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Meghan Trainor's New Album Release Cancelled

By Trackwave · Published: 3 months ago ( 13:10:02 January 11, 2019 )

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Meghan Trainor's new album has been removed from music services right before it's previously planned release.
Meghan Trainor did not have an easy year in 2018 with her new album delayed until 2019 and now 2019 looks to be starting off roughly for her. Her new album Treat Myself was originally supposed to be out on August 31, 2018 but the same month she said she wanted to push back the release to add some more songs. The new date decided for her album was January 25, 2019. And everything was going according to plan with pre-orders available until on January 7, 2019 the album disappeared from music services like Amazon Music and Apple Music.

Again the month the album is due out and a huge change happened. She hasn't explained the reasoning but everyone has assumed that this means the album is not coming out on the new date. If she was releasing the album then why remove it from music services? So it doesn't look like she's releasing the new album and we might not be getting it anytime soon.

Its hard to tell what happens now. It's not good news that she's missing two release date's in a row. That means she's having trouble delivering on time. Unless she's putting really good songs on it. But since the album was originally cleared for 15 tracks then it's likely she is adding more tracks to get to nearly 30 tracks and get more streams like other top artists these days.

Everything's been strange about this album. Three track's have already been released "No Excuses" on March 1, 2018, "Let You Be Right" on May 10, 2018, and "Can't Dance" on May 11, 2018. This is a strange release schedule for an album due out in August of the same year. Normally if an album is delayed there is some sort of announcement. We'll have to see what happens next but don't count on that new album anytime soon unless it somehow just pops back up on music services.

Update: February 10, 2019
She released an EP called THE LOVE TRAIN with some love songs ahead of Valentines Day on February 8, 2019. She told Billboard in an interview on February 8 that the album is still being worked on and they're going to see how well the EP does and go from there. And she sounded optimistic saying that they would follow it up with an album and tour. It's hard to tell what will happen.

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