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Rammstein - Rammstein (2019) Published: May 17/19 Released: May 17/19 albumMetal11 Tracks • 46 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: This album is undoubtedly a resounding triumph. -New Musical Express (NME)
    Rammstein is the seventh studio album by Rammstein, released by Vertigo/Capitol from Universal Music on May 17, 2019.
    1. DEUTSCHLAND5:23
    2. RADIO4:37
    3. ZEIG DICH4:15
    4. AUSLÄNDER3:51
    5. SEX3:56
    6. PUPPE4:33
    7. WAS ICH LIEBE4:29
    8. DIAMANT2:34
    9. WEIT WEG4:20
    10. TATTOO4:11
    11. HALLOMANN4:11
A Vertigo/Capitol release; ℗ 2019 RAMMSTEIN GBR, under exclusive license to Universal Music GmbH
Critic Reviews (53)

Overall, Rammstein is one of the best albums the band has put forth.

1 week ago

mxdwn mxdwn

After 25 years together, Rammstein still sound as bold and memorable as ever.

80% 1 week ago

SCMP Young Post SCMP Young Post

This is the kind of album that unfolds in layers, where more of each song is revealed the more you listen and get deeper into the lyrics.

80% 1 week ago

The Spill Magazine (CA) The Spill Magazine (CA)

This is their biggest, best and poppiest self.

75% 1 week ago


After all these years, they have not lost their sense of humor and that makes us happy.

3 weeks ago

Luminous Dash Luminous Dash

The band’s first album in a decade sounds like it could have come out at any point in their career, which I guess is good, but nothing really jumped out at me beyond the two songs I’d heard already.

3 weeks ago

A good piece of music, which unfortunately was far too long in coming.

100% 3 weeks ago

Time For Metal Time For Metal

Generally, not every track reaches the incredibly high bar set early on by “Deutschland” – but it’s still one of the best albums in the band’s entire back catalogue by anyone’s reckoning.

3 weeks ago


It may have a few shortcomings, but this is how Rammstein needed to come back, and it’s so good that they have.

70% 4 weeks ago

The Soundboard The Soundboard

"Rammstein" I like better than the last two albums of the band.

80% 4 weeks ago

Clearly one of the great albums of 2019!

90% 4 weeks ago

They have expanded their palette in an entertaining way to dance music styles from different eras and regions.

4 weeks ago


Rammstein have been working for 25 years and know exactly what is expected of them. And they deliver.

4 weeks ago

Radio Fritz Radio Fritz

"Rammstein" is a job well done that does not add anything to the currently not really flourishing musical discourse of the Germans.

65% 4 weeks ago

More than a musical revolution, it is the highly political themes of the first third of the album that bring a new wind.

4 weeks ago

Liberation Liberation

A triumphant return for the band.

90% 4 weeks ago

Ultimate Guitar Ultimate Guitar

Rammstein is a wild ride through the strange landscape of Rammstein’s characteristically unpredictable-yet-iconic sound.

90% 4 weeks ago

Hysteria Mag Hysteria Mag

Dense, rich, and unflinchingly Deutsch.

4 weeks ago

The hardcore band is lampooning the country’s delicate and complex relationship with its own past.

4 weeks ago

The New Yorker The New Yorker (TOP)

The band’s bold brand of Teutonic dance metal is what it sounds like when doves cry, earth scorches, the vice squad appears, and mankind melts to a puddle.

4 weeks ago

"Rammstein" is an album for both celebration and reflection.

75% 4 weeks ago

A fiery spectacle that sparks, sizzles and explodes.

4 weeks ago

After ten years, the wait was worth it, RAMMSTEIN have it on!

90% 4 weeks ago

RAMMSTEIN have undoubtedly released what is going to become a staple in their career, like every other release they have ever put out before it.

90% 4 weeks ago

Distorted Sound Distorted Sound

Unfortunately, the seventh Rammstein album remains just a mixed-up work full of ups and downs that is eclipsed by a gigantic tour. Success Zenit? Yes! Creative Zenit? No!

4 weeks ago

minutenmusik (DE) minutenmusik (DE)

Eleven experimental, fun and yet mostly typical songs.

4 weeks ago

minutenmusik (DE) minutenmusik (DE)

If this is the last matchstick to be lit by the German titans, it’s a send-off most will be satisfied with.

84% 4 weeks ago

Sputnikmusic Sputnikmusic

The dance-metal crew attempts to find itself.

70% 4 weeks ago

Another solid gold triumph for the band who simply don’t understand the concept of writing a bad album, Rammstein is sure to become a fan favourite in no time at all.

90% 4 weeks ago

Ghost Cult Magazine Ghost Cult Magazine

The first album in ten years has become by far the most danceable and humorous of the band.

80% 1 month ago

lautde lautde

After ten years of waiting for 'Rammstein' it is all a bit short.

60% 1 month ago

humo (BE) humo (BE)

Rammstein's brilliant new album proves that the band continue to operate on a whole other level.

1 month ago

If this is indeed the final studio album from Rammstein, it’s a fittingly dramatic way to bow out, filled with all the elements that put the band on the map in the 1990s, with a bit of risk-taking thrown in for good measure.

1 month ago

Rock Cellar Magazine Rock Cellar Magazine

If this does end up being their final offering — a possibility that guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe has alluded to in not-so-distant times — it will see Rammstein go out, fittingly, on fire.

1 month ago

Revolver Magazine Revolver Magazine

I definitely recommend adding it to your collection.

1 month ago

Herald-Whig Herald-Whig

Injecting their trademark sound with fresh flair, RAMMSTEIN is one of the band's best efforts, a potent distillation of all the elements that have endeared them to fans for two-and-a-half decades.

80% 1 month ago

AllMusic AllMusic

This album is a welcome addition to Rammstein's discography and one that will be chanted with equal fervour when they come to a city near you.

80% 1 month ago

Exclaim Exclaim

It might have taken 10 years, but Rammstein is seemingly a culmination of the previous six studio albums, taking the best parts of the last few decades and putting it all in one album, while throwing in a few unexpected surprises.

95% 1 month ago

Wall of Sound Wall of Sound

They decided to come out on the surface again, by surprise, just to remind everyone who's in charge.

90% 1 month ago


The sound of a band at the peak of their creative powers.

80% 1 month ago

Upset (UK) Upset (UK)

This is exactly the album that one would expect from Rammstein in 2019, and for that it shines bright like a diamond.

90% 1 month ago

The tracks are well-tread, but hopping on the train is still a great ride.

1 month ago

RIFF Magazine RIFF Magazine

Rammstein make a triumphant return.

83% 1 month ago

Consequence of Sound Consequence of Sound

As a whole, Rammstein is quite an aural melting pot with a bit of everything from Rammstein’s 25+ year career.

80% 1 month ago

HEAVY Magazine HEAVY Magazine

An unusual, courageous work. But just this little bit of courage unfortunately leads to nonsense.

42% 1 month ago

Musikexpress Musikexpress

It is a continuation of the previous work.

70% 1 month ago (NL) (NL)

When they deliver, they still deliver the best.

80% 1 month ago

Overall, the album sends a clear message: do not fix what ain't broken. 'Untitled' is everything we have come to expect from Rammstein.

78% 1 month ago

Metal Wani Metal Wani

This new cake meets the union minimum.

1 month ago

Radio Metal Radio Metal

A masterpiece, both textually, musically and visually.

70% 1 month ago

Metal Hammer (DE) Metal Hammer (DE)

The band, which has been playing in its original form since its inception, remains true to its formula.

1 month ago


The wait was worth it.

80% 1 month ago

Rock Hard Magazine Rock Hard Magazine

This album is undoubtedly a resounding triumph.

80% 1 month ago

New Musical Express (NME) New Musical Express (NME) (TOP)
User Reviews (5)

gibi9112 months ago
Rammstein style is so unique An absolute masterpiece both video and song.

Kubriq2k11 month ago
"...and just like that everyone became a Rammstein fan.." - Forest Gump, 2019 *blank stare

Number 212 months ago
So far...brilliant! Only heard "Deutschland" (both versions). Brilliant (as expected). Watch the video for "Deutschland" online. It has become very controversial. For those who really understand history, it is one of the best music videos ever produced.

nycmode752 months ago
The classic sound is back! The first single - Deutschland - absolutely nailed it. It is 100% the sound from Herzeleid, Sehnsucht and Mutter all rolled into one song. Also great to see their thought-provoking lyrics are still front and center. Plus the video is absolutely killer. Till also sounds great. The song is controversial but true to form, Rammstein never shies away from that! Deutschland meibe liebe.

WhiteyTP2 months ago
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