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Tyler, The Creator - Igor (2019) Published: May 17/19 Released: May 17/19 albumHip-Hop/Rap12 Tracks • 39 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: IGOR builds atmosphere with a goldmine of distinct vocals and dazzling instrumentation. -DJ Booth
    Igor is the fifth studio album by Tyler, The Creator, released Columbia Record from Sony Music Entertainment on May 17, 2019.
    1. IGOR'S THEME3:20
    2. EARFQUAKE3:10
    3. I THINK3:32
    6. NEW MAGIC WAND3:15
    7. A BOY IS A GUN3:30
    8. PUPPET2:59
    9. WHAT'S GOOD3:25
    10. GONE, GONE / THANK YOU6:15
℗ 2019 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment, as exclusive licensee
Critic Reviews (47)

With Igor, Tyler remains true to his clever, chaotic nature while introducing new sounds and themes that both display his maturation and set the stage for succeeding eras to come.

2 months ago

Entertainment Weekly Entertainment Weekly (TOP)

While IGOR may not be a perfect album in itself, it is the most perfect album Tyler could have made right now.

2 months ago

Erie Reader Erie Reader

Tyler continues his development of "Flower Boy" seamlessly and cemented his status as one of the most artistically exciting musicians in the US scene. "For Real This Time."

92% 2 months ago

JUICE Magazin JUICE Magazin

There is no stopping Tyler, The Creator.

90% 2 months ago

The Spill Magazine (CA) The Spill Magazine (CA)

An imaginary soundtrack to his continuing conflict.

2 months ago

ABC Australia ABC Australia

Album after album we can see growth in lyrical content and musical production.

100% 2 months ago


This rich and messy melange of rap, funk and driving beats sees him shedding the guise of vulgar internet provocateur, revealing the genuine artist underneath.

70% 2 months ago

Belfast Telegraph Belfast Telegraph

Like a non-relationship, the psychedelic soul-inspired album feels endless and all-encompassing, then hard not to put on repeat.

80% 2 months ago

NOW Magazine NOW Magazine

A psychodrama less about repression than about romance.

2 months ago

This is not only Tyler’s best album, it’s an early contender for 2019 year-end lists.

2 months ago

The wildly inventive set pulls together the 28-year-old multifaceted artist’s love of sensual R&B, lopsided rhythms and candid confessions in a crisp, sonically restless 40-minute set that rarely hews to expectations.

2 months ago

San Francisco Chronicle San Francisco Chronicle

Tyler, The Creator sets a tour de force with 'IGOR'.

90% 2 months ago

Indiestyle Indiestyle

IGOR is easily one of the best breakup albums of the decade.

90% 2 months ago

theneedledrop theneedledrop

It’s Tyler, the Creator’s most complicated act as a composer to date.

80% 2 months ago

FLOOD Magazine FLOOD Magazine

IGOR is a commendable, yet flawed album, one that further challenges what we can and should expect from a rap album in 2019.

74% 2 months ago

Paste Magazine Paste Magazine

Tyler's latest album remains ambiguous and uncertain.

2 months ago

The Quietus The Quietus

Carefully constructed, with more melody and with complex instrumental textures drawn from old-school soul music and psychedelic rock.

2 months ago

Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times (TOP)

Once again, Tyler's boundless ambition has outstripped his execution.

73% 2 months ago

It's probably Tyler's most cohesive but boundary-pushing project to date in terms of his sound.

60% 2 months ago

Spectrum Pulse (CA) Spectrum Pulse (CA)

This is his album, his truth and his vision, and while it may be a slower, more winding ride than we're used to, the scenery is gorgeous.

80% 2 months ago

nzherald nzherald

As Tyler chronicles on his 2019 masterpiece, IGOR, the present isn’t always paradise, and love is more complicated than our daydream idealizations.

91% 2 months ago

Consequence of Sound Consequence of Sound

Truly, this is an “album” more than it is a collection of songs. These songs are meant to be listened to together to evoke a certain mood.

2 months ago

Weekender Weekender

It takes the best parts of his previous works to create yet another entirely unique experience.

2 months ago

RIFF Magazine RIFF Magazine

IGOR is Tyler’s best work to date.

2 months ago

IGOR is memorable as a whole but punches under its weight track for track.

79% 2 months ago


A new climax.

89% 2 months ago

ByteFM (DE) ByteFM (DE)

An emotional and meticulously chiselled album.

80% 2 months ago

Rolling Stone Italia Rolling Stone Italia

It’s a transitional record, but one that shows a new, exciting technical acuity.

2 months ago

Igor is Tyler pushing all his chips to the center of the table, showing his cards, and coming up aces.

2 months ago


A form of ragged beat-tape minimalist that Tyler wears extremely well.

78% 2 months ago

Sputnikmusic Sputnikmusic

This album is so pretty, confident, and considered that you wonder why he named it IGOR.

2 months ago

Vulture Vulture

A masterful ode to heartbreak.

90% 2 months ago

Highsnobiety Highsnobiety

Igor is a heartfelt album that finds Tyler lowering his guard and revealing himself to be a shape-shifting artist who is still growing.

80% 2 months ago

A fantastic continuation of his artistic transformation.

88% 2 months ago

Igor’s successes mainly comes from Tyler’s own growth.

2 months ago

Stereogum Stereogum

‘IGOR’ is an accomplished and evergreen record that’s well worth putting your phone down, turning the TV off and devoting your full attention span to.

80% 2 months ago

New Musical Express (NME) New Musical Express (NME) (TOP)

Impressionistic and emotionally charged, the result of an auteur refining his style and bearing more of his soul than ever before.

80% 2 months ago

A refreshingly daring, musically robust, and strangely beautiful journey through the mind of a conflicted artist in search of freedom.

3 months ago


It’s just too unfinished-sounding for me to give it an unabashed thumbs up.

50% 3 months ago

Sputnikmusic Sputnikmusic

The latest step in his evolution into something of an elder statesman.

3 months ago

The Ringer The Ringer

It's still early, and it will take some time for us to gather our full thoughts on the project, but it's already apparent that IGOR is among the year's best albums so far.

3 months ago

A radical, outstanding work.

3 months ago

splash! Mag (DE) splash! Mag (DE)

It’s one of Tyler’s most powerful albums.

90% 3 months ago

Soundblab Soundblab

A fine showcase of ingenuity that too rarely burrows very far into your consciousness.

60% 3 months ago

With his sixth album ‘Igor’ Tyler again not only pushes himself, but what hip-hop should be in 2019.

80% 3 months ago

Clash Music Clash Music

This is Tyler’s best work to date.

100% 3 months ago

The Independent (UK) The Independent (UK) (TOP)

IGOR builds atmosphere with a goldmine of distinct vocals and dazzling instrumentation.

3 months ago

DJ Booth DJ Booth
User Reviews (0)
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