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Weezer - Weezer (black Album) (2019) Published: March 1/19 Released: March 1/19 album Alternative 10 Tracks • 37 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: This is a unique addition to Weezer’s discography that sees them preparing for the future, however bleak and overwhelming it might seem. -Drowned In Sound
    Weezer (Black Album) is the 12th studio album by Weezer, released by Atlantic Recording Corporation and Crush Music on March 1, 2019.
    1. Can't Knock the Hustle3:41
    2. Zombie Bastards4:11
    3. High As a Kite3:48
    4. Living In L.A.3:38
    5. Piece of Cake3:17
    6. I’m Just Being Honest3:57
    7. Too Many Thoughts In My Head4:03
    8. The Prince Who Wanted Everything3:23
    9. Byzantine4:09
    10. California Snow3:32
℗ 2019 Weezer under exclusive license to Crush Music / Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and Crush Music / WEA International Inc. for the world excluding the United States. A Warner Music Company.
Critic Reviews (45)

What you will find in it is nothing but the usual Weezer pop-rock formula.

50% 1 month ago

The Black Album feels like the most fully realized latter-day Weezer album.

80% 1 month ago

AllMusic AllMusic

If you’re still listening to new Weezer albums in 2019, you’re along for the ride.

50% 1 month ago

Their latest in a line of self-titled, parenthetically colour-coded discs returns to originals – sort of.

40% 1 month ago

The Sydney Morning Herald The Sydney Morning Herald (TOP)

If it's a joke, it ain't that funny, and if it's for real, let's get that $10 million offer back on the table.

10% 1 month ago

Under The Radar Under The Radar

The Black Album may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

15% 1 month ago

The 405 The 405

Weezer look like they’re covered in petroleum on the record cover, but judging by the tone of “Black Album,” the gooey stuff is more likely diet chocolate syrup.

1 month ago

The Associated Press The Associated Press (TOP)

A bunch of bad ideas only redeemed to mediocrity by the fact that Weezer can still construct a decent tune.

40% 1 month ago

Spectrum Pulse (CA) Spectrum Pulse (CA)

How foolish I was. Years of anticipation have led to one of their worst albums or, if nothing else, their most disappointing.

30% 1 month ago

Soundblab Soundblab

The Black Album sounds scattered, as if the comedy is beginning to lose definition.

1 month ago

Another edition of their signature precise, poker-faced California pop-rock.

60% 1 month ago

The Black Album may be a desperate cry for relevance in 2019, but it’s not one that’s suitably built on or realised in any way, shape or form.

30% 1 month ago

The Soundboard The Soundboard

The Weezer of Black Album makes songs about youth without sounding human.

10% 1 month ago

PopMatters PopMatters

Weezer reflects on their own capricious history, using a blunt force the likes of which they’ve never deployed before.

57% 1 month ago

Weezer still maintain the ability to surprise, and even brush with something transcendental in a bridge here – oh, say, "High as a Kite" - or a chorus there.

84% 1 month ago

Sputnikmusic Sputnikmusic

Too many mediocre songs are heard.

1 month ago

Sounds and Books Sounds and Books

Frontman Rivers Cuomo is restlessly enterprising on the Black Album, fitfully brilliant and frustrating.

70% 1 month ago

knoxnews knoxnews

It's like watching a friend you love making a really bad choice.

42% 1 month ago

Consequence of Sound Consequence of Sound

At its sometime best, The Black Album sounds like a California rock band trying to figure out what exactly living in California and playing in a rock band actually entails.

67% 1 month ago

Much like 'Pacific Daydream', 'The Black Album' fails to find its voice on almost every single track.

30% 1 month ago


It’s a decidedly enjoyable listen with some infectious pop/rock anthems that will no doubt be fun to see live on Weezer’s upcoming tour dates with Pixies.

1 month ago

Rock Cellar Magazine Rock Cellar Magazine

What The Black Album proves is, maybe pure craft only takes you so far.

50% 1 month ago

FLOOD Magazine FLOOD Magazine

On the innovative Black Album, the pop-rock greats serve us a selection of well-evolved bangers.

70% 1 month ago


Weezer specialise in semi-comic singalongs.

40% 1 month ago

The Times of London The Times of London (TOP)

The LA band have made a wilfully goofy album whose jokes wear pretty thin, pretty fast – though this is a largely solid alt-pop record nonetheless.

60% 1 month ago

New Musical Express (NME) New Musical Express (NME) (TOP)

The black album reflects the feeling of the current urban life at night.

1 month ago

Plattenladentipps Plattenladentipps

It is remarkable how unspectacular the music behind the really successful artwork is.

50% 1 month ago

Apart from "Can not Knock The Hustle" we secretly hope that no other number will reach the set list of next summer.

30% 1 month ago

Dansende Beren Dansende Beren

Triumph and misery are always close to each other in Weezer, but nowhere near as close as on this record.

58% 1 month ago

Musikexpress Musikexpress

This is the most disjointed record in Weezer’s discography.

50% 1 month ago

Pretty Much Amazing Pretty Much Amazing

"The Black Album" looks like a condensed product of the last three Weezer projects.

1 month ago

MusikBlog (DE) MusikBlog (DE)

A great - albeit mis-matched - collection of songs.

60% 1 month ago

DIY Magazine DIY Magazine

At times, the Black Album feels like an awkward band trying to hang out with ‘the kids’, at others, it feels like a brilliant mind trying to work out where it fits in the modern world. That’s so Weezer.

60% 1 month ago

Upset (UK) Upset (UK)

The ‘Black Album’ is another dagger in Weezer’s declining legacy.

30% 1 month ago

Already Heard Already Heard

‘The Black Album’ is the perfect example of a band clinging on to relevance, frantically trying to keep their heads above water.

30% 1 month ago

Clash Music Clash Music

“The Black Album” shows that Weezer is happy to experiment, but it may be even happier to fuel the “SNL” debate.

63% 1 month ago

Newsday Newsday

On tracks like Can't Knock The Hustle, Piece Of Cake and High As A Kite, the smartness and deceptive simplicity is lost under a wash of electronic beats and un-catchy melodies ... They sound boring. [23 Feb 2019, p.54]

40% 1 month ago

Weezer's latest is an utterly skippable collection that'd be entirely unremarkable if not for the fact it was released by Weezer. Better luck next time, Rivers.

30% 1 month ago

Exclaim Exclaim

While lately the LA quartet's output has largely been preoccupied with reclaiming their crunchy alt-rock sound, The Black Album often exorcises it with synth and piano. It works superbly. [Apr 2019, p.118]

80% 1 month ago

Q Magazine Q Magazine

Lots of instrumental detail, but when the songs aren’t banal, they’re simply meaningless.

1 month ago

The Wall Street Journal The Wall Street Journal (TOP)

"Weezer (Black Album)" remains a nice pop-rock-record, which especially in the second half presents a bit more rock than pop and the decided feeling of the band for melody, but unfortunately slips a bit past the actual concept.

1 month ago

minutenmusik (DE) minutenmusik (DE)

Most of Black Album sounds like a regression for Weezer, a return to a sound that they already tried and failed at once before.

1 month ago

BrooklynVegan BrooklynVegan

If Weezer’s cover of “Africa”returned the band to being a household name, “The Black Album” will solidify that status and capture the hearts of fans new and old.

80% 1 month ago

AMNplify AMNplify

As a collection of syllables, it suffices.

1 month ago

The Ringer The Ringer

This is a unique addition to Weezer’s discography that sees them preparing for the future, however bleak and overwhelming it might seem.

70% 1 month ago

Drowned In Sound Drowned In Sound
User Reviews (5)

Trencher4 months ago
2 Weezers?? The band Weezer that put out Pinkerton is going to be pretty upset when they see another band is using the same name. Good thing they sound nothing alike so people won't be confused.

AbsolutionCalling4 months ago
Terrible Good lord, they sound like Imagine Dragons or something like that now

Uma No Kuroi4 months ago
Not your best. Or your’s for that matter. I don’t believe in the concept of “selling out.” To the reviews here stating that is the case 1.) They don’t need the money. Their back catalogue makes them plenty. 2.) If in your mind a change in style is selling out then that happened for them years ago. Possibly before you even started listening to them. I’m giving this a low rating because it’s garbage not consumable for any music taste. If you’re going to leave a review how about writing something that doesn’t parrot every teenager ever and instead sound like you have original thoughts of your own.

Calvin Arkon4 months ago
Oh no I just hope these singles aren’t the best of this album... White album gave me hope Looks like the black album will bring more disappointment after There last album...

Alec🛢4 months ago
CAN NOT WAIT I love how unique the 2 songs we have right now sound and I’m so excited for the album. This is going to be amazing.
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