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The Best Albums of 2018

By Trackwave · Published: 2 years ago ( 20:13:02 December 10, 2018 )

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The albums that critics liked the most in 2018
2018 was a big year for music if not for great albums than for many big artists putting out new albums. If you don't know about Trackwave, well what we do is we hunt down all the critic reviews we can for new albums and tell you what percentage of critics liked them so you can see if there good or not. It's more accurate than an average because a lot of critics don't use percentages and it's more reliable to assign a like or dislike to a critic review than a percentage. So we're the most accurate site to check if albums are good or not. We usually have at least twice as many reviews as anywhere else and we work incredibly hard to bring you the releases that are most worth paying attention to so you can get a fast snapshot for the week in music.

And now it's a special time of year because we can bring the albums we have together and put them onto one list so you can see for yourself what the best albums by critics were. We've picked the albums that have over 40 reviews and got liked by over 70% of critics, then ordered them by score, so take a look. You won't find this anywhere else. We've only started in the summer of 2018 and have been working hard each week on new music so we don't have the older releases yet but this should give you a good overview of the newer albums and an outline of what to expect when our even better top-notch 2019 album list comes out in December 2019.

Robyn takes first place, Cat Power second place, and Behemoth third place. Mitski takes fourth place. And finally a top seller, the A Star is Born Soundtrack takes fifth place.

What one first notices is that critics seem to have favored a lot of smaller less popular names. Aside from Paul McCartney, Ariana Grande, and Mamma Mia you may or may not be forgiven if you haven't heard of Blood Orange, Kurt Vile, Cat Power, or The 1975 depending on who's asking. It seems critics seem to favor these artists as they haven't disliked them much. The little guys have more power than you know of.

Robyn's long awaited comeback was praised for doing it her way and easily took 1st place 4% above the next contender. Cat Power came back with at bang at 2nd place. After Behemoth's last album nobody knew what would happen but they still had a strong album (3rd place). Mitski's Be The Cowboy was short but packed a punch (4th place). The A Star is Born Soundtrack has made waves with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper at the helm (5th place). Thom Yorke's first film soundtrack was well liked at 6th place.

Many were positive on Paul McCartney's new album and even if there were things they didn't like they still liked it overall (7th place). Ariana Grande was fairly personal and critics liked it with her new album (11th place). Lil Wayne finally brought out Tha Carta V (12th place) that was rumoured for it's first release in 2014. Travis Scott's Astroworld (13th place) has been a heavy hitter on the sales charts with lot's of streams so it fits in naturally here. And the Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again soundtrack slips in at 15th place with many enjoying the Abba themed film's soundtrack.

Many other names scored highly on Trackwave but were not qualified for this list as they didn't have at least 40 reviews. Those were from Michael Buble, BTS, Aphex Twin, Eric Church, Elvis Costello & The Imposters, Clutch, St. Vincent, Pistol Annies, Lori Mckenna, Phosperescent, Mariah Carey, Troy Sivan and others to name a few. We don't want to miss anyone but rules are rules and 40 reviews was the minimum. We actually had over a lot more than 15 albums that did very well on Trackwave. We might post these at a later date.

If you like good music then try out the top albums on this list. You may or may not like them but they're the ones pouring their hearts out performing at an outstanding level in a clear and effective way and that's why critics like them. Good job to all in 2018 who did well and good luck to everyone in 2019. And if you haven't already check out The Worst Albums of 2018 and see our other stories.

Rank Artist Album
2Cat PowerWanderer95%
3BehemothI Loved You At Your Darkest95%
4MitskiBe The Cowboy94%
5Various ArtistsA Star Is Born Soundtrack94%
6Thom YorkeSuspiria (music For The Luca Guadagnino Film)92%
7Paul MccartneyEgypt Station91%
8Blood OrangeNegro Swan90%
9Kurt VileBottle It In89%
10The 1975A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships89%
11Ariana GrandeSweetener84%
12Lil WayneTha Carter V83%
13Travis ScottAstroworld80%
15Mamma Mia! Here We Go AgainMamma Mia! Here We Go Again Soundtrack77%

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