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Silversun Pickups - Widow's Weed (2019) Published: June 7/19 Released: June 7/19 albumAlternative10 Tracks • 47 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: Ultimately Widow's Weeds is like eating stale crackers – dry and uninspiring.
    Widow's Weeds is the fifth studio album by Silversun Pickups, released by New Machine Recordings on June 7, 2019.
    1. Neon Wound5:38
    2. It Doesn't Matter Why4:08
    3. Freakazoid4:49
    4. Don't Know Yet4:24
    5. Straw Man3:04
    6. Bag of Bones4:58
    7. Widow's Weeds5:17
    8. Songbirds5:04
    9. Simpatico5:18
    10. We Are Chameleons5:09
℗ 2019 New Machine Recordings
Critic Reviews (2)

Well-crafted alternative rock in a world overflowing with alternatives.

75% 2 years ago

Newsday Newsday

Ultimately Widow's Weeds is like eating stale crackers – dry and uninspiring.

40% 2 years ago
User Reviews (5)

fshort2 years ago
Ugh What happened to the guitars and drums? This is electronica.

mathemagician2 years ago
oh man. Love(d) this band. Then I heard they were teaming with Butch Vig for this album (he of Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage, Green Day, Foo Fighters fame) and I almost lost it. This was going to be their best album ever. Now, two singles later, and I'm asking... what the heck is this? Where are the guitars? WHERE IS THE ROCK!?

Agi19942 years ago
FINALLY My eyes are filled with tears of joy and sadness and excitement of all the memories I have had with Silversun Pickups playing in the background of my life. My ex took me to my very first concert to see them. I know we're both listening to them even being apart. Years and years of listening to these guys and many more to come in the future for me

Pharoah20112 years ago
Blown away The first single “It Doesn’t Matter Why” is my favorite song this year.

mbots2 years ago
Boring 4th grade reading level lyrics. Nothing exciting about the music. This band used to be great.
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