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Xxxtentacion - Skins (2018) Published: December 7/18 Released: December 7/18 albumPop10 Tracks • 19 Minutes
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    SELECTED LINE: Basically b-sides and outtakes -- strictly for fans -AllMusic
    Skins is the first posthumous and third studio album by XXXTentacion, released by Bad Vibes Forever / EMPIRE on December 7, 2018.
    1. Introduction0:31XXXTENTACION
    2. Guardian angel1:48XXXTENTACION
    3. Train food2:44XXXTENTACION
    4. whoa (mind in awe)2:37XXXTENTACION
    7. One Minute (feat. Kanye West)3:17XXXTENTACION
    8. difference (interlude)1:16XXXTENTACION
    9. I don’t let go2:01XXXTENTACION
    10. what are you so afraid of2:30XXXTENTACION
℗ 2018 Bad Vibes Forever / EMPIRE
Critic Reviews (17)

The songs sound way too incomplete.

58% 4 months ago

The Ratings Game Music The Ratings Game Music

Skins is a directionless feeding meant to sustain his audience in anticipation of wringing as much as possible from whatever musings he left behind.

45% 8 months ago

Skins remains almost as morally muddy as XXX’s previous output, privileging the emo rapper’s pain above all else, but maintaining his deserved reputation for genre-shredding timeliness.

40% 8 months ago

The Observer (UK) The Observer (UK) (TOP)

X’s musical legacy will forever be interlinked to violence. Skins is merely a shallow attempt to overwrite that legacy gone awry.

30% 8 months ago

Like the author’s life, it’s brief, difficult, complicated, restless and, ultimately, dispiriting to observe.

60% 8 months ago

New Musical Express (NME) New Musical Express (NME) (TOP)

Skins is a lose-lose proposition, and it would be better off not existing at all.

8 months ago

Skins doesn’t deserve an official rating, as XXXTentacion doesn’t deserve to be legitimized in such a way.

8 months ago

Highsnobiety Highsnobiety

The album represents XXXTentacion’s goodbye to his many fans, friends, and family, and it is done in a short, sweet, and beautiful way.

75% 8 months ago

Consequence of Sound Consequence of Sound

Ultimately, Skins is an ineffective, inessential collection of posthumous clips and cuttings that could very well have stayed in the vault.

8 months ago


The songs are short, not mixed particularly well and—perhaps due to his untimely passing—feel unfinished.

60% 8 months ago

Skins is one of the year's least gratifying albums, but out of everyone involved in its creation, X is probably the least at blame.

20% 8 months ago

theneedledrop theneedledrop

It’s possible that this all sounds fresh to XXXTentacion’s core audience of disaffected teenagers—navel-gazing angst, after all, transcends generation—but Skins fails to bring anything genuinely new to the table.

30% 8 months ago

Slant Magazine Slant Magazine

X songs always ran short, but the patchiness of this material gives the impression that a lot of it is unfinished.

8 months ago

Vulture Vulture

Unlike his first two albums and the reams of music he released on SoundCloud before them, “Skins” barely leaves a mark.

8 months ago

The New York Times The New York Times (TOP)

A gift to fans (or quick cash grab, depending how one views it) ... Basically b-sides and outtakes -- strictly for fans who needed just ten more reasons to hear his voice.

50% 8 months ago

AllMusic AllMusic

SKINS is another fiery blast of catharsis, a largely metaphor-free space where depression isn't hinted at poetically but invited to throw down.

60% 8 months ago

The Independent (UK) The Independent (UK) (TOP)

There’s also just enough evidence of a maverick talent on Skins to make you see why others are willing to hold their noses, ignore the stern op-ed pieces and dive in. Whether you can do that is a matter for your conscience.

40% 8 months ago

User Reviews (5)

R.I.P The Legend Xxxtentacion 🖤 🖤🖤🖤

nocap calvin9 months ago
Rip I love your music and nomatter what anyone says bout you I respect your motivation and you as a artist rip💯

Chileno378 months ago
LLJ Of course Ima preorder long live the legend XXX and to the haters on here giving bad reviews for no reason you don't look good hating on someone who was more successful than you and that's also dead. Doesn't make you look like the saint you think you are or a better person than X so take this L and learn to be a better person because it says a lot about you. Stop being a loser and spreading hate and keep you negative opinions to yourselves yall sound crazy. Thank you LLJ

Pricele$$19 months ago
The last? So the entire album is roughly 17-18 minutes?

Zebubby8 months ago
When these imbeciles think x beat women but there’s proof he didn’t I’m sick of you guys who are so narrow minded to a point where you can’t even investigate the a actual case, he didn’t hit any women, and why are you kids white nighting out here listen to his music and listen to the actual court where he tells the story of what actually happened not the short overrated trash story of him beating a women. This man helped me out of a very dark place and you stay here ridiculing a dead person you should be ashamed.
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