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Maren Morris - Girl (2019) Published: March 8/19 Released: March 8/19 album Country 14 Tracks • 46 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: After tasting pop success with ‘The Middle,’ Morris makes an ambitious, adventurous second album. -Rolling Stone
    Girl is the fifth studio album by Maren Morris, released by Columbia Nashville on March 8, 2019.
    1. GIRL4:10
    2. The Feels3:07
    3. All My Favorite People (feat. Brothers Osborn...3:19
    4. A Song for Everything3:14
    5. Common (feat. Brandi Carlile)4:05
    6. Flavor3:16
    7. Make Out With Me2:16
    8. Gold Love3:23
    9. Great Ones3:41
    10. RSVP3:34
    11. To Hell & Back3:15
    12. The Bones3:17
    13. Good Woman3:31
    14. Shade2:51
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Critic Reviews (33)

GIRL ultimately reveals itself as just more generic pop music.

30% 2 days ago

Saving Country Music Saving Country Music

A bold re-introduction to who she is as an artist.

3 days ago

Thomas Bleach Thomas Bleach

Her new album is not some psychedelic daydream but a down-to-Earth burst of reality that reminds me of the motto from another Texas pop culture treasure: clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

3 days ago

Stereogum Stereogum

In aiming for Grammy-winning success, Maren Morris has lost the charm of her first album.

40% 3 days ago

The Times of London The Times of London (TOP)

A confetti shower of ambition, tremendous heart and womanhood.

5 days ago

Grammy Grammy

Morris forges her own path with an appealing blend of country, pop and r’n’b.

5 days ago

Highway Queens Highway Queens

Girl struggles under the weight of everything it wants to be.

5 days ago


The songs on Maren Morris’s new album, “Girl,” move away from the disarmingly detailed tracks on her major label debut, “Hero.”

5 days ago

The New York Times The New York Times (TOP)

It’s a drag to have to say that too much of Morris’ new album Girl feels like it should be credited to “feat. Maren Morris.”

1 week ago

Morris shows she can both stick to tried-and-tested and veer wildly in various directions, always pulling it off with aplomb.

1 week ago

Entertainment Voice Entertainment Voice

Cupid’s arrow didn’t take away from Morris’ sharp wit or vocal prowess, as Girl sees the same clever wordplay and awe-striking vocals fans have grown to love.

1 week ago

Her music feels like it’s calibrated to her 360-degree awareness of the changing landscape she’s operating in.

1 week ago

Vulture Vulture

GIRL is a 14-song collection showcasing Morris at her prime, swerving lanes between genres while maintaining her deep and respectful country roots.

1 week ago

GQ Magazine GQ Magazine

Too much of Girl is stifling repertoire: suggesting all genres at once, excelling at none.

63% 1 week ago

Maren Morris is aiming too hard for the Grammys.

1 week ago

Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times (TOP)

Girl is bright, shiny, and big, an album designed to appeal to any imaginable audience.

70% 1 week ago

AllMusic AllMusic

Maren Morris’s new album GIRL is really, really good.

1 week ago

There's too much on "Girl" that's just too easy to resist.

1 week ago

Country StandardTime Country StandardTime

Epic voice, basic lyrics, rough scene.

1 week ago

Washington Post Washington Post (TOP)

With her warmth and hints of steeliness, Morris could be the next country star to cross over to a worldwide pop audience.

60% 1 week ago

Financial Times Financial Times (TOP)

Morris pushes the traditional boundaries that have hemmed country artists since the Dixie Chicks.

1 week ago

Morris’ endearing and earnest second album is country-pop polished for radio that still feels down-to-earth.

71% 1 week ago

Paste Magazine Paste Magazine

For all the biographical sincerity, Morris’s songs about unfettered good times feel unconvincing.

40% 1 week ago

With her newfound mass appeal, Girl, finds her moving comfortably from country to pop, soul, and R&B.

1 week ago

“Girl” gives falling and staying in love the unabashedly Top 40 treatment.

1 week ago

Girl is musically ambitious, it pushes the boundaries of modern Country music, and its lyrics are deeply personal yet always relatable.

100% 1 week ago

Entertainment Focus Entertainment Focus

It's clear that Girl isn't a sophomore slump, but rather an album worth investing in.

80% 1 week ago

Exclaim Exclaim

Maren Morris' Girl album is not short on ambition.

1 week ago

Taste of Country Taste of Country

Girl is not the radical departure “The Middle” might’ve suggested, but it’s quietly revolutionary all the same.

1 week ago

The Ringer The Ringer

The passionate girl-power songs that make up her second album, Girl, continue to straddle the line between country and pop.

1 week ago

Chicago Reader Chicago Reader (TOP)

GIRL is an important step in Morris’ growing legacy.

1 week ago

SoundsLikeNashville SoundsLikeNashville

The country star's latest album proves Morris isn't long for the country genre — she's a pop singer with an affinity for rhythm & blues, and she's not holding back.

1 week ago

After tasting pop success with ‘The Middle,’ Morris makes an ambitious, adventurous second album.

70% 1 week ago

User Reviews (5)

Longbeach103 weeks ago
I like what I’ve heard so far! This is what Country music is now. It’s mostly pop influenced. Don’t judge an album by comparing it to the Country You grew up with, judge it amongst its peers. This is better than much of what’s out there nowadays(I like most contemporary Country music).

hannahcro151 month ago
Beautiful Tracks ✨ GIRL and Common are stellar tracks. The vocals and lyrics are absolutely incredible. Can’t wait for the rest of the record on March 8th!!!

Tracey Finn1 month ago
Does Money Talk COUNTRY IS DEAD. THIS IS YELLING AT THE COUNTRY MUSIC INDUSTRY. The top chart is showing a truth to every artist who is still making country music that is GOING POP EARNS MORE. Musicians make what people want to buy, not what people can resonate. SO SAD. I'm not saying this is a bad one, but definitely not a country one.

kimberlymusic!3 weeks ago
Lovin this girl! I love the fact that Maren has always been herself. All genre is is a name. Music is music. To me what matters is the artist and what they put into each song to make it into something great! Pop or country she’s doing what she loves. I wish I can do that! You go girl! #Gurlpower!

musicfreak4621 month ago
Amazing!! I love Maren’s sound!!! I can’t wait for album 2!!!
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