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Mark Ronson - Late Night Feelings (2019) Published: June 21/19 Released: June 21/19 albumPop13 Tracks • 43 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: It's a seductive album, packed with enough hooks to conquer the charts for the next few months.
    Late Night Feelings is the fifth studio album by Mark Ronson, released by Sony Music Entertainment on June 21, 2019.
    1. Late Night Prelude1:29
    2. Late Night Feelings (feat. Lykke Li)4:11
    3. Find U Again (feat. Camila Cabello)2:56
    4. Pieces of Us (feat. King Princess)3:26
    5. Knock Knock Knock (feat. YEBBA)1:31
    6. Don't Leave Me Lonely (feat. YEBBA)3:36
    7. When U Went Away (feat. YEBBA)1:57
    8. Truth (feat. Alicia Keys & The Last Artful, D...3:48
    9. Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (feat. Miley Cyru...3:37
    10. True Blue (feat. Angel Olsen)5:48
    11. Why Hide (feat. Diana Gordon)4:19
    12. 2 AM (feat. Lykke Li)3:18
    13. Spinning (feat. Ilsey)3:11
℗ 2019 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited
Critic Reviews (56)

Ronson successfully shepherds a slew of wonderful performers, but his direction lacks momentum, with Why Hide and the Angel Olsen-assisted True Blue veering into monotony.

60% 2 weeks ago

The Sydney Morning Herald The Sydney Morning Herald (TOP)

Late Night Feelings is a mixed bag of tracks.

2 weeks ago

mxdwn mxdwn

These feelings sound perfect late at night and they will last way beyond.

80% 3 weeks ago

godisinthetv godisinthetv

After midnight - The successful producer celebrates the melancholy of the disco.

60% 3 weeks ago

Rolling Stone (DE) Rolling Stone (DE)

Enough solid tunes to put it in quality territory.

70% 3 weeks ago

Spectrum Pulse (CA) Spectrum Pulse (CA)

Late Night Feelings was made for the modern day disco as well as the comedown from the celebration.

3 weeks ago

Soundigest Soundigest

A worthy entry in this still-developing pop pantheon.

72% 3 weeks ago

Its an overall wonderful success of a project.

3 weeks ago

The National (AE) The National (AE) (TOP)

A glittering pop record strengthened by Ronson's collaborators.

70% 3 weeks ago

nzherald nzherald

Mark Ronson spills his heart on the dance floor.

3 weeks ago

The Straits Times The Straits Times (TOP)

It is a terrific album.

3 weeks ago

Mark Ronson’s new album is excellent.

80% 4 weeks ago

Stereoboard (UK) Stereoboard (UK)

The whole time I found myself asking and wanting more.

4 weeks ago

Thomas Bleach Thomas Bleach

It's hard to know where some of these songs are supposed to be played—outside of department store aisles.

4 weeks ago


A sumptuous set of songs that transcend his funk-pop origins.

80% 4 weeks ago

Evening Standard Evening Standard

In the end, the title fits perfectly with what Ronson offers to his listeners.

4 weeks ago

minutenmusik (DE) minutenmusik (DE)

This Mark Ronson album comes off like it could be a songs of the summer compilation but it flows well as an album too.

4 weeks ago

BrooklynVegan BrooklynVegan

The many shades of heartbreak.

4 weeks ago

SoulBounce SoulBounce

Mark Ronson establishes a baseline by which other records will be compared to for years to come.

4 weeks ago

PAPER Magazine PAPER Magazine

Ronson’s latest album delves deep into the ancient musical form of the sad banger.

4 weeks ago

British GQ British GQ

This isn’t his manifesto; it’s a mixtape.

75% 4 weeks ago

Entertainment Weekly Entertainment Weekly (TOP)

It is a showcase of polished melodies, dazzling arrangements and prominent names.

75% 1 month ago

Musikexpress Musikexpress

A solid return from a man who just seems so at ease with whatever he touches.

70% 1 month ago


In the solid Late Night Feelings, sadness is more than an abstraction here: it's multifaceted, multilayered and mellifluous melancholy.

90% 1 month ago

Exclaim Exclaim

It is great in every sense of the word. From Diana Gordon, to Ilsey, to Alicia Keys, Ronson has a knack of knowing where voices should go, and which ones where.

1 month ago


An LP to play all the way through after a night of clubbing.

70% 1 month ago

An album on which Ronson claims the leading role, remains a wish for the future. He's good enough for it.

60% 1 month ago

de Volkskrant de Volkskrant

Dark funk of the highest quality.

80% 1 month ago

Dansende Beren Dansende Beren

It feels more like trying to stack blockbusters on each other than to say anything.

60% 1 month ago

Aftonbladet Aftonbladet

There’s a lot of fun to be had here.

70% 1 month ago

The album is sequenced somewhat oddly.

50% 1 month ago

Ronson steps into the spotlight with an album that’s all his own.

1 month ago

Junkee Junkee

It’s bold, brilliant and genuinely interesting pop music.

80% 1 month ago

New Musical Express (NME) New Musical Express (NME) (TOP)

‘Late Night Feelings’ is the last dance at the disco, as romances are made and dreams are broken.

80% 1 month ago

DIY Magazine DIY Magazine

Unfortunately the lightweight pop, yacht rock and high-street friendly dance music they are fronting, which features plenty of seemingly emotional words, but little conviction and too much conventionality, is supremely forgettable.

40% 1 month ago

The Times of London The Times of London (TOP)

His obsessional qualities can cloud the magic of the best pop. But equally, that craft is what songs blaring from iPhones sometimes lack.

60% 1 month ago

With “Late Night Feelings,” Ronson has served up a perfect post-night-out soundtrack, romantic and intimate — and a real album, with nary a weak track to disrupt the late-night feels (sorry).

1 month ago

Mark Ronson’s new breakup album is really good.

1 month ago

Stereogum Stereogum

An intimate look at what happens when the life of the party wakes up to reality.

1 month ago

San Francisco Chronicle San Francisco Chronicle

'Sad bangers' served with a dollop of sauce.

80% 1 month ago

The Telegraph (UK) The Telegraph (UK) (TOP)

Mark Ronson has not only delivered an album that should be repeated, but it is also completely good.

1 month ago

DiandraReviews DiandraReviews

In the end, Ronson succeeds in making “Late Night Feelings” a collection of dark, danceable moments that all fit together.

75% 1 month ago

Newsday Newsday

Those quicksilver hooks just keep coming.

80% 1 month ago

The Independent (UK) The Independent (UK) (TOP)

“Late Night Feelings” is pretty perfect.

1 month ago

The Associated Press The Associated Press (TOP)

Its retro stylings and genre fluidity are characteristic of Ronson.

1 month ago

GQ Magazine GQ Magazine

Across the album's 13 tracks, Ronson and his collaborators jump from disco to country to electro-pop, all with a lilt of almost-ironic sorrow.

1 month ago

Ronson’s all-female chorus may not hit the mark on every track, but the spin of his glimmering discoball continues to cast an enjoyably chintzy hue across today’s pop scene.

60% 1 month ago

The Irish Times The Irish Times (TOP)

A marvellous break-up album that flows as a piece, and one that finds Ronson’s gift for meshing old and new at its most subtle.

80% 1 month ago

Metro Newspaper UK Metro Newspaper UK

Mark Ronson is just a sound wizard.

1 month ago

Plattenladentipps Plattenladentipps

A superb gathering of wonderful singers and songs.

1 month ago

Sounds and Books Sounds and Books

Late Night Feelings, is his sharpest, sturdiest effort yet, made so by its cohesive, downer-dance sound and its hip slate of all-female featured vocalists.

81% 1 month ago

Paste Magazine Paste Magazine

Contributions from Angel Olsen and newcomer YEBBA may be more subtle, but reveal themselves to be the real hidden diamonds. [Aug 2019, p.36]

70% 1 month ago

Uncut Uncut

He's smart to pair Angel Olsen with a beat from the understated end of Queen's playbook, but it doesn't always work with Camila Cabello sounding oddly generic on Find U Again. [Summer 2019, p.116]

60% 1 month ago

Q Magazine Q Magazine

There is a slight trophy cupboard quality to Ronson's accumulation of contributors but the conception, if not the feeling, is impeccable as ever. [Jul 2019, p.93]

60% 1 month ago

Mojo Mojo

A guaranteed award winner and a truly empowering listen.

90% 1 month ago

Clash Music Clash Music

It's a seductive album, packed with enough hooks to conquer the charts for the next few months.

80% 1 month ago
User Reviews (5)

LAURENNBETH3 months ago
Amazing The song with camila is a smash bop. All songs are bops

DylanDean1 month ago
Find U Again deserves a Grammy That Mark Ronson and Tame Impala co-produced song is the best of all!

rod.1 month ago
I like his older stuff better Not sure what this crap is now :(

Awesome What’s been released before is really amazing. Find u again is so underrated idk why no one is talking about it

fangirl00001 month ago
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