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Nicki Minaj's 2018 Stadium Tour Failed

By Trackwave · Published: 3 months ago ( 01:10:02 December 24, 2018 )

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On the heels of a mildly received album, sales of tickets for Nicki Minaj's shows are at an all-time low and her whole North American tour was cancelled.
Nicki Minaj was supposed to embark on a worldwide tour months ago but it couldn't sell enough tickets so the first North American shows were cancelled. The tour with Nicki Minaj and Future was scheduled for September 2018 in 20,000 seat stadiums but cancelled at the end of August as it just couldn't sell enough tickets. The excuse for cancellation was that Nicki Minaj had to work on the production more. But the tour had to be cancelled because too many of the shows were practically empty and would have lost money if they continued.

Not many people wanted to go to Nicki Minaj's shows. Only 3,400 tickets out of 17,000 tickets were sold for her Los Angeles show according to Page Six. That's a 20% fill rate. The Barclay's Center show in New York City sold 5,500 tickets out of 19,000 tickets. That's a little bit better for her hometown at a 29% fill rate. Chicago, New Orleans, Denver, Baltimore, and the New York City Barclays Center were at 2,000 tickets, 1,000 tickets, 1,300 tickets, 2,000 tickets, and 5,500 tickets, respectively. All very similar. There just weren't enough tickets sold to support the shows.

Maybe the album had something to do with it. Nicki Minaj's Queen debuted at No. 2 behind Travis Scott's Astroworld. The album was meet with mixed reviews on Trackwave at 54% of over 60 critics liking it. It was noted for showcasing her talent but there was widespread disappointment over the four year wait and not releasing an excellent album. Good just wasn't good enough. The album was delayed as well from June 2018 to August 2018 with a hectic release.

And now the album reviews are reflecting that in the tour sales with a lot of people skipping it. At only a few thousand tickets in 10,000 plus seat stadiums it's no wonder some drastic actions were needed for the tour.

It seems now they've cancelled the North American leg of the tour and went ahead with a European leg. Nicki Minaj is now scheduled for many big and small countries in Europe like London, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, and Poland in 2019. Future has dropped out of the tour and new rapper Juice WRLD has taken his place. It seems Nicki Minaj is testing the demand in Europe for her tour just like in North America and maybe you will see some changes made for those dates as well. She has unofficially suggested that North American dates could be set for May 2019.

Will Nicki Minaj be able to sell out stadiums in Europe when she couldn't in North America. Are they crazier about her in Europe than in North America? Not to mention this is a winter tour starting in February and running until the end of March. We'll have to keep watching to see what happens. But after a four year wait for a new album it might be the biggest tour failure of 2018.

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