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Volbeat - Let's Boogie! Live From Telia Parken (2018) Published: December 14/18 Released: December 14/18 albumMetal26 Tracks • 136 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: Basically this two and a half hours is a bit like when a football team wins the league and has an open top bus top ride around the city as well-wishers cheer them on. -Maximum Volume Music
    Let's Boogie! Live From Telia Parken is a live album by Volbeat, released by Universal Music on December 14, 2018.
    1. The Devil's Bleeding Crown (Live from Telia P...5:45
    2. Heaven nor Hell (Live from Telia Parken)3:25
    3. Radio Girl (Live from Telia Parken)5:31
    4. Lola Montez (Live from Telia Parken)5:25
    5. Let It Burn (Live from Telia Parken)3:49
    6. Doc Holliday (Live from Telia Parken)7:30
    7. Sad Man's Tongue (Live from Telia Parken)4:27
    8. 16 Dollars (Live from Telia Parken)4:19
    9. 7 Shots (Live from Telia Parken)5:10
    10. Fallen (Live from Telia Parken)8:06
    11. Slaytan (Live from Telia Parken)1:32
    12. Dead but Rising (Live from Telia Parken)3:44
    13. Goodbye Forever (Live from Telia Parken)5:14
    14. Maybellene I Hofteholder (Live from Telia Par...3:54
    15. The Everlasting (Live from Telia Parken)7:17
    16. For Evigt (Live from Telia Parken)5:28
    17. Evelyn (Live from Telia Parken)4:26
    18. Lonesome Rider (Live from Telia Parken)4:15
    19. Seal the Deal (Live from Telia Parken)4:48
    20. The Garden's Tale (Live from Telia Parken)8:55
    21. Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood (Live from ...3:58
    22. Enter Sandman (Live from Telia Parken)3:57
    23. A Warrior's Call (Live from Telia Parken)4:32
    24. Black Rose (Live from Telia Parken)5:34
    25. Pool Of Booze, Booze, Booza (Live from Telia ...6:34
    26. Still Counting (Live from Telia Parken)8:27
A Vertigo Berlin release; ℗ 2018 VOLBEAT, under exclusive license to Universal Music GmbH
Critic Reviews (7)

Here you go from beginning to end in one direction only: forward.

80% 7 months ago

lautde lautde

LET'S BOOGIE is a powerful live document.

86% 8 months ago

Metal Hammer (DE) Metal Hammer (DE)

Let’s Boogie: Live From Telia Parken show them Danish rockers at their best and live in their home country of Denmark.

100% 8 months ago

HEAVY Magazine HEAVY Magazine

Well produced, great sounding and a neat vision of the band at their best.

70% 8 months ago

Ghost Cult Magazine Ghost Cult Magazine

For over 2 hours, the band create a show that makes you envious of not being apart of.

90% 8 months ago


There are good live albums and there are great ones. This falls very comfortably into the latter. It’s not just a cracking “best of” selection, it does a fantastic job of capturing a very special night indeed for Volbeat and 50,000 of their fans.

8 months ago

Moshville Times Moshville Times

Basically this two and a half hours is a bit like when a football team wins the league and has an open top bus top ride around the city as well-wishers cheer them on.

100% 8 months ago

Maximum Volume Music Maximum Volume Music
User Reviews (5)

Mitt20128 months ago
GREAT band live ...!! Volbeat could play Hank Williams Sr. and make it sound awesome ...... oh wait.... they’ve already done that....!! Great musicians playing great music. I’m stoked to see they are touring again shortly. In the meantime, I’m digging the first two songs on this live album.

Burgzilla8 months ago
Not a Big VB Fan But......... I think I will be after this comes out! Hate to blog, but.... why no ‘Ring of Fire’ before SMT?? Love the live versions of that. Survey says: BUY IT!

StucciLT8 months ago
Review Mayor of Ramadi Your comment is not needed Doesn’t provide any input Go away

ArtTuhon8 months ago
Ramadi obviously needs occupation Volbeat is consistently fantastic! I have seen them live and I was converted. If stuck on a desert island with only one band, it would have to be Volbeat!

Mayor of ramadi8 months ago
Please no Why wont this band go away?
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