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Switchfoot - Native Tongue (2019) Published: January 18/19 Released: January 18/19 albumAlternative14 Tracks • 52 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: Native Tongue is the release that will prove them worthy of your time and adoration. -Hysteria Mag
    Native Tongue is the 11th studio album by American alternative rock band Switchfoot, released by Fantasy Records from Concord Music Group on January 18, 2019.
    1. Let It Happen4:41
    2. Native Tongue4:38
    3. All I Need3:08
    4. Voices2:58
    5. Dig New Streams3:45
    6. Joy Invincible3:42
    7. Prodigal Soul3:51
    8. The Hardest Art (feat. Kaela Sinclair)4:13
    9. Wonderful Feeling4:06
    10. Take My Fire3:45
    11. The Strength to Let Go4:18
    12. Oxygen4:14
    13. We're Gonna Be Alright2:55
    14. You're the One I Want2:05
℗ 2019 Fantasy Records, a division of Concord Music Group, Inc.
Critic Reviews (9)

"Native Tongue" is not without its flaws, its indulgence in power ballads making the album feel sluggish at points being the biggest vice, but the newer ideas showcased in the album prove that the water in Switchfoot's creative well hasn't dried up or gone stale.

67% 6 months ago

Ultimate Guitar Ultimate Guitar

What made Switchfoot such a great band was the way they made you think–and that thought-provoking side of them is totally gone on Native Tongue.

6 months ago

mxdwn mxdwn

Native Tongue is a nicely cohesive album that lives up to the band's two-decades long reputation for delivering heartfelt, uplifting pop/rock.

80% 6 months ago

AllMusic AllMusic

It's classic Switchfoot from top to bottom, but has enough new ideas sprinkled in to keep the listener coming back for more.

6 months ago

New Release Today New Release Today

Artistic development is of course always welcome, but it has exaggerated the band on this album.

50% 7 months ago

With complex layers that almost sound like film scores and the diversity of sound throughout, this record takes it back to how it all began for the band.

80% 7 months ago

Switchfoot has moved away from their native tongue of California-styled hard rock to explore more musical languages, in terms of sounds and sub-genres.

80% 7 months ago

Hallels Hallels

Veteran followers of SWITCHFOOT will celebrate the rocking anthems of their traditional sound, while new and old fans alike will enjoy the spectrum of fun musical experimentation.

7 months ago

TheChristianBeat TheChristianBeat

Native Tongue is the release that will prove them worthy of your time and adoration.

70% 7 months ago

Hysteria Mag Hysteria Mag
User Reviews (5)

snobbyjay8 months ago
Color me disappointed I’ve followed this been for a long time and I have to say this is the worst product that they’ve released to date. This just sounds like alternative pop. Computer music… anybody in this band play instruments? So sad. They used to be an excellent band.

THE__JERMINATOR9 months ago
Disappointed Yet another great band of the 2000’s has resorted to the tiny bop music. So sad

Yakoim9 months ago
That's pop, no rock 'n roll Come back Switchfoot

Roisterboy9 months ago
Remember Hello Hurricane? Can we get back to good ole Rock n Roll? Remember Hello Hurricane?

ActiveHumbucker9 months ago
Disappointed. Man, what happened to dare you to move? Missing some of the genuine-ness and integrity as the earlier stuff. I really sense a shift in the songwriting style. Too mainstream and progressive. Definitely miss the old stuff! Maybe the rest of the album will be better! -a hopeful fan.
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