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Papa Roach - Who Do You Trust? (2019) Published: January 18/19 Released: January 18/19 albumRock12 Tracks • 38 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: If ‘Who Do You Trust?’ doesn’t quite stand among their best work, it doesn’t fall short of having some great moments as well as serving as a testament to Papa Roach and their willingness to take risks in pursuit of further enriching their music. -Metal Wani
    Who Do You Trust? is the 10th studio album by Papa Roach, released by Eleven Seven Music on January 18, 2019.
    1. The Ending3:29
    2. Renegade Music3:29
    3. Not the Only One3:25
    4. Who Do You Trust?3:16
    5. Elevate3:11
    6. Come Around3:30
    7. Feel like Home3:10
    8. Problems3:03
    9. Top of the World3:53
    10. I Suffer Well1:21
    11. Maniac3:20
    12. Better Than Life3:21
℗ 2018 Eleven Seven Music
Critic Reviews (36)

It has typical Papa Roach classics and the album will certainly be loved by fans.

75% 1 month ago

Smash Press Smash Press

"Who Do You Trust?" Is a very mature album both from a musical point of view and in terms of lyrics.

90% 1 month ago

Rock Rebel Magazine Rock Rebel Magazine

I'm sorry to say that it didn't quite hit the mark.

1 month ago

Strife Magazine Strife Magazine

The fact is that Papa Roach has managed to build a bridge with this album between generations of music lovers.

2 months ago

With Who Do You Trust? though, it’s tolerable at its very best, and even that’s not that often.

40% 2 months ago

The Soundboard The Soundboard

They have tried and they have succeeded, and their boldest statement yet came not even two years after their last album.

2 months ago

Silver Tiger Media Silver Tiger Media

Whilst I respect any band who doesn’t just rehash the same old sounds and formats with every album this was a little too much of a departure of why I love Papa Roach for me to really get on board.

60% 2 months ago

Rock Sins Rock Sins

An incohesive tracklisting and eclectic influences make for a confused and unconvincing first listen, but it has immense growing power thanks to some seriously catchy tracks with memorable riffs and melodies aplenty.

70% 2 months ago

It isn’t always good, but I appreciate their hard work.

75% 2 months ago

Music Existence Music Existence

The album boasts too many ill-judged decisions, and results in songs which do nothing to flatter PAPA ROACH.

50% 2 months ago

Distorted Sound Distorted Sound

Ultimately, this band knows what works for them and how they can use their versatile skills to continue creating fresh content.

3 months ago

mxdwn mxdwn

Who Do You Trust?, the follow up to last year's Crooked Teeth, finds a balance between pop and rock, veering away from the band's more traditional alt-rock sound and exploring a wide-range of influences.

3 months ago

The live shows have got some new classics in waiting, but the album as a whole doesn’t quite meet past heights.

3 months ago

All of this works nicely, and reinforces the notion that at over twenty years into their career, Papa Roach are handling maturity pretty well.

80% 3 months ago

AllMusic AllMusic

The over-reliance on glossy production traits ultimately hinders this 10th outing.

50% 3 months ago

Already Heard Already Heard

It takes just a short walk to the web, to see the massive fanfare disappointment with the new material.

3 months ago

Papa Roach do not really change the formula that they have already applied in 2016.

64% 3 months ago

Metal Hammer (DE) Metal Hammer (DE)

Between Hip Hop, Pop, Punk and Nu-Metal the songs sound like a modern version of the old Papa Roach classics.

3 months ago

Count Your Bruises Magazine (DE) Count Your Bruises Magazine (DE)

Even though the album still carries its fair share of bland pop production tropes and lackluster fusions, its baseline output of rap-infused rock is still decent enough, and the few songs that provide a direct rock/metal energy give the album some noteworthy highs.

63% 3 months ago

Ultimate Guitar Ultimate Guitar

Papa Roach still delivers it's share of small nonsense but the whole is good.

3 months ago

Radio Metal Radio Metal

Jacoby Shaddix and co take the Listeners on an explosive sound journey, which holds pretty much everything for friends of the explosive and powerfully staged fusion of rock, punk, pop and hip hop.

80% 3 months ago

lautde lautde

Those who can embody the most diverse elements in the form and still remain authentic, seizes an enormous target group and can only be successful.

80% 3 months ago

Time For Metal Time For Metal

I find "Who Do You Trust" absolutely successful. I know it again: I like crossover.

80% 3 months ago

Papa Roach just continue to evolve and kill the game with being inventive, but with that old school spirit, such a hard task to do for some.

80% 3 months ago

Wall of Sound Wall of Sound

Impressively, the biggest problem of the meanwhile tenth studio album of the Californians is not a monotony quite to be expected regarding the discography of the band, but above all its absurd lack of concept.

50% 3 months ago

This is an exercise in nuance-free shouting — and, in 2019, an oddly retro way for four men in their late thirties and forties to take a stand.

40% 3 months ago

Metro Newspaper UK Metro Newspaper UK

It's the visceral energy on I Suffer Well and the ambient-tinged Better Than Life which reveals the range and musical vision of a band not afraid to still take risks.

80% 3 months ago

Having established themselves and their trademark on the rock world, Papa Roach have clearly been chasing what has inspired and excited them – managing to also give the Nu Metal genre a much-needed modern day update.

3 months ago

Overdrive Music Magazine Overdrive Music Magazine

The bad far outweighs the good here, I must say.

35% 3 months ago

Killyourstereo Killyourstereo

On the whole, the album passes by with only a handful of stand-out songs.

60% 3 months ago

Ghost Cult Magazine Ghost Cult Magazine

The title track’s pretty good and probably the closest to their recent style, but many other songs – while good – just don’t drag the emotions out, or really get you bouncing. Toe tapping? Yup. But raging? Not so much.

3 months ago

Moshville Times Moshville Times

The new record is able to mix old and new to give fans what they’ve grown accustomed to from the band.

70% 3 months ago

Hysteria Mag Hysteria Mag

This release isn't going to be for everyone (trading a harder sound for radio-rock seems to divide fans more often than not), especially with a band of 40-somethings attempting to make widely accessible rock tunes.

60% 3 months ago

The Skinny The Skinny

By taking risks and placing diligent focus on songwriting, Papa Roach have not only maintained and strengthened their position aside their contemporaries, but have also opened doors to some new areas to explore.

60% 3 months ago


Who Do You Trust? ​Is another success for this band and makes you wonder is there anything they can’t do anymore?

100% 3 months ago


If ‘Who Do You Trust?’ doesn’t quite stand among their best work, it doesn’t fall short of having some great moments as well as serving as a testament to Papa Roach and their willingness to take risks in pursuit of further enriching their music.

60% 3 months ago

Metal Wani Metal Wani
User Reviews (5)

AvengedS3V5 months ago
Not this time I love when bands change up their style, it’s refreshing and it gives listeners something different. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Unfortunately, this didn’t work. 3 singles in and I think this is the first PR album I won’t be purchasing. I guess we’ll see what the rest of the album has to offer

David Echard5 months ago
First 3 Singles Are Tepid and Weak I applaud P.Roach for the attempt at evolution and taking risks musically. But, these tracks are dull, uninspired and lack any passion. I am hoping the balance of this record is more fiery.

Anthonyseabass7244 months ago
Ugh Crooked teeth had hit after hit. Who are they kidding with this album? Boo 👎🏻

Aros K95 months ago
Huge PR Fan, but.... I hope the rest of the album is better. Who do you trust is repeated 25 times. It’s a catchy song but no creativity. I cant listen to Renegade Music and Not the only one, not feeling this album yet.

Ndttheshow5 months ago
It looks awesome It looks awesome
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