture Vulture

The whole album showcases how the brothers have matured, both through their music and their personal lives.

6 months ago


Yeah, the Jonas Brothers are back, and just in time to show the BTSes of the world how it’s really done.

6 months ago

Thank you to the Jonas Brothers for giving us the soundtrack of 2019.

6 months ago

Her Campus Her Campus

Let the happiness commence!

6 months ago

The pop comeback of the year.

80% 6 months ago

The Independent (UK) The Independent (UK) (TOP)
User Reviews (5)

jewnnn7 months ago
Better than Corn Pops Haven’t even heard the whole album but we all know it’s going to be amazing. Welcome back, boys.

Male Directioner6 months ago
So worth the wait!! This is gonna be amazing and best album of the guys !!

xxMCCxx6 months ago
Hold on I’m burning up!!! Amazinggggg! My heart is so full! I can’t wait to see what else these guys got in store for us! 💓😁

stellasweets123456 months ago
I now can live I was a big nothing in till I had herd Sucker and Cool 💯❤️😍😍😁🤗🤗🤗

A.Betker6 months ago
Welcome back This is the coolest and the Jonas Brothers they are cool cause they are brothers,they show family bonding and it’s a good thing cause we all need to bond with our families cause this music shows brothers getting along and it’s good
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