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Panda Bear - Buoys (2019) Published: February 8/19 Released: February 8/19 albumAlternative9 Tracks • 31 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: Buoys may not mark a major departure in Panda Bear’s sound, but it bristles with the creative energy of an artist confronting his deepest, most destructive demons. -Slant Magazine
    Buoys is the sixth studio album by Panda Bear, released by Domino Recording Co on February 8, 2019.
    1. Dolphin3:41
    2. Cranked3:19
    3. Token3:37
    4. I Know I Don't Know2:51
    5. Master4:04
    6. Buoys2:34
    7. Inner Monologue4:37
    8. Crescendo3:10
    9. Home Free3:07
℗ 2019 Domino Recording Co Ltd
Critic Reviews (44)

It’s otherworldly, yet familiar and experimental, but grounded—just a more mellow experience all around this time.

1 month ago

Relix Relix

Most of Buoys is restricted rather than liberated by his minimalistic approach.

1 month ago

BeatRoute BeatRoute

Even when the centre spins out, Lennox's naive melodies make his indulgence sound strangely inviting. [Mar 2019, p.116]

80% 2 months ago

Q Magazine Q Magazine

A disappointment, considering the breadth of energy and color found in Panda Bear’s solo work and his more adventurous outings with Animal Collective.

58% 2 months ago

Pretty Much Amazing Pretty Much Amazing

The nine tracks that comprise Buoys are disarmingly straightforward, a rare glimpse into the unaltered state of Lennox.

70% 2 months ago

Drowned In Sound Drowned In Sound

The guitar drones driving the tracks sound monotonous over time.

60% 2 months ago

A minimal, well thought-out piece of work.

2 months ago

humo (BE) humo (BE)

The lion's share of Buoys is shaped by monotonous and repetitive strumming, low-profile vocals and outright mediocre songs.

50% 2 months ago

Dansende Beren Dansende Beren

It’s the sound of one person considering his place in the world, beamed to a person who, in turn, considers their own.

76% 2 months ago

No song reaches the five-minute mark, and each one is a familiar, easily digestible version of the type of watery, Brian Wilson-esque psych-pop Panda Bear’s been crafting since Person Pitch.

2 months ago

BrooklynVegan BrooklynVegan

A few sonic techniques of the album do eventually begin to bleed together and overlap, but the shapeless whimsy mostly feels charming, hypnotic even.

2 months ago

For the most part, it’s a good look on him.

80% 2 months ago

The Spill Magazine (CA) The Spill Magazine (CA)

The relatively trim Buoys winds up feeling as minor as 2018’s A Day With the Homies EP, despite being twice as long and bearing far higher expectations.

2 months ago

Try as he may to embrace external influences, Panda Bear remains inescapably himself.

70% 2 months ago

AllMusic AllMusic

Even for a someone who has spent the best part of two decades making lysergic-dappled, experimental pop in his very own vision, the sixth Panda Bear album feels like a bold leap into unfathomed depths.

2 months ago

The Line of Best Fit The Line of Best Fit

If the album is the least immediately rewarding of Panda Bear’s solo career, it nonetheless reveals copious merits upon repeat engagement.

70% 2 months ago

SpectrumCulture SpectrumCulture

There’s an indelible beauty contained within, and the surface need only be scratched a little to find it.

90% 2 months ago

Sungenre Sungenre

Old, but new at the same time, the seemingly limited palette of ‘Buoys’ is single minded and direct. A stunning, if hushed, indirect hit.

80% 2 months ago

DIY Magazine DIY Magazine

His sixth solo album is remarkably more muted than his previous work.

60% 2 months ago

The stylistically narrow, single-mindedly “hyper-futuristic” confines of Buoys only serve to emphasise his ever-diminishing role as a figurehead for alternative music.

30% 2 months ago

The 405 The 405

Listening to Buoys, it's hard not to miss what Philip Sherburne once called the "ecstatic excess" of Lennox's music.

62% 2 months ago

Resident Advisor Resident Advisor

While a real buoy may be subject to some pretty heavy waves, Buoys is a fairly calm listening experience.

72% 2 months ago

Earbuddy Earbuddy

Buoys is Panda Bear’s most stark and minimal album since 2004’s Young Prayer, his ascetic, aching paean to his recently departed father.

2 months ago

Vulture Vulture

A trip through cyclical, recurring beats, water-based sampling and dreamy vocals that never make much sense.

50% 2 months ago

NARC Magazine NARC Magazine

Adjusting to ever-changing conditions, it appears this Panda may just thrive in his new habitat.

60% 2 months ago

Dork Dork

Majestic and beautiful, its nine soothing songs include frequent use of Auto-Tune and fling the door wide open in terms of what could come next for both himself and Animal Collective.

2 months ago

FLOOD Magazine FLOOD Magazine

Even with a practically unrivaled discography under his belt, Buoys might be his most revealing record.

2 months ago

British GQ British GQ

Repositioned between the classics of the genre, the recordings of Animal Collective and current electronics.

67% 2 months ago

Musikexpress Musikexpress

In a way, its title does give the album justice, as it is a Buoy of its own in the musician’s catalogue; and like any buoy, it’s designed to stand out.

80% 2 months ago

Beat Magazine Beat Magazine

Experiment with the ways you listen to it and Buoys can either flicker like a candle or explode like a firework.

2 months ago

Stereogum Stereogum

Buoys requires repeat listens to appreciate fully, but those willing to dive deep enough will surely be rewarded.

80% 2 months ago

Exclaim Exclaim

Where there’s a proportion of indie fans looking to artists like Panda Bear to keep the critical home fires burning, he’s managed to do it this time underwater.

80% 2 months ago

Loud And Quiet Loud And Quiet

With a few gems and a lot of redundant writing however, this will definitely be a Panda Bear album just for the fans.

65% 2 months ago

Northern Transmissions Northern Transmissions

Buoys finds the celebrated artist exploring greater depths than ever before.

2 months ago


It's a new direction, one stretched fairly thin across nine similar tracks, but at least he's escaped that old echo chamber. [Mar 2019, p.32]

70% 2 months ago

Uncut Uncut

Lennox has created a record that mixes the hum of his adopted city [Lisbon] with the serenity of its oceanside setting. [Mar 2019, p.97]

60% 2 months ago

Mojo Mojo

Here, Lennox updates that balance struck between squelchy abstraction and clarity, which is - in the main - an immersive experience.

70% 2 months ago

Clash Music Clash Music

A fruitful addition to Lennox's one-of-a-kind audial metamorphism.

70% 2 months ago

Under The Radar Under The Radar

Panda Bear has opened another insight into his soul. He’s left us no clearer, but emotionally fulfilled.

2 months ago

Live4ever Live4ever

"Buoys" knows best to please, if you break away from every expectation and hide the big name behind it.

50% 2 months ago

Listeners will see more that connects it back to Person Pitch: its warm and summery sound, its acoustic elements and vocal harmonies, and the presence of collaborator/producer Rusty Santos.

2 months ago

The Sydney Morning Herald The Sydney Morning Herald (TOP)

Lennox’s sparsest music since Young Prayer and the early days of Animal Collective, Buoys is an immersive wonder.

67% 2 months ago

Consequence of Sound Consequence of Sound

It’s a pleasant enough album but not likely to bring a legion of new fans or be singled out as one of his best.

70% 2 months ago

Soundblab Soundblab

Buoys may not mark a major departure in Panda Bear’s sound, but it bristles with the creative energy of an artist confronting his deepest, most destructive demons.

80% 2 months ago

Slant Magazine Slant Magazine
User Reviews (5)

xicanx0131712 months ago
highAF I usually dont buy music by doodz that look like your pasty white little brother, but this goez. no timberlake here just flame flame flame flame flame

Yupyupyupnope2 months ago

martaroad2 months ago
Yoko Oh no! This is awful! This is almost as bad as Yoko Ono. This is for people that have no musical talent or taste whatsoever

Good Michael

Neon=#14 months ago
Uhmm He turned on a faucet at low power and put auto tune singing over it for Dolphin, doesn't do the trick for me
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