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Korn - The Nothing (2019) Published: September 27/19 Released: September 13/19 albumMetal13 Tracks • 44 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: The heavy pioneers join their contemporaries Rammstein, Slipknot and Tool as giants of metal who have proved their longevity with urgent LPs in 2019. -New Musical Express (NME)
    1. The End Begins1:30
    2. Cold3:45
    3. You'll Never Find Me3:40
    4. The Darkness is Revealing3:40
    5. Idiosyncrasy4:38
    6. The Seduction of Indulgence1:42
    7. Finally Free3:53
    8. Can You Hear Me2:52
    9. The Ringmaster3:00
    10. Gravity of Discomfort3:34
    12. This Loss4:41
    13. Surrender to Failure2:21
℗ 2019 The Korn Partnership under exclusive license to Elektra Records, a Warner Music Group Company [Roadrunner Records]
Critic Reviews (13)

It continues Korn’s mission of probing the hidden corners and harsh realities of life within a shroud discordant darkness.

6 months ago


Korn comes out swinging on The Nothing.

80% 6 months ago

It’s somewhat remarkable that Korn have stuck around this long, and are still able to deliver a quality album like The Nothing this late in their career.

60% 6 months ago

Soundblab Soundblab

A crisp refresh of their sound.

6 months ago

Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times (TOP)

One of their darkest and disturbing offerings.

100% 6 months ago


The Nothing is, on the whole, solid.

60% 6 months ago

MetalSucks MetalSucks

There’s nothing new here, and yet, there’s not much old here either.

6 months ago


The Nothing finally leaves the impression of a Korn still knowing to be relevant and convincing.

6 months ago

Radio Metal Radio Metal

The Nothing is a great album that combines the best of Korn's elements.

80% 6 months ago (NL) (NL)

The result is a disturbing album that musically does not surprise, but like its predecessor "The Serenity Of Suffering" definitely convinces.

80% 6 months ago

Within a year of releases by Slipknot , Tool and Rammstein , Korn is declaring a thunderstorm with a record that will surely keep us busy.

90% 6 months ago

Rock Overdose Rock Overdose

This is absolutely one of the best records the Bakersfield quintet have ever made.

85% 6 months ago


The heavy pioneers join their contemporaries Rammstein, Slipknot and Tool as giants of metal who have proved their longevity with urgent LPs in 2019.

80% 6 months ago

New Musical Express (NME) New Musical Express (NME) (TOP)
User Reviews (5)

Whatzfaulk6 months ago
Old elements, new sound I personally think this album is amazing. I knew it was going to be dark because of John’s wife’s passing but my god. And to the people I see say “he whined about bad experiences through the 90’s and 2000’s, now we have to hear him whine about his wife”. You are clearly not capable of human emotion and empathy. The dude lost his wife of years, the mother of his children. That would wreck anyone and he found a way to channel that pain and grief into something positive. Grow up asshats

Scout6589 months ago
Personally it’s amazing. For me it feels like they are going back to their old sound from their debut and a mix of issues which personally my two favorite albums by them so I am excited to see what this album has to offer.

MikeTab6 months ago
Continually Impressed For those who say they want “old” Korn, go back and listen to self-titled. For those who appreciate this band for continually changing, rock on. Bands do not stick around for 25 years by doing the same thing. The new album seems to have elements of the past, but sounds different. This is a good thing. Not everything they do will please everyone, but I’m just extremely happy they don’t try to cater to everyone. Keep killing it and innovating, guys. Thank you for pouring your hearts and souls into your music.

Plundo8 months ago
KoRn KoRn never disappoints

Lategamer996 months ago
Best album ever!! I got a chance to listen to the whole album I’m still gonna purchase it. But this is by far the best korn album ever made I’d put it above the debut album , yes I said Jon’s singing on here is the best is ever been lots of tracks of him grieving especially the opening track with bagpipes, but also melody wise it’s literally like all their albums in one scratch all their best albums being korn, issues, untouchables and little bit of follow the leader and even some paradigm shift vibes
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