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P!nk - Hurts 2b Human (2019) Published: April 26/19 Released: April 26/19 albumPop13 Tracks • 47 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: Hurts 2B Human might be P!nk's most plainspoken album yet.
    Hurts 2b Human is the eighth studio album by P!nk, released by RCA Records from Sony Music Entertainment on April 26, 2019.
    1. Hustle2:55
    2. (Hey Why) Miss You Sometime3:23
    3. Walk Me Home2:59
    4. My Attic3:02
    5. 90 Days (feat. Wrabel)3:50
    6. Hurts 2B Human (feat. Khalid)3:22
    7. Can We Pretend (feat. Cash Cash)3:44
    8. Courage4:19
    9. Happy3:01
    10. We Could Have It All4:33
    11. Love Me Anyway (feat. Chris Stapleton)3:08
    12. Circle Game4:54
    13. The Last Song of Your Life3:53
℗ 2019 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
Critic Reviews (38)

Irrefutably and uniquely Pink.

60% 4 months ago

Hurts 2B Human isn’t one of Pink’s best albums but it’s still an enjoyable listen.

60% 4 months ago

Entertainment Focus Entertainment Focus

While it is a mixed bag – with tracks that sometimes beg to be replayed, and sometimes to be skipped – it is still a sign of P!nk’s immense talent for music.

70% 4 months ago

Clash Music Clash Music

For me, this is the hitmaker’s best album since 2008’s Funhouse.

90% 4 months ago

Idolator Idolator

Listen to it in a car and sing your heart out.

80% 4 months ago

Newstalk ZB (NZ) Newstalk ZB (NZ)

It is hard to shake the feeling that she has been here before.

60% 4 months ago

Metro Weekly Metro Weekly

Pink has never really released a ‘classic’ album in the same way her peers have and sadly Hurts 2B Human isn’t that album.

4 months ago

The Quietus The Quietus

Hurts 2B Human is a real landmark moment for P!nk.

4 months ago

CelebMix CelebMix

It’s just a shame there’s still a little too much safety.

60% 4 months ago

Evening Standard Evening Standard

The cheerful, light-hearted music of the previous albums has made way for emotional pop music that hardly stands out among those of today's pop divas.

4 months ago

Luminous Dash Luminous Dash

It lacks almost everything: substance, creativity, ideas, edge, melodies.

4 months ago

minutenmusik (DE) minutenmusik (DE)

Exciting things are no longer to be found on the latest clean, polished album.

40% 4 months ago

lautde lautde

There is a lot of variety on this project, and it showcases her growth and maturity as a singer-songwriter.

100% 4 months ago

Digital Journal Digital Journal

Her singing is characterful enough, but the music is not.

40% 4 months ago

Financial Times Financial Times (TOP)

Pink’s eighth album, Hurts 2B Human, finds the singer peddling the same boilerplate pop-rock songs about self-empowerment and existential angst that have defined her career for almost 20 years.

50% 4 months ago

Slant Magazine Slant Magazine

Most important of all, it displays the peerless singing talent that is Pink in all her glory.

4 months ago

Entertainment Voice Entertainment Voice

P!nk continues to follow her own path and fans who enjoyed Beautiful Trauma will find plenty more to like on the new album too.

4 months ago

hmv hmv

Another artistic growth.

4 months ago

Thomas Bleach Thomas Bleach

It all adds up to an album that cleverly feels stylish and fashionable without abandoning the emotional gravity P!nk has accumulated over the years.

80% 4 months ago

AllMusic AllMusic

Her latest album becomes an attention-grabbing, significant body of work.

4 months ago

RIFF Magazine RIFF Magazine

P!nk is at her best when she’s letting us in, and loses us when she works, too hard, on being the exception to the pop star rules.

4 months ago

An album that showcases an artist still in growth and at the top of her game two decades into her career.

4 months ago

FanSided FanSided

An album that skews a little too safe to really pack a punch.

60% 4 months ago

The Irish Times The Irish Times (TOP)

Hurts 2B Human treads familiar ground.

60% 4 months ago

Pink moves on “Hurts 2B Human” among electronic funk, EDM-lite and the homespun acoustic balladry that she focuses on at the end of the album.

4 months ago

Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times (TOP)

Pink's best album since funhouse.

4 months ago

Herald Sun Herald Sun

Unmistakably a Pink album – if nothing else proves that then ‘We Could Have It All’ certainly does.

90% 4 months ago

WHO Magazine WHO Magazine

Pink still hits plenty of emotional chords, but largely sans the rougher, more conversational approach that made earlier records such jolting fun.

4 months ago

P!nk fans will find nothing to complain about on this solid slice of mainstream pop.

40% 4 months ago

The Times of London The Times of London (TOP)

Hurts’ stylistic breadth, linked from song to song by Pink’s world-weary yet optimistic outlook, makes it an enjoyable — and, at times, relatable — pop album.

75% 4 months ago

Entertainment Weekly Entertainment Weekly (TOP)

Her unique career path has led somewhere all too familiar.

4 months ago

Stereogum Stereogum

Pink Goes Deeper Than Ever on ‘Hurts 2B Human’

60% 4 months ago

Overall, “Hurts 2B Human” is predictably Pink — to both its benefit and detriment.

4 months ago

The Associated Press The Associated Press (TOP)

“Hurts 2B Human” feels like an afterthought.

60% 4 months ago

knoxnews knoxnews

Hurts 2B Human is intelligent, heartwarming and honest Pop music.

100% 4 months ago

A genre-spanning triumph.

88% 4 months ago

Newsday Newsday

P!nk’s grasp on the pop sceptre is strong but flexible enough that she can twirl it as a baton.

4 months ago


Hurts 2B Human might be P!nk's most plainspoken album yet.

80% 4 months ago
User Reviews (5)

xXFrissonXx5 months ago
Poorly Judged I'm a P!nk fan, and while I do agree that this album does sound a little bit cliche, I still think this will be a fairly good album. I wouldn't call yourselves P!nk fans if you don't enjoy 2 songs that just came out from an album that hasn't even released all of the other songs. Give it a chance before giving it a poor rating.

MrRyeRye235 months ago
I miss Max Martin & Dr. Luke The quality of the content is getting worse. I hope she goes back to working with the hit makers to turn her ideas into something less sloppy.

P!NK DON’T LISTEN TO FOOLS/HATERS P!nk is best what she does and the best creating her own music, song writing and produce her own music at least we can hear her lyrics and know what she is feeling unlike others singers that sing about hate beating girls using them like some b!tch hoe and killing people and saying F*%k The Police blah blah blah... P!NK sings the real sh!t P!NK cares about her fans and she produces her songs for her fans... THANK YOU P!NK!!!

Justin(-A)Barnes5 months ago
Staying True Following P!nk for several years now, I've come to realize something: P!nk is in a good place. 2 children, successful marriage, world tour after world tour...she has made songs for every single occassion. And with this release (from what I've seen so far and heard) that this album is a passion project, along with Beautiful Trauma. Fun songs, beauitful ballads, but albums full of taking creative leaps and shaping past and present influences into different lyrics and sounds. I can't compare this album to The Truth About Love, or Mizundastood, or even Funhouse, because she is no longer in any of those places/mindsets. I love where she's at right now, and look forward to this new album. Love this woman <3

Connorsvest5 months ago
Queen!!! Keep the beautiful music Coming!!!!
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