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LSD - Labrinth Sia Diplo Present Lsd (2019) Published: April 12/19 Released: April 12/19 albumPop10 Tracks • 30 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: Start-of-summer soundtrack: LSD -The Times of London
    Labrinth, Sia, & Diplo Present LSD is the debut studio album by LSD, released 2019 RECORDS from Columbia Records on April 12, 2019.
    1. Welcome to the Wonderful World Of (feat. Sia,...1:56
    2. Angel in Your Eyes (feat. Sia, Diplo & Labrin...3:06
    3. Genius (feat. Sia, Diplo & Labrinth)3:33
    4. Audio (feat. Sia, Diplo & Labrinth)3:24
    5. Thunderclouds (feat. Sia, Diplo & Labrinth)3:07
    6. Mountains (feat. Sia, Diplo & Labrinth)3:14
    7. No New Friends (feat. Sia, Diplo & Labrinth)2:55
    8. Heaven Can Wait (feat. Sia, Diplo & Labrinth)3:15
    9. It's Time (feat. Sia, Diplo & Labrinth)3:29
    10. Genius (feat. Lil Wayne, Sia, Diplo & Labrint...2:42
℗ 2019 2019 RECORDS, LLC/Columbia
Critic Reviews (15)

There’s a good chance you’ll see some sort of melting dystopia staring back at you.

4 months ago

Junkee Junkee

This is a project that you can only really embrace in small doses.

50% 4 months ago


More than anything, this album is both tired and wired, like drinking Red Bull after a fifth Red Bull. Not even a Lil Wayne remix can yank it to life.

32% 4 months ago

The album’s mix of tropical vibes and experimental hooks give LSD a pleasant, lush, varied landscape of tones and tempos.

83% 5 months ago

Entertainment Weekly Entertainment Weekly (TOP)

LSD underwhelms, even if you accept that three of the world’s most interesting musicians would always struggle to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

40% 5 months ago

The Observer (UK) The Observer (UK) (TOP)

The innovation you’d expect from a project like this is sadly lacking.

60% 5 months ago

Evening Standard Evening Standard

While the songs aren’t top-shelf Sia, for a session that comes across more like an arcade game than a coherent album, that’s fine.

60% 5 months ago

Most of the songs have already been released as singles or in an EP, which gives the LP a secondary feel.

40% 5 months ago

Financial Times Financial Times (TOP)

It sounds like a load of ideas have been thrown together without many songs at their core.

40% 5 months ago

The Times of London The Times of London (TOP)

We should probably make the most of “LSD” and not hold our collective breath for the follow-up.

60% 5 months ago

It’s pretty unbeatable pop music and will hit the high streaming numbers it deserves.

60% 5 months ago

CelebMix CelebMix

No one seems to have stepped in and been the adult in the control room. It might be time to drop LSD if this keeps up.

5 months ago

The Associated Press The Associated Press (TOP)

The way glassy synthetic sounds, freaky processed voices and swelling string sounds flow in and out of one another really rewards close listening.

60% 5 months ago

There are few surprises on ‘Labrinth, Sia, Diplo Present… LSD’, not least because majority of these songs have been out for ages already.

60% 5 months ago

New Musical Express (NME) New Musical Express (NME) (TOP)

Start-of-summer soundtrack: LSD

5 months ago

The Times of London The Times of London (TOP)
User Reviews (5)

MelodyMoonstone5 months ago
I’m so excited!! They don’t have a bad song!! Best pop group EVER!! 🧡💕💙💛

R Smithington Esq5 months ago
Wow! Still making supergroups are we? I was just a fan of Sia and stumbled onto this purely by accident. Whoa, I am now a fan of Labrinth and I was briefly aquainted with Diplo, as he did a project with RJD2 awhile back. I am basing my review off of the 5 sneak preview tracks. This is smooth madness. Very chill with some savory grooves and whatever Sia touches is ridiculously good. I pre-ordered and the first 5 are on heavy rotation already. Keep it up!

epicdragon12215 months ago
Outstanding Album Each piece of music in the album so far is incredibly catchy and beautiful. How it all mixes into peace and love and overall earcandy. I totally recommend pre-ordering this, especially hearing a snip-it of "Heaven Can Wait". Great teamwork is psuhed through each piece of music. Including my favorite mountains, which brought me through a rough christmas season. Way to go Labyrinth, Diplo, and Sia!

BadBishZolanski5 months ago
THE BEST POP GROUP EVER!!! Sia, Labrinth, and Diplo have created the ULTIMATE masterpiece!! A pop creation made by two gods and a goddess. 😇

N9D05 months ago
A beautiful work of art The snippet for Heaven Can Wait is amazing and I can’t wait. Billie’s album last Friday, Khalid this Friday and LSD next Friday. My three favorite artists
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